September Library Builder: Save 10% on the U.S. History I Living Library!

Library Builder

Use coupon code SEPTEMBER-LIBRARY for 10% on the Living Library sets for U.S. History I!

We are excited to continue our Heart of Dakota Library Builder book set promotion! On the 1st Wednesday of each month we will be promoting one of our book sets with a 10% coupon code. For this month’s special, use coupon code SEPTEMBER-LIBRARY on our website for the entire month of September to save 10% on all variations of the Living Library set in U.S. History I. To view all of the books in this set, just click here! (Scroll down until you see the Living Library options.)

How are the Living Library sets used in U.S. History I?

(From the package description in our online store):

“The book set below is a ‘Living Library’ selected to enhance the U.S. History I plans. The books in this package are not intended to fulfill your student’s high school literature credit, as the ‘Literature’ portion of the U.S. History I guide schedules separate higher-level literature to fulfill that need. Instead, the books in this package were chosen to enrich the history study by providing a different facet, point of view, or perspective of history. A daily reading schedule for the books is provided in the guide. This set is highly recommended, unless you need to economize, however it is not required to earn credit in U.S. History I.”

To see a credit and grading breakdown for our U.S. History I guide, have a look at this!

Use coupon code SEPTEMBER-LIBRARY to save!

To apply this month’s savings, just enter coupon code SEPTEMBER-LIBRARY on our website when you check out! We hope these books will be as treasured to you as they are to us!

Have a great rest of the week!
Heart of Dakota

PS: If you’d like a more in-depth look at what using US History I looks like in your home, have a look at this article!

Prepare for the school year by reading the guide’s “Introduction”!

Teaching Tip

Reading the guide’s “Introduction” is great preparation for the school year.

You may be beginning to turn your thoughts toward school. One of the best ways to prepare for the upcoming year is to read through your HOD guide’s “Introduction.” There is such a wealth of information in the “Introduction” that we should truly title it something else!

How does reading the “Introduction” help prepare you for the year?

The “Introduction” will give you a feel for how each area is handled in the guide and the goals for each subject. It will let you know what notebooks, binders, etc. are needed for each subject area. Reading the “Introduction” provides a great summary of what to expect for the coming year. The “Introduction” is the last part of the guide we write. In this way, we can be sure that it truly summarizes needed information for you in one place!

If you have students in different HOD guides, read only one guide’s “Introduction” each day.

If you will be teaching more than one Heart of Dakota guide, read the “Introduction” for different guides on different days. This will help you focus on one guide at a time and will keep you from getting overwhelmed.

Can you use the guide without reading the “Introduction?”

Of course you can skip reading the “Introduction” and just jump right in and teach. However, often when families do this they miss the big picture of the guide. They also miss out on some gems that are referred to in the “Introduction” and included in the Appendix.

So, let’s get started!

After more than 15 years of homeschooling my boys with HOD, I still read the “Introduction” at the start of my school year! So, grab a cup of tea or coffee, cuddle up with your highlighter, and read away. Just reading the “Introduction” will make you feel more prepared!


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