Thoughts on Geometry: A Guided Inquiry after VideoText Algebra?

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Dear Carrie

Could my son do Geometry: A Guided Inquiry after he finishes VideoText Algebra?

My oldest is finishing up HOD’s 8th grade guide but doing VideoText Algebra. He is almost done with Module C now, so I expect him to complete the rest of the VideoText curriculum in 9th grade. He has done well with the program. I’m considering using the Geometry Modules but curious as to other options. My question is what the math plan for 10th – 12th would look like if we chose to not do VideoText Geometry. Would he do Geometry: A Guided Inquiry in 10th and then be ready for Foerster’s PreCal with Trig in 11th? And then what would be our options for 12th…Calculus? Other? Thanks in advance!


“Ms. Please Help with Geometry After VideoText Algebra”

Dear “Ms. Please Help with Geometry After VideoText Algebra,”

Yes, you are right!  If you did HOD’s Geometry: A Guided Inquiry, then you would move into Foerster’s Pre-Calculus next. Foerster’s Pre-Calculus may be a bit of a step up after VideoText Algebra, as Foerster’s Algebra II and Trigonometry is quite meaty and rigorous. So, you would definitely want the Math Without Borders flash drive lessons, schedule of assigned problems, and solution’s manual to use with Foerster’s Pre-Calculus!

Options After Completing Geometry and Foerster’s Pre-Calculus

Then, for your son’s senior year, you could consider either doing Foerster’s Calculus or doing College Algebra through Either option would work.  However, if VideoText is working well for your son, you may simply want to continue on that path.



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