How much time are you spending on language arts and math?

Heart of Dakota - Teaching Tip - How much time are you spending on language arts and math?

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Teaching Tip:

This is the next post in our series of things to check if your school day seems too long. I know this can happen to any of us, and hopefully these tips may help!

Are you using Heart of Dakota’s choices for language arts and math?

If so, this will help keep your day balanced time-wise and skill-wise with the rest of the guide. The Heart of Dakota guide schedules a careful mix of subjects and skills each day. This schedule takes into account how much reading, writing, and math students are doing each day. So, by using HOD’s choices, your day is planned to be balanced.

Are you using some of your own selections for language arts and math?

If you are using your own selections, check how much time you spend on language arts and math daily. Be sure the time you spend on these areas aligns with time spent on these same areas in our guide. Otherwise, you will find your day going longer than planned simply due to differing language arts and math choices.

How much time should language arts and math take each day?

Language arts and math are the biggest time stealers in the day. They can easily take over the day, leaving little time for other subjects. So, strive to note how often we schedule writing, dictation, Drawn into the Heart of Reading, and grammar. Also, note how long these subjects are likely to take as scheduled in the guide. If you are not sure how long these subjects take, ask on the Heart of Dakota Message Board or on our Facebook page. Then, stick to a similar schedule. Take care that math does not overtake your day either. Balance in language arts and math is key to finishing your school day on time! So, strive for balance in these important areas and see if your day goes better!

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