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Cat of Bubastes
List Price -$7.95 (Add to Cart)
Author - G.A. Henty
Bibliographic Data - 320 pages


In this story set in ancient Egypt, Henty gives his readers a fascinating picture of one of the greatest of the ancient peoples at the height of their civilization. Chebron (son of the Egyptian high priest Ameres) and Amuba (a Rebu slave in Ameres' household) are companions.

Their lives are changed irrevocably when Chebron accidentally kills his sister's cat, an animal sacred to the Egyptians-which is an offense punishable by death. The boys and their companion decide to make a long and dangerous journey to the land of the Rebus, where they will be out of reach of their enemies. Characters have some interaction with the Hebrew people, and Moses himself makes a cameo appearance.

Ancient Egypt is detailed so vividly you can imagine yourself there! This story uniquely portrays the Egyptian culture with amazing detail while taking the reader on a path of geography up, down, and all around the Nile in 1350 BC.

Note: Students who used the Extension Pack in Creation to Christ listened to an abridged recording of Cat of Bubastes. Since reading a book is different than listening to it, and the audio was also abridged, we recommend that all students read the unabridged Cat of Bubastes as planned in the World History Guide.

The Hero Schliemann: The Dreamer Who Dug for Troy
List Price - $7.99 (Add to Cart)
Author - Laura Schlitz
Bibliographic Data - 80 pages


Archaeologist? Mythmaker? Crook? This engaging, illustrated biography of Heinrich Schliemann - a nineteenth-century romantic who most believe did find the ancient city of Troy - reveals him to be a fascinating mixture of all three. From the time Heinrich Schliemann was a boy - or so he said - he knew he was destined to dig for lost cities and find buried treasure. And if Schliemann had his way, history books would honor him to this day as one of the greatest archaeologists who ever lived. But a little digging into the life of Schliemann himself reveals that this nineteenth-century self-made man had a funny habit of taking liberties with the truth. Like the famous character of his hero, the poet Homer, Schliemann was a crafty fellow and an inventor of stories, a traveler who had been shipwrecked and stranded and somehow survived. And Heinrich Schliemann was determined to become a legend like Homer - but in his own time.

Following this larger-than-life character from his poor childhood in Germany to his achievement of wealth as a merchant in Russia, from his first haphazard dig for the city of Ilium to his final years living in a pseudo "Palace of Troy," this engrossing tale paints a portrait of contradictions- a man at once stingy and lavishly generous, a scholar both shrewd and reckless, a speaker of twenty-two languages and a health fanatic addicted to cold sea baths. Laura Amy Schlitz weaves historical facts among Schliemann's fanciful recollections, while Robert Byrd's illustrations evoke his life and times in wonderful detail. Along the way, this book gives readers (both young and old) food for discussion about how history sometimes comes to be written - and how it sometimes needs to be changed.

Cyrus the Persian
List Price - $7.95 (Add to Cart)
Author - Sherman A. Nagel
Bibliographic Data - 184 pages


The most fascinating story that a man could write is one that deals with history that God has shaped. And this is that kind of a story, intensely alive and absorbing, because it is drawn from the history of the Jewish people up to the time of their deliverance under Cyrus the Great, King of the Medes and the Persians. Cyrus the Persian was a great king, a great warrior, and an integral part of God's plan for the Jewish return to Canaan. This story is about the life and ascent of Cyrus and the events that might have transpired during his life leading to the decree that would allow the Israelites to leave Persia.

In recreating this captivating story, Mr. Nagel has "let in the romantic charm of ancient Babylon, and the mystic enchantment of the far east." He has shown us what inspiring heroism grows from faith in the Lord and how the Lord continually shapes the destinies of His people. Based on historical fact, author Sherman Nagel's retelling of this story is exciting to read and hard to put down.

A Sparrow Alone
List Price - $10.00 (Add to Cart)
Author - Alicia Petersen
Bibliographic Data - 160 pages


Alicia Petersen's historical fiction book is set in first century Jerusalem. The lives of two Jewish teens are changed forever by the malicious death of their parents at the hands of soldiers in Roman-occupied Jerusalem. Seventeen-year-old Mala sews for the wives of Roman aristocrats and seeks comfort in the hope of a coming Messiah; her older brother Abdon is consumed with anger and joins a renegade band committed to acts of treachery. In this Christian fiction book, the village is shaken when one of its citizens is transformed and the claims of Jesus of Nazareth must be considered.

The Silas Diary
List Price - $10.95 (Add to Cart)
Author - Gene Edwards
Bibliographic Data - 238 pages


What was it really like to live in the New Testament era? This historical narrative parallels the book of Acts, giving a first-person account of Paul's first journey. We see it through the eyes of Silas, a friend and traveling companion of the apostle. You'll find yourself shipwrecked in the cold Mediterranean Sea, fighting for your life with Paul and John Mark as they grab for something to hold onto in the icy blast of an Etesian storm. You'll discover what it's like to ford a river in a hailstorm only to be swept ashore in drenched, cold clothing, far from shelter or friends.

This is your invitation to join Silas, Paul, and their companions on a journey fraught with danger and adventure - a journey that changed the history of the world. Learn with the first-century Christians what freedom in Christ really means.

Spring Tide
List Price - $12.95 (Add to Cart)
Author - Mary Ray
Bibliographic Data - 200 pages


It is A. D. 311 in West Britain and even in this far-flung province of the Roman Empire Christians are not safe from renewed imperial persecution. At Caer Taff-modern-day Cardiff-a brief skirmish against a marauding tribe, the Deisi, develops into a more dangerous struggle between the new religion and the dominant pagan culture of the local Roman fort.

Two friends, Julius and Con, meet and befriend Brychan, a young Christian priest, who is later captured and imprisoned at the base camp of the legion. Torn between obedience to parental orders and the demands of friendship, the boys resolve to help him escape. Aided by Aaron the Hebrew, a Roman soldier who has secretly converted to Christianity after witnessing the martyrdom of St. Alban seven years earlier, they set out to rescue Brychan-but with unexpectedly grave consequences.

This thoughtful story highlights the boys' courage, which will have an impact on all the characters involved. It also plays its part in bringing about the "spring tide" of hope that will eventually result in the Edict of Milan of A.D. 313-and religious tolerance for all Christians.

The Lantern Bearers
List Price - $9.95 (Add to Cart)
Author - Rosemary Sutcliff
Bibliographic Data - 240 pages


The last of the Roman army have set sail and left Britain forever, abandoning it to civil war and the threat of a Saxon invasion. Aquila, a young Legionnaire, deserted his regiment to stay behind with his family, but his home and all that he loves are destroyed. Years of hardship and fighting follow, and in the end, there is only one thing left in Aquila's life-his thirst for revenge ...

This book is the winner of the 1959 Carnegie Medal in Literature.

Son of Charlemagne
List Price - $14.95 (Add to Cart)
Author - Barbara Willard
Bibliographic Data - 183 pages


The year is A.D. 781. King Charles of the Franks is crossing the Alps with his family and court on a journey to meet with Pope Hadrian. One frosty night he speaks to his young son Carl, "When we come to Rome you will know that I am naming you my heir. One day you will rule over all my lands. . . ." But the King already had an heir, Pepin the Hunchback, mockingly called Gobbo. Was he to be dispossessed? Yet, Carl sees that Charlemagne is determined to do what he feels is best to serve God and Europe. Note: This book is a replacement option for sensitive readers to use in place of The King's Shadow. Both options will be scheduled in our guide.

The King's Shadow
List Price - $6.99 (Add to Cart)
Author - Elizabeth Alder
Bibliographic Data - 259 pages


Evyn, a young Welsh serf, has dreamed all his life of becoming a storyteller. But in a cruel twist of fate, Evyn and his father suffer a brutal attack by a group of murderous ruffians. Evyn's tongue is cut off and his father is killed. Orphaned and unable to speak, Evyn assumes he is destined to a life of slavery. But Evyn is resilient and teaches himself to read and write. He is then appointed the personal companion to Earl Harold of Wessex, who later becomes the King of England. The two travel the countryside together, forming a close father-son bond. Evyn chronicles all of their exciting journeys, which culminate at the Battle of Hastings, where the future of the country is decided.

Note: The King's Shadow is a terrific novel based on the time period of William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings, however it also has several scenes that include graphic violence. With this in mind, we also offer the choice of the Son of Charlemagne for sensitive readers instead. Both are scheduled in the guide.

The Magna Charta
List Price - $14.95 (Add to Cart)
Author - James Daugherty
Bibliographic Data - 181 pages


It was Ben Franklin who coined the phrase, "Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God," and if any historical drama fulfills that maxim, it is surely the saga of King John and the drafting of the Magna Charta. Out of the rich turbulence of English history, June 15, 1215 stands apart as a significant milestone in the progress of human liberty. On that day, a brave band of barons, led by the noble Stephen Langton, and calling themselves the Army of God, stood up to the wicked King John and demanded that he restore the ancient laws of England that he had so unabashedly trampled underfoot.

The era is a rollicking one filled with colorful characters like Robin Hood and his Merry Men, Richard the Lionheart, Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, and many more. Newbery and Caldecott medal-winner James Daugherty brings his own passion for freedom's story to this wonderful saga of the thirteenth century. Daugherty devotes the last part of the book to a history of the "documents" of freedom-what he calls the "Children of the Magna Charta"-demonstrating how liberty has progressed over the ages. Two-color illustrations by the author enhance the drama of this text.

Joan of Arc
List Price - $8.99 (Add to Cart)
Author - Diane Stanley
Bibliographic Data - 48 pages


Against the fascinating tapestry of France's history during the Hundred Years' War, Diane Stanley unfolds the story of the simple thirteen-year-old village girl who in Just a few years would lead France to independence from English rule, and thus become a symbol of France's national pride. It is a story of vision and bravery, fierce determination, and tragic martyrdom. Diane Stanley's extraordinary gift to present historical information in an accessible format has never been more impressive, nor her skillful, beautifully realized illustrations (here imitating medieval illuminated manuscripts) more exquisite! This is a beautiful book with a compelling story to tell.

Luther the Leader
List Price - $5.99 (Add to Cart)
Author - Virgil E. Robinson
Bibliographic Data - 96 pages


Martin Luther's life is truly an inspiration to every Christian. He was a pioneer among the Christians in his age and remains a leader of Christians in our age. Luther stands out among men in history as one who would not compromise his conscience. His unbending desire to live for Christ and truth brought him into conflict with the princes and leaders of the world. The stories of his consistent witness will inspire you to be faithful to God at any cost.

Caught in the Web: What Was It Like to Live As a Christian During the Reign of the Tudors?
List Price - $15.99 (Add to Cart)
Author - Faith Cook
Bibliographic Data - 286 pages


Hal had seen it coming. It was all a wicked plot. Lady Jane was being snared in a plot. Suddenly he found himself thinking of a spider's web that he had seen up in the rafters when he had broken his leg. He remembered how the helpless fly was trapped in the fine silken threads. Was Lady Jane caught like that fly in a web woven by the cruelty of ambitious men and women?

Blending fictional and historical characters and events, Cook reveals 16th-century England as a time of great suffering for Christians. Her captivating account centers on Lady Jane Grey, the 9-day Queen of England who was caught in a network of intrigue and political ambition and the cruelties that characterized the reign of Mary Tudor.

Johannes Kepler
List Price - $8.99 (Add to Cart)
Author - John Hudson Tiner
Bibliographic Data - 202 pages


Johannes Kepler considered his vast scientific studies as another way of looking into God's magnificent creation. He often became so excited with his discoveries that he would write songs of praise to God along with recording his findings in his scientific journals! In all of history there has never been another man like Johannes Kepler. A listing of his many accomplishments could not do justice to the exciting facts of his life.

Author John Hudson Tiner ia a mathematician writing about an astronomer who used math to study the skies. Tiner's background as a scientist and faith as a Christian give him unusual insight into the religious life of Johannes Kepler - the dedicated astronomer and Christian. Tiner has been published in both secular and religious magazines, writing more than 200 articles dealing with science and religion. Mr. Tiner is an instructor of physics and astronomy on the high school level and mathematics on the college level. His knowledge and clear writing style turn difficult scientific material into easy reading. Tiner's undergraduate studies include Bible. He holds a Master's degree from Duke University and has done graduate work in astronomy at Sam Houston State University. His most recent studies are in nuclear engineering at the University of Missouri.

Stronger Than the Sword
List Price - $14.99 (Add to Cart)
Author - Faith Cook
Bibliographic Data - 192 pages


A farmer, searching the moors at night for his son, missing after a skirmish in the English Civil War, stumbles across a Royalist soldier lying severely injured in a ditch. His decision to help the man will have surprising repercussions in years to come, both for his own family and for the stranger whose life was saved at great personal cost to his rescuers.

Set in times when to refuse to conform to the forms of worship imposed by the state was to risk fines or imprisonment, this story depicts a typical family living in Somerset in the mid-seventeenth century. The circumstances of their lives, and those of their friends, are set in the context of stirring historical events, and interwoven into the narrative are numerous references to real-life historical characters, including Joseph Alleine, John Bunyan, and the early Baptist leader Hanserd Knollys, as well as notable political figures.

The central characters in the story are representative of the countless numbers of Christians worldwide who, down through the centuries, have demonstrated a faith in the living God which is stronger than the sword - a faith that prevails even though a civil power may attempt to crush and annihilate it. As such, their example challenges Christians today to remain faithful to the truths of Scripture, cost what it may and however subtle the forms in which persecution may be presented.

In Search of Honor
List Price - $10.00 (Add to Cart)
Author - Donnalynn Hess
Bibliographic Data - 168 pages


Set in Paris during the French Revolution. A young man struggles to free himself from his own prison of bitterness. The peaceful existence of young Jacques Chenier and his family is shattered as the anarchy and terror of the French Revolution begins. While the war rages throughout Paris, Jacques struggles to survive one calamity after another in a desperate attempt to free himself from the bitter memory of his father's murder. In the process he discovers the true meaning of honor and the freedom and forgiveness that can only come from knowing Christ.

Note: As part of the "Living Library" Package, students have a choice of either In Search of Honor or Patriot's Daughter. Both are adventurous, historical fiction books set in the tumultuous time period of the French Revolution. In Search of Honor has a main character that is a boy, and Patriot's Daughter has a main character that is a girl. While students who have not read either book may select either option, more sensitive readers should select Patriot's Daughter. Since In Search of Honor was scheduled as a part of the Extension Pack in Revival to Revolution, students who have already read In Search of Honor should choose Patriot's Daughter instead. Both books are scheduled in the guide.

Patriot's Daughter: the Story of Anastasia Lafayetten
List Price - $16.95 (Add to Cart)
Author - Gladys Malvern
Bibliographic Data - 224 pages


As the beloved daughter of the famous Marquis de Lafayette, Anastasia and her family lived a rich and busy life in France on the eve of the Revolution. Anastasia's father was often away from home, fighting for freedom in the American Revolution and then in the French Revolution he helped to start. But as France's initial quest for "Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood" descended into the chaos of the Reign of Terror (and the terrible guillotine), the family's lives were in great danger.

As the people's cheers of admiration and love for Lafayette changed over the years to howls of hate and fury, the Lafayettes escaped to their country home of Chavaniac. They discovered they were no safer there, as their mother Adrienne was arrested and taken to prison in Paris with other members of the nobility, many whose lives were ended by the blade of the guillotine. Anxiety and an uncertain future along with diminishing resources, strengthened eldest daughter Anastasia into an intelligent and resolute young woman, capable of holding the family together while Maman was in prison, and Papa was off at war and then imprisoned in Austria. Even so, will the patriotic de Lafayettes survive the turmoil that swirls around them? Can Ann stand firm as a Patriot's Daughter? Out of print for more than 20 years, this special edition is presented in a large, trade size paperback format.

Note: As part of the "Living Library" Package, students have a choice of either In Search of Honor or Patriot's Daughter. Both are adventurous, historical fiction books set in the tumultuous time period of the French Revolution. In Search of Honor has a main character that is a boy, and Patriot's Daughter has a main character that is a girl. While students who have not read either book may select either option, more sensitive readers should select Patriot's Daughter. Since In Search of Honor was scheduled as a part of the Extension Pack in Revival to Revolution, students who have already read In Search of Honor should choose Patriot's Daughter instead. Both books are scheduled in the guide.

John Newton
List Price - $11.00 (Add to Cart)
Author - Your Story Hour
Bibliographic Data - 2 CD Set (two-sided), Audio Drama


After the early death of John Newton's religiously devoted mother, John eventually was no longer a church-loving little boy. As a teenager he joined the crew of a slave ship to avoid service in the Royal Navy. A constant irritant to his fellow sailors, due to his cursing, blasphemies and rebellious ways, Newton's faith returned when his ship miraculously survived a storm. Back in Africa on another slave ship, a back-slidden Newton repented during a terrible sickness, recovered in two days and returned to England where he married his Christian sweetheart. Having answered a call to ministry, Newton became a prodigious hymn writer and prominent opponent of the slave trade. This is a four-part audio drama of Newton's adventurous life.

Note: I spent many hours reading books about John Newton and found that each book I read had issues difficult to overcome. Either there was too much language, or too many adult themes, or too many graphic descriptions, or too much old world style language! However, Newton is a man with whom students should definitely be familiar. When I listened to this audio drama, I discovered that it included the important events from all of the books I'd read about Newton and did so in a way that made Newton's journey to faith all the more memorable! Even though this audio drama begins in a manner designed to interest a much younger audience, if you listen past the introduction of each episode, you will find yourself drawn into the story even as a teenage (or an adult listener). So, don't be put off by the beginning, or you will miss joining John Newton on a journey of a lifetime!

Lillian Trasher: The Greatest Wonder in Egypt
List Price - $9.99 (Add to Cart)
Author - Geoff and Janet Benge
Bibliographic Data - 191 pages


"Do you mean to say you have no food for tomorrow?" the Egyptian man sputtered. "Well, yes," Lillian replied. The man exclaimed, "How awful! Will you be able to sleep tonight?" One of the orphan girls laughed and said, "Why, Mama never has any food for tomorrow, and she never loses sleep over it!"

When Lillian Trasher founded Egypt's first orphanage, others thought that a lone American woman with no means of support would surely be killed or starve to death. But Lillian - certain of God's guidance - stood by her earlier promise to Him, "If ever I can do anything for You, just let me know - and I'll do it."

In the midst of poverty, war, and deadly epidemics, Lillian faced each day with a heart of trust, modeling the life she hoped her children would someday live in their own homes. During fifty tumultuous years, the Mother of the Nile cared for thousands of desperate children, with unwavering faith that God does indeed look after the orphans. (1887-1961). This book brings the land, culture, and even some of the politics of Egypt to life, during years of internal and external strife in Egypt. Even while Lillian endures much, she always trusts the Lord to provide.

Between the Sword and the Wall: A Novel of World War I
List Price - $12.95 (Add to Cart)
Author - Thomas De Angelo
Bibliographic Data - 130 pages


This gripping novel is set in 1914-15 during a period in World War I when it seemed the fighting would never end. From the first pages the author brings the WWI era to life and the reader feels everything that an eyewitness must have felt. One begins to understand the struggles of Allied soldiers trapped in occupied Belgium, and the sacrifices people made in helping them escape to Holland and freedom. The true story of nurse Edith Cavell, who ultimately sacrificed much to save others, is wound within the larger story in this book.

Bonhoeffer: The Cost of Freedom
List Price - $14.97 (Add to Cart)
Author - Focus on the Family
Bibliographic Data - Audio Drama 3 CD Set = 180 min.


Peabody Award winner!

With faith comes a price. What are you willing to pay? That's the question explored in this Focus on the Family Audio Drama. Chronicling the life of German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, this provocative Peabody award-winning dramatization shares the story of one man's battle against the evils of Nazism, a decadent culture, and compromising church-something that's not so foreign to society today. It captures the tense moral conflict of a man at odds between loyalty to his country and his Christian faith. At what cost will Dietrich Bonhoeffer stand against Hitler and the Third Reich? Dramatic audio theatre brings this story to life. Challenging and compelling, it's entertainment with a message!

Basher Five-Two: The True Story of F-16 Fighter Pilot Captain Scott O'Grady
List Price - $6.99 (Add to Cart)
Author - Scott O'Grady and Michael French
Bibliographic Data - 133 pages


U.S. Air Force Captain Scott O'Grady was shot down in his F-16 over Bosnia while helping to keep the peace. The plane exploded, and Captain O'Grady fell 5 miles to the ground below. In exciting detail, Captain O'Grady tells how he evaded capture and how, with little water and no food, he was able to survive on his own in enemy territory.