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Hearts for Him Through Time: Resurrection to Reformation

Peril and Peace: Chronicles of the Ancient Church

Author - Mindy Withrow, Brandon Withrow
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 207 pages, Christian Focus Publications


Let history come to life just the way it should be. Read the stories of Paul, Polycarp, Justin, Origen, Cyprian, Constantine, Athanasius, Ambrose, Augustine, John Chrysostom, Jerome, Patrick and Benedict. From the apostle Paul to Benedict you can discover how those in the early church still influence church today. In their lives you will see the young and developing church struggling and growing in a hostile and difficult world. Watch in amazement as a varied selection of people from different countries, cultures and times merge together to form the Christian church. Learn from their mistakes and errors but more importantly learn from their amazing strengths and gifts. Marvel at the incredible things accomplished by God in such a short space of time. Written in a modern and relaxed style this is a book that will introduce you to history without the tears and with all the wonder. There are longer chapters interspersed with short factual chapters. Extra features throughout this book look deeper into issues such as persecution; worship; creeds and councils and the formation of the Bible as well as a timeline.

*Please note that several of the chapters do contain some disturbing content, so we skip two of these chapters and offer an alternative option for several other chapters instead. This allows us to use this truly excellent resource in a way that is flexible in meeting each family's unique needs. The child is scheduled to read this book independently.

The Story of the Middle Ages
* Note: You must have the Samuel Harding, Yesterday's Classics version of this book to match the guide.

Author - Samuel B. Harding
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 228 pages, Yesterday's Classics


Relates the history of the Middle Ages simply, directly, and entertainingly. The material is well-arranged and the selection of topics is excellent. Special attention is given to presenting the life of the people-peasant, noble, and court. A unique and valuable book. This book is scheduled for the child to read independently.

To view a sample PDF, click here.


Monks and Mystics

Author - Mindy Withrow, Brandon Withrow
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 223 pages, Christian Focus Publications


Let history come to life just the way it should be. Read the stories of Gregory the Great, Boniface, Charlemagne, Constantine Methodius, Vladimir, Anselm of Canterbury, Bernard of Clairvaux, Francis of Assisi, Thomas Aquinas, Catherine of Sienna, John Wyclif and John Hus. From people of the Medieval church you can discover how the young Christian church moved on into another era of time. From Gregory I through to Wyclif and Hus, you can discover about the crusades and the spread of Islam as well as the beginnings of universities and the Reformation. As the church moves on through the centuries you can see its people struggling against persecution and problems from inside and out. Learn from their mistakes and errors but more importantly learn from their amazing strengths and gifts. Marvel at God's wonderful care of his people and the Christian church. Written in a modern and relaxed style this is a book that will introduce you to history without the tears and with all the wonder. Extra features throughout this book include looking deeper into issues such as Islam; Division; The Crusades; The First University; Creeds and Councils, and the Renaissance. This book is scheduled for the child to read independently.

Famous Men of the Middle Ages

Author - John Haaren
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 207 pages, Memoria Press


Jump into the middle ages with this classic history text. The story of the Middle Ages is told through the lives of Attila the Hun, Charlemagne, William the Conqueror, Edward the Black Prince, and Joan of Arc among others. This book guides students through the turbulent 'dark age' of history and illuminates how the world transitioned from the end of ancient times to the birth of the modern era. This beautiful version of the book by John Haaren includes over 50 full-color paintings which were commissioned for the Memoria Press edition. The page numbers in our guide correspond with this edition. This book is scheduled for the child to read independently. The first two sections below are omitted within our plans.

  • Introduction
  • The Gods of the Teutons
  • The Niebelungs
  • Alaric the Visigoth (394-410)
  • Att ila the Hun (433-453)
  • Genseric the Vandal (427-477)
  • Theodoric the Ostrogoth (475-526)
  • Benedict and Gregory (480-543; 590-604)
  • Clovis (481-511)
  • Justinian (527-565)
  • Mohammed (570-632)
  • Charles Martel and Pepin (714-768)
  • Charlemagne (768-814)
  • Harun-al-Rashid (786-809)
  • Egbert the Saxon (802-837)
  • Rollo the Viking (died 931 )
  • Alfred the Great (871-901)
  • Henry the Fowler (919-936)
  • Canute the Great (1014-1035)
  • The Cid (1040-1099)
  • Edward the Confessor (1042-1066)
  • William the Conqueror (1066-1087)
  • Pope Gregory VII and Henry IV (1073-1085; 1056-1105)
  • Peter the Hermit (1050-1115)
  • Frederick Barbarossa (1152-1190)
  • Henry the Second and his sons (1154-1216)
  • Louis IX (1226-1270)
  • St. Francis and St. Dominic (1182-1226; 1170-1221)
  • Robert Bruce (1306-1329)
  • Marco Polo (1254-1324)
  • Edward the Black Prince (1330-1376)
  • William Tell and Arnold von Winkelried (1300-1386)
  • Tamerlane (1333-1405)
  • Henry V (1413-1422)
  • Joan of Arc (1412-1431)
  • Gutenberg (1400-1468)
  • Warwick the King-Maker (1428-1471)
  • Glossary of People and Places

The Mystery of History Vol. III: The Renaissance, the Reformation, the Growth of Nations

Author - Linda Lacour Harbor
Bibliographic Data - Hardcover, 441 pages, Bright Ideas Press


Description taken from the author's website: Covering people and events from 1455 to 1707, Volume III contains The Medici's, the Inquisition, and Christopher Columbus. Michelangelo, Martin Luther, and Henry VIII. Copernicus, Shakespeare, and Pocahontas. These are but glimpses of great power, great minds, and great passion.

As is true with the other books in this series, The Mystery of History Volume III will look at what was going on all over the world in the order that it happened. So, while the Renaissance and Reformation were taking shape in Europe, we'll look at the rise of wealthy empires in West Africa; the Mogul dynasty of India; and the peaceful lives of the Aboriginals of Australia. We will also visit Ivan the Terrible in Russia and the Tokugawa family in Japan.

Of course the stories will be told of the master painters and sculptors who made the Renaissance famous as well as the scientists and philosophers who dissected it. And the time period wouldn't be complete without boarding a ship or two to circumnavigate the globe for spices and riches in the East. Many more explorers will touch the soil of North America and start a new chapter in the history of the world. We'll bow with the Pilgrims who will give thanks for their survival and welcome the Native Americans to their feast.

Unlike Volumes I and II, the text for Volume III has been separated into a stand-alone Student Reader! The Student Reader contains 84 lessons in a colorful, easy to hold hardback. The reader is a stand- alone world history text for all ages to enjoy. This book is scheduled within Resurrection to Reformation for the student to read independently 4 days in each unit, rather than 3 days in each unit (as shown in the Table of Contents linked below). This quicker pacing allows 14 weeks at the beginning of the year for students to study the time period from the Resurrection through the Middle Ages, prior to moving into Mystery of History Vol. III. This text will be read in its entirety over 21 weeks. Follow the link to the publisher's website to download a sample of the Student Reader. This is a very large file, so it will take some time to open: (PDF)

Here is a link to the Table of Contents: Table of Contents

Student Notebook Pages for Hearts for Him Through Time: Resurrection to Reformation
Author - Carrie Austin, Design - Merlin DeBoer Bibliographic Data - Paperback


Student Notebook Pages for Hearts for Him Through Time: Resurrection to Reformation come 3-hole punched on heavy paper for easy insertion into a 3-ring binder. Pages are in full-color and are beautifully designed to provide a permanent keepsake for your student(s). A full-color cover is included to place in a clear sleeve in the front of your own 3-ring binder. Students will be instructed where to place various assignments on the provided pages of the Student Notebook throughout the "Learning Through History" side of the plans of Hearts for Him Through Time: Resurrection to Reformation. This will help organize student's work to create a visually appealing portfolio of assignments from the student's study of this time period.

Entries include keeping a timeline, written narrations, quotes and Scripture, full-color postcard entries of places researched, Who's Who? entries on famous men and women, artist overview pages (including miniature reproductions of paintings), Draw and Write Through History sketches and copywork, and any additional needed project helps. Students will file their full-color maps from Map Trek in the notebook as well. Each student will need his/her own set of Student Notebook Pages. Additional sets may be purchased individually from Heart of Dakota.

World History Atlas

Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 48 pages,


An invaluable collection of clear and attractive historical maps, this World History Atlas is a handy, useful reference for any student of world history. Each map has been designed to be colorful, easy-to-read, and informative, without sacrificing detail or accuracy. These carefully selected maps provide comprehensive global coverage for the major historical periods. Page through the atlas, explore - and enjoy - the history and geography of our ever-changing world. These maps correspond with the history study in Resurrection to Reformation

Map Trek V.2: Medieval World (Printable CD)
List Price - $14.95
Author -Terri Johnson, Knowledge Quest
Bibliographic Data - Printable CD

Description and samples from the publisher's website:
Here's what Map Trek V.2 provides:
  • 32 Full-color teacher answer maps.
  • 28 Blank outline maps for the student
  • 4 Grid maps
  • 2 Blank grids (different size grids)
  • Instructions for how to use these maps
  • Glossary of terms
  • 82 total pages
  1. Each full color teacher's answer map will help you tremendously. See the sample to the right.
  2. Unlabeled student maps for your child to color and label are provided. Notice a few key features on this map. There is a slight shading on the ocean/water areas to help your child determine which parts of the map are land and which are water. BUT the shading is minimal so as to not interfere with his creative coloring process OR to use much ink when printing from your printer.
  3. Lesson Plans help you know what to assign to each of your children at their various stages of learning. There are lesson plans included for all 32 outline maps broken down into 3 levels - Level A (grades 1-4), Level B (grades 5-8) and Level C (grades 9-12).
  4. Grid maps and blank grids help your kids learn to draw the land masses of our world in a fun and painless way!

Here is a full list of maps that are included in the second volume of Map Trek - Medieval World:

  • World Map (Landforms)
  • Byzantine Empire
  • Islamic Empire
  • Viking Expansion
  • Empire of Charlemagne
  • The Holy Roman Empire
  • African Kingdoms
  • Norman Conquests
  • The Crusades
  • Mongol Empire
  • Medieval China
  • City Centers of Europe
  • Medieval Japan
  • 12th Century Europe
  • The Black Death
  • Hundred Years' War
  • Renaissance Italy
  • Early Explorers
  • Christopher Columbus
  • Later Explorers
  • Central/South America
  • The Powerful Habsburgs
  • The Netherlands
  • The Reformation
  • The Expansion of Sweden
  • The Expansion of Russia
  • Spanish/Portuguese Empires
  • World Map w/ Grid
  • Europe Map w/ Grid
  • Italy Map w/ Grid
  • England Map w/Grid
  • S. America Map w/ Grid

Mapping assignments will be scheduled within the Resurrection to Reformation guide to correspond with the history study. Completed maps will be filed within the Student Notebook.

What in the World? Volume 2

Author - Diana Waring
Bibliographic Data - CD, 4 disk set, Answers in Genesis


With catching enthusiasm, Diana Waring's telling of the Vikings, Feudalism, The Renaissance, Seven Years War and other events--from the time of the Romans to the American & French Revolutions--will have you on the edge of your seat! Discover the lives of the movers and shakes of the times, as well as what it was like to live their eras; and how the hand of God guided it all. 4 Audio CDs. Audios are keyed to match the history readings within the Resurrection to Reformation guide.

Draw and Write Through History: The Vikings, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance

Author - Carylee Gressman
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 64 pages, CPR Publishing


Draw and write your way through the history of the Vikings, Middle Ages and Renaissance, as you learn about castles, Robin Hood, Pagodas, longhouses, a musketeer and more. Drawings are shown with step by step illustrations, and copywork is written out in cursive. These drawings correspond well with the readings scheduled within Resurrection to Reformation. Drawings will be completed within the Student Notebook pages.

Gabriel and the Hour Book

Author - Evaleen Stein
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 100 pages, Yesterday's Classics


Relates the story of the making of an "hour book" as a wedding gift from King Louis of France to Lady Anne of Brittany and the good fortune it brought to little Gabriel, Brother Stephen's color grinder. Inspired by the bunch of violets and cuckoo-buds Gabriel brings into the workroom, Brother Stephen conceives a new idea for an illuminated border. Instead of painting the border with scrolls and birds and flowers in the conventional way, he would decorate the book with borders of gold on which he would paint in realistic fashion the meadow wildflowers, and bees and butterflies, and all the little flying creatures.

As Brother Stephen's color grinder, Gabriel makes the ink, grinds the gold, gathers the flowers, and prepares the colors for him. After the book is completed, Gabriel slips into the book a sheet on which he has penned a prayer to Lady Anne: "I, Gabriel Viaud, am Brother Stephen's colour-grinder; and I have made the ink for this book, and the glue, and caught the eels, and ground the gold and colours, and ruled the lines and gathered the flowers for the borders, and so I pray the Lord God will be kind and let my father out of prison in Count Pierre's castle, and tell Count Pierre to give us back our meadow and sheep, for we cannot pay the tax, and mother says we will starve." How his prayer is answered unfolds in the ensuing chapters.

Evaleen Stein brings the medieval world to life through her stories set in the Middle Ages. A century ago when this book was first published, a reviewer in the Louisville Daily Courier wrote, "No works in juvenile fiction contain so many of the elements that stir the hearts of children and grown-ups as well as do the stories so admirably told by this author."

Bard of Avon: The Story of William Shakespeare

Author - Diane Stanley
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 48 pages, Harper Trophy


Description: Nobody knows exactly when or why William Shakespeare left his boyhood home of Stratford-on-Avon for the great city of London, but it didn't take long for him to make a name for himself. His plays are now performed almost every day in just about every part of the world, and even people who've never seen them, use words and phrases he introduced into the English language. How did a man from an unremarkable family create a legacy that the world will never forget? There will always be unsolved mysteries about Shakespeare, but what we do know of his life, and his theater makes a dramatic and exciting story.

Drama had been forgotten since the days of ancient Greece, but it reemerged in Elizabethan London with the building of the first modern theater. Its impact can still be imagined today. There were the theaters, open to the weather and featuring neither sets nor curtains, but equipped with dramatic special effects. There were the companies of actors-the leading men, the comedians, the boys who played women's roles-and the playwrights who gave them all lines to say.

Best of all, there was William Shakespeare, who rubbed shoulders with noblemen and royalty as well as with the rowdy crowds at the foot of the stage. He was suspected of involvement in a treasonous rebellion, and his last play literally brought down the house when cannon effects set fire to the famous Globe theater and it burned to the ground.

Award-winning collaborators Diane Stanley and Peter Vennema have once again created a feast of words and pictures to celebrate the life of a remarkable person from the pages of history: "William Shakespeare, a man for all time."

The Hidden Treasures in Philippians

Author - Evelyn Wheeler
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 160 pages, Liberty Books


Welcome to an inductive study of the book of Philippians. Step by step, like an archaeologist, kids will dig and sift and sort through Philippians to come away with truths that will help them the rest of their lives. As they put together these bits and pieces of truths, they will not only be assembling a better understanding of the book of Philippians but also be developing godly character. Each lesson--or archaeological dig--uses maps, puzzles, and memory work as it follows Paul's letter to the people of Philippi and cross-references other Scriptures.

God wants to teach kids to walk through life with Him. The Hidden Treasures in Philippians will invite them to a lifelong habit of digging into the Scriptures to seek God's truth. This study is scheduled daily as part of the Bible Quiet Time.

Looking at Pictures: An Introduction to Art for Young People

Author - Joy Richardson
Bibliographic Data - Hardcover, 80 pages, Abrams Books


Featuring more than 150 stunning illustrations in full color, combined with clear, entertaining prose, Looking at Pictures introduces readers to the basic concepts and vocabulary of painting. This revised edition has a fresh, contemporary design; all art has been re-scanned and separated; the specs and captions have been updated based on new information; and five new images resulting from technical and curatorial advances are included. Drawing on the incomparable collection of The National Gallery, London, the book features Leonardo, Rembrandt, Matisse, Seurat, Picasso, and many more. Watercolors by Charlotte Voake add humor and charm. The book includes an index of artists and subjects. This book is scheduled once weekly for parent and child to read and discuss together.

Tales from Shakespeare

Author - Charles and Mary Lamb
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 464 pages, Yesterday's Classics


Originally published in the early 19th century by a brother and sister, these adaptations of Shakespeare's fourteen comedies and six tragedies (retold in prose) were intended for children. Charles and Mary Lamb originally collaborated as a way to earn money as well as to introduce young readers to the works of the famous bard, preserving whenever possible "Shakespeare's own words." The retellings of the plays are adapted to a length and simplicity suitable for older elementary or middle school students while retaining the complex plots and characterizations so familiar to readers of Shakespeare. The tales offer readers a taste of the comic and the tragic, and will provide the incentive to tackle the plays themselves at the high school level under proper adult guidance. Three centuries later, the Lambs' adaptations remain a fine introduction to Shakespeare's writings and are a must for the well-rounded library.

Why read Shakespeare?

During the early years of educating our children, I struggled with Charlotte Mason's recommendation that children study Shakespeare. I was sure that Shakespeare wasn't worth studying by my children due to the inappropriate jokes, adult content, and references to love-making within his plays. However, as I continued to study his plays and ponder his influence, I realized that there would be something missing in my children's understanding of the English-speaking world if I neglected to teach them about Shakespeare. This is partly true purely for the reason that Shakespeare is responsible for contributing some 2000 words and phrases to the English language that are still in use today.

While Shakespeare's plays were obviously not written for children, there is some merit in introducing children to his plays first in story form through Lamb's Tales of Shakespeare. This aids students in their future understanding of his plays later in high school when they will read Shakespeare's unabridged plays in original form.

In looking at the positive side of reading Shakespeare, his plays do look at both the virtues and vices of men. They show the consequences of sin, yet his characters often act mercifully. Shakespeare's plays do refer to Christ and his teachings, and you can often see a resemblance in his plays to stories of other Biblical characters. Morals often play a decisive role in his plays, resulting in intricate plots that lead to consequences based on the character's actions. The reader must work hard to follow the many plot twists and turns, which is great preparation for the reading of higher level books. Another benefit is that the tales are very entertaining and do much to stimulate the imagination.

While Shakespeare does include references to love-making, it's important to note that the words 'lovers' and 'love-making' meant something different in Shakespeare's day from the meaning of those same words today. During Elizabethan times, words such as ‘lover' often meant sweetheart and ‘love-making' meant an attraction between two people. This is different from the physical act of love that we associate with those same words today.

In our guide Resurrection to Reformation, parents will have the choice of whether to include Lamb's Tales of Shakespeare within their weekly schedule. Students will read 18 of the 20 included tales, omitting Macbeth and Measure for Measure due to overly mature content. Readings are scheduled once weekly, and longer stories are divided over two weeks. After each weekly reading, students will color the accompanying black and white artwork within the Shakespeare Student Notebook pages. A quote from the play will also be copied from each tale. Due to the length of each tale, and to allow students to better understand the various plot twists better, students are assigned to read the stories on their own.

We do not attempt to analyze Shakespeare within the provided assignments, but rather to allow students to enjoy the readings and make their own natural connections. Often the moral connections that students make on their own are much stronger than those that would be made if we were to point out the "moral lessons" instead.

While we do not wish to persuade you to pursue Shakespeare if it is not within your family's goals, we do desire to explain our reasoning for including it as a choice within our Economy Package. As you ponder the best path for your family, we will link you to an article that we found very interesting in our own ponderings about Shakespeare. (click here)

Shakespeare Student Notebook Pages
Author - Carrie Austin, Design - Merlin DeBoer
Bibliographic Data - Paperback


Shakespeare Student Notebook Pages for Hearts for Him Through Time: Resurrection to Reformation come 3-hole punched on heavy paper for easy insertion into a 3-ring binder. In our guide Resurrection to Reformation, parents will have the choice of whether to include Lamb's Tales of Shakespeare within their weekly schedule. After each weekly reading, students will color the accompanying black and white artwork within the Shakespeare Student Notebook pages. A quote from the play will also be copied from each tale.

Notebook pages are full-color, with the coloring portions in black and white. Students are instructed when to utilize the assignments on the pages of the notebook in the "Learning Through History" side of the plans of Resurrection to Reformation. This will provide a keepsake portfolio from the student's study of Shakespeare. Each student will need his/her own set of Shakespeare Student Notebook Pages. Additional sets may be purchased individually from Heart of Dakota.


Exploring Creation with Astronomy

Author - Jeannie Fulbright
Bibliographic Data - Hardcover, 176 pages, Apologia


The year of earth science for Resurrection to Reformation begins with a focus on astronomy and the heavenly bodies. We'll do this using Apologia's Elementary Astronomy book. This book is being updated to add more full-color photos and is being planned with a new layout. The written textual content will remain the same. With the updated version due to be released in 2011, we feel this book will be a wonderful long-term, living solution for the beginning of our earth science year. Here's a link to the book, where you can see inside the current version and view the Table of Contents.


What would living on Venus be like? Are there really black holes? How did God create the cosmos? Curious kids want to know, and this book gives them biblically based, scientifically sound answers. Using Charlotte Mason's methodology, 14 incremental lessons employ narration, notebooking, and hands-on projects to expose students to the wonders of the solar system and universe. This book is scheduled for the student to read independently.176 pages, hardcover.

A Child's Geography - Volume I

Author - Ann Voskamp
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 167, Knowledge Quest


Next, we will move into the study of the physical earth. This will be done through A Child's Geography Vol. I: Explore His Earth. Since this book covers physical geography, it fits very well within this part of the earth science plans, covering a myriad of earth science topics within its pages. It is a written in a wonderful, living style and is so God-honoring. We are excited about using this book within this area of our guide.

Peek inside: (click here) Description:

A Child's Geography: Explore His Earth is a gentle, narration-style approach to physical geography. Written with a tone of amazement and wonder, students will embark on an exploration of the atmosphere, continents, oceans, climate, plate tectonics, earthquakes & volcanoes, latitude and longitude.

Written from a Christ-centered perspective, integrated scripture will give kids a Christian view of the earth. With full-color and black-and-white photographs on glossy pages, this book utilizes all learning styles as students complete their tour of their home-Planet Earth! 168 pages, softcover.

The included CD-ROM features leveled copywork passages that include definitions, Scripture, hymns and poetry; copywork templates; postcard templates; chapter review tests; a tectonic plate puzzle to print & cut out; world time zone map; and world and continent reference maps.

Table of Contents
  • About the Author
  • Introduction
    Travel Thoughts
  • 1. Aunt Em, There is No Place Like Home! Introduction to His World
  • 2. Peeling an Onion The Lower Atmosphere
  • 3. Falling through the Sky The Upper Atmosphere
  • 4. Puzzle Directions The Continents
  • 5. The Swirling, Living Soup in My Daddy's Hands The Oceans
  • 6. The Woodstove that Cooks Up Everything Outside my Window
    Seasons, Climate and Weather
  • 7. Getting to the Core of the Matter The Structure of Earth
  • 8. Singing and Dancing and Praising God! Plate Tectonics
  • 9. Stresses, Faults and Explosions Earthquakes and Volcanoes
  • 10. God's Great Sky Signs and Imaginary Lines Latitude
  • 11. God's Great Sky Signs and Imaginary Lines (Pt2)


Then, the year will end with your choice of two options. Option 1 includes the books below, which read very narratively and biographically. They provide engrossing glimpses inside the lives of the many men who impacted the study of earth science. John Hudson Tiner has a way with words that makes science come to life.

OPTION 1 (schedules the 3 books below):

Exploring Planet Earth

Author - John Hudson Tiner
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 160 pages, New Leaf Press


The first in a series of books on science, this book is written specifically as a resource tool for fifth grade through junior high level. It fits well within the study of earth science.

Blending a creationism perspective of history with definitions of terms and identification of famous explorers, scientists, etc., this book gives students an excellent initial knowledge of people and places, encouraging them to continue their studies in-depth. Supplemented with photographs, illustrations, and chapter review activities, Exploring Planet Earth brings to life people like Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus, and gives students the opportunity to read history that hasn't been altered or erased altogether. This will be used as part of the Option 1 package and is scheduled for the student to read independently. For students who have already read this book as part of the Extension Package in Bigger Hearts for His Glory, we recommend Option 2 instead.

Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1 How Big is the Earth?
  • Chapter 2 Masters of the Mediterranean
  • Chapter 3 Marco Polo's Big Adventure
  • Chapter 4 The Portuguese Sail East
  • Chapter 5 The Spanish Sail West
  • Chapter 6 Sailing Around the World
  • Chapter 7 The Ten Thousand Names of Wind
  • Chapter 8 The Mystery of Tides
  • Chapter 9 The Compass Points the Way
  • Chapter 10 Time and Longitude
  • Chapter 11 A River in the Ocean
  • Chapter 12 Three Spheres
  • Chapter 13 Into the Heart of the Glacier
  • Chapter 14 Rivers - Earth's Lifeline
  • Chapter 15 The Mysterious Valley
  • Chapter 16 The Atmosphere
  • Chapter 17 Exploring by Balloon
  • Chapter 18 The Age of Flight
  • Chapter 19 To the Edge of the Atmosphere - and Beyond
  • Chapter 20 Exploration in Today's World
  • Bibliography
  • Index

Along Came Galileo

Author - Jeanne Bendick
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 95 pages, Beautiful Feet


One of the most important figures to come out of the awakening world of the Renaissance was Galileo Galelei. Often referred to as the "Archimedes of his time" Galileo was forever asking questions. Is it possible to measure heat? Is it possible to weigh air? Does the earth stand still or does it move? How fast do objects fall to the earth? His questions led to some of the most important answers of the scientific world and to his contributions to astronomy, physics, and mathematics.

Galileo also advanced the astronomical telescope and invented the compound microscope. He measured the rotation of the sun, invented the thermometer, a geometrical compass and the pendulum clock. He was a man of faith, a lover of art and an accomplished artist. He played the lute and enjoyed working in his garden. He was the first to see, through the lens of the telescope, the wonders of our galaxy - sights that moved him to profound gratitude to God.

He was so ahead of his time that his discoveries caused him to be the object of persecution and injustice. Through her whimsical illustrations and her bright engaging text Bendick has provided the middle reader with Galileo's inspiring story. This will be used as part of the Option 1 package and is scheduled for the student to read independently.

Isaac Newton - Inventor, Scientist, and Teacher

Author - John Hudson Tiner
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 144 pages, Mott Media


Oliver Cromwell, English Civil War, King Charles I, The Plague, London's Fire, Halley's Comet and more are all put into the context of Sir Isaac Newton's life. Science mixed with history, religion and biography are held together by an engaging story which can be enjoyed by all ages. This biograpy follows the life of Isaac Newton from the time of his birth through his school years and into his years as an inventor, scientist, and teacher, to the time of his death and the impact his inventions and discoveries have on our world even today. For ages 9 to 14, this engaging biography will be used as part of the Option 1 package and is scheduled for the student to read independently.

OPTION 2 (below) is recommended for those students who have already used Exploring Planet Earth within the Extension Package of Bigger Hearts for His Glory.

God's Design - Our Weather and Water

Author - Richard & Debbie Lawrence
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 160 pages, Answers in Genesis


The biblically based God's Design for Heaven and Earth series was designed by homeschoolers for homeschoolers! Our Weather & Water is explored through a focus on what weather is, how it is caused, how meteorologists study and predict it, clouds, ancient weather & climate, storms, ocean movement, the sea floor, and more. Now designed for grades 1-8, full-color photos, diagrams, illustrations, special features and fun facts take the tediousness out of science, while key concepts are continually reinforced and explored through chapter review and activities. Color-coded by age group, chapter reviews are separated for 1st-2nd grade, 3rd-5th grade, and 6th-8th grade students to quickly find their assignments, all of which are conveniently located together. This easy-to-use curriculum is ideal for anyone who wants to teach earth & space science from a young-earth, creationist point of view. This is one student book of three in the "Gods Design for Heaven & Earth Series". It contains 35 lessons with one final project to merge all the lessons together. 160 partially reproducible pages, softcover with glossary and index. NKJV Scripture used. This text is used within Option 2 and is scheduled for the student to use independently.

God's Design Teacher Supplement

Author - Richard & Debbie Lawrence
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 141 pages, Answers in Genesis


This teacher's supplement accompanies Answers in Genesis' God's Design for Heaven & Earth Student Manuals. Organized by book and unit number, each unit includes a supply list and answers for all three books and all three leveled chapter-review questions, as well as any applicable activity information. Quiz answers, a master supply list, and a resource guide are also included. The included student supplement CD-ROM features student worksheets and quizzes that may be printed off to enhance student learning. 141 pages, softcover. This Teacher's Supplement is highly recommended for use with Option 2, unless you can do without the supply list, answer key, and worksheets.


The Basic Package is meant to add to the Economy Package. It provides read-alouds that correspond to the history study. If you are already doing a read-aloud package with a different Heart of Dakota program, then you may choose to have your 5th - 6th grade student read these books on his/her own instead (according to the included schedule). However, in order to read these selections on his/her own, the student should be a strong, independent reader that is not overly sensitive. Otherwise, reading aloud is the preferred method for using this package. A daily schedule is provided. This package is highly recommended, unless you need to economize.

Forbidden Gates

Author -Denise Williamson
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 98 pages, Journeyforth


Set in Jerusalem during the days of the disciples, Nathan is a Jewish moneychanger's son. He knows the rules of the Temple, and knows that no Gentile is allowed entrance into the inner court. But when a young Gentile asks to meet with God, Nathan decides to take him to the temple anyway, catching himself between a growing conflict between temple officials and the disciples of Christ. 98 pages, softcover.

Mystery of the Silver Coins

Author - Lois Walfrid Johnson
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 176 pages, Moody Publishers


In this second installment of the Viking Quest series, Bree finds herself in a physical and spiritual battle for survival. With another young slave, she makes a daring escape from the ship as soon as it reaches harbor. They hide in the woods as Mikkel and his Viking sailors begin a relentless search, certain that Bree is responsible of a missing bag of silver coins. Bree must face her unwillingness to forgive the Vikings, and Mikkel begins to wonder: Is the God of these Irish Christian really more powerful than our Viking gods? It is not necessary to have read the first book in the series prior to reading this selection. Book I was scheduled within Preparing Hearts for His Glory. Recommended for ages 10 to 14.

The Illustrated Book of Knights

Author - Jack Coggins
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 112 pages, Dover


A celebration of all things chivalrous, this fascinating book features page after page of colorful pictures of heroic knights. Its captivating text reflect life as it really was a thousand years ago among the crusaders and knights through the ages. It includes mention of the much-loved legends of Camelot, Robin Hood, as well as Richard the Lionhearted, Saladin, and Joan of Arc. 127 illustrations.

Morning Star of the Reformation

Author - Andy Thomson
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 134 pages, Journeyforth


When young John of Wycliffe arrives at Oxford University, he finds it a fascinating and perilous place. With his friend, Sebastian Ayleton, John experiences the terrible plague called the "Pestilence" (the Black Death), and he becomes involved in clashes between university factions as well as riots among the townspeople. Whenever he can find time away from his studies, John's favorite place is the inn of the Kicking Pony. There he and his companions discuss the political and religious issues of the day, and it is with his friends that he first shares his growing vision of an English Bible for all Englishmen to read. In the darkness of medieval England, John's pursuit of truth gleams like a solitary star: the morning star that promises the sunrise to come. He paved the way for the theologians of the next century and opened hearts in preparation for the great Reformation itself. His courage will renew your appreciation for the gift of the English Bible.

Ink on His Fingers

Author - Louise A. Vernon
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 128 pages, Herald Press


John Gutenberg is working on printing the first Bible with type. Twelve-year-old Hans Dunne is planning on being a scribe and copying the Bible by hand. But circumstances change, and he finds himself working in Gutenberg's shop as an apprentice printer. Soon, Hans finds himself in the middle of a type-stealing mystery. Herr Fust, the village banker, wants Gutenberg's type and tries every possible way to get his hands on it. Gutenberg is deep in debt and has borrowed from everyone in town. Gutenberg is sure that he will be able to pay everyone back once the Bible is printed, but he is running out of time. Will Hans, and the other pressmen, be able to keep Herr Fust from getting the type? Will they be able to finish the Bible, so many people will be able to read and learn from it?

Leonardo da Vinci

Author - Diane Stanley
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 48 pages, Morrow Junior Books


Born in 1452 to a peasant woman and a country gentleman, Leonardo da Vinci was one of the most amazing people who ever lived. He grew up to be a great painter, sculptor, architect, scientist, and inventor. As a boy, Leonardo was apprenticed to a famous artist. But he quickly became more skillful than his teacher, and his passionate interests went far beyond art. Fascinated with the human body, he carried out his own experiments in secret. He filled thousands of pages with plans for incredible inventions including a submarine, an air-cooling system, "glasses to see the moon large," and even a flying machine!

In this magnificent addition to a distinguished series, award-winning author-artist Diane Stanley blends wonderful storytelling with gorgeous illustrations to convey the genius of the man. Stanley produces her most stunning pictorial biography to date. Drawing from a range of sources, including her subject's extensive notebooks, Stanley's conversational narrative describes Leonardo da Vinci's astoundingly far-reaching and varied achievements. Young readers will come to appreciate both da Vinci's universally renowned accomplishments as a painter and the breadth of his scientific experimentation and research.

While her text is thoroughly intriguing, even more impressive is the artistic challenge Stanley takes on and triumphantly meets: her paintings not only portray the period particulars and likenesses of da Vinci, his patrons and colleagues, but successfully incorporate, in seamless collages, miniature reproductions of such celebrated masterpieces as The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa. These exquisite reproductions, as well as sepia-toned spot art taken from da Vinci's notebooks, sit uncommonly well within Stanley's own paintings, educating the reader about da Vinci's masterpieces as a natural part of the visual storytelling. A virtuosic work.

Mr. Pipes and Psalms and Hymns of the Reformation

Author - Douglas Bond
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 240 pages, Christian Liberty Press


Follow Mr. Pipes throughout Europe as he accompanies his two young American friends on a tour of the famous hymn writers. Examining the significance of worship and the godly traditions they're built upon, this book aims to rekindle a genuine interest in the traditional hymns of the faith. As the title states, the hymns are from the Reformation era, and they contain signs of the spiritual upheaval of the time. There are hymn stories woven within the main story, and the hymns with music are included at the end of each chapter. Mr. Pipes tells the children of some of the persecutions the people endured, and the children see it reflected in the hymns. Mr. Pipes also points out interesting facts about the places they visit, which adds the interest of culture and European landmarks. The trip takes them to from England to France, Germany and Switzerland, although most of the book occurs in Germany. From battling their tempers to outwitting a spy, the children learn character, history and faith from Mr. Pipes with plenty of apt humor thrown in. Annie and Drew return to the States knowing more history and with a deeper love for and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Mr. Pipes is not preachy, and never pushes his firm beliefs on the children, although he never misses an opportunity to explain anything they ask about! The history of the hymns and hymn writers will draw the reader closer to Christ. Especially in this book, the hymns speak volumes about the preciousness of the person of the Lord. 240 pages, softcover. Grades 5 on up.

Good Queen Bess

Author - Diane Stanley
Bibliographic Data - Hardcover, 40 pages, HarperCollins


She was a queen whose strong will, shrewd diplomacy, religious tolerance and great love for her subjects won the hearts of her people and the admiration of her enemies. Elizabeth was born into an age of religious strife, in which plots and factions were everywhere and private beliefs could be punished by death. When she became queen, her counselors urged her to marry quickly and turn the responsibilities of governing over to her husband, But she outwitted them by stalling, changing her mind; and playing one side against another, as she steered her country to the glorious era of peace and security that would be called the Elizabethan Age. Elizabeth's forceful personality, colorful court, and devoted subjects come vividly to life in this stellar picture-book biography. When it was first published, Good Queen Bess was named a Notable Book in the Field of Social Studies, an American Library Association Notable Book, a Booklist Editors' Choice, an American Bookseller Pick of the Lists, a Boston Globe-Horn Book Honor Book, and an IRA Teachers' Choice.

In this welcome reissue, celebrated author and illustrator Diane Stanley and her husband, Peter Vennema, paint an impressive portrait of the remarkable queen who loved her people so dearly and ruled them so well.

The Story of Sir Walter Raleigh

Author - Margaret Duncan Kelly, T.H. Robinson
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 104 pages, Yesterday's Classics


This book relates the story of Raleigh from his boyhood days on the coast of Devonshire, to his exploits in Ireland and his unexpected entry into the court of Queen Elizabeth. We travel with him as he pursues the ships of the Spanish Armada and makes voyages to the New World in search of gold and lands to settle.

We see his efforts come to naught and hear how he is relegated to the Tower of London, where he spends the last years of his life. Included is the fabled story of the velvet cloak and the role Raleigh played in introducing potatoes and tobacco to the Old World. This is one of the volumes in the highly acclaimed Children's Heroes series, first published at the beginning of the last century. It succeeds in bringing Sir Walter Raleigh to life, as he jumps off the pages of this superb book.

The Legend of Squanto: An Unknown Hero Who Changed the Course of American History

Author - Focus on the Family Radio Theatre
Bibliographic Data - CD, Tyndale House


This audio drama brings to light the story of one of America's early legends - "Squanto." History remembers Tisquantum as the Native American who taught early settlers to fish and farm. He's even credited with the first Thanksgiving. But few hear the story of the condemnation that dragged him outside America to a life in chains and what he discovered after his exile.

This is the little-known true story of an inspiring early American that triumphed over injustice and changed what would become the United States. Performed in full-cast audio, this production upholds Focus on the Family's Radio Theatre's high standards. This story will long be remembered by both you and your children and will change the way you think of Squanto.

A Piece of the Mountain: The Story of Blaise Pascal

Author - Joyce McPherson
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 124 pages, Greenleaf Press


Blaise Pascal was one of the most important scientists and mathematicians of the 1600s. Not only was he a brilliant scientist, but he converted to Christianity as an adult and became a devoted apologist for the Christian faith. Of special interest to homeschooling families, this book recounts the recognition of Blaise's remarkable talents by his father. The provisions the elder Pascal made for his son's education are among the earliest and most successful examples of home schooling. For Christians, the account of Pascal's conversion is particularly moving, as well as Pascal's immediate response of sharing the Gospel with his father, sisters, and the nobleman who was his financial patron. Written by a homeschooling mother. 124 pages, softcover. Ages 10-16.

The Tinker's Daughter: A Story Based on the Life of Mary Bunyan

Author - Wendy Lawton
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 160 pages, Moody


John Bunyan, the author of Pilgrim's Progress, mentions only one of his six children in his memoirs--Mary. Born blind in 1650, her story still intrigues us nearly 350 years later. When her father was imprisoned for unlawful preaching, it was 10-year-old Mary who traveled the streets of Bedford each day, bringing soup to her father in prison. Mary developed a fierce determination for independence, after spending years proving that she was not hindered by her blindness. Only when she admitted that she needed help did she turn to the Lord; the Source of all strength.


Adding this optional package to the Economy Package extends the area of history to include more advanced, independent reading material. This allows your 7th or 8th grader to learn along with your younger students. This extension package is best suited for mature 7th and 8th graders who are strong, independent readers. For sensitive 7th or 8th graders, or for those who are not yet strong readers, we recommend the Basic Package in place of the Extension Package.

From Bondage to Freedom

Author - Emma Leslie
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 308 pages, Salem Ridge Press


At a Syrian market two Christian women are sold as slaves. One of the slaves ends up in Rome where Bishop Gregory is teaching his new doctrine of "purgatory" and the need for Christians to finish paying for their own sins. The other slave travels with her new master, Mohammed, back to Arabia, where Mohammed eventually declares himself to be the prophet of God. In Rome and Arabia, the two women and countless others fall into the bondage of man-made religions-will they learn at last to find true freedom in the Lord Jesus Christ alone? While this book takes some time to draw the reader in, it leaves a lasting impression about this important time period and paints a memorable picture of Mohammed and his search for what he considered to be the one, true religion. Story Setting: Rome and Arabia in 594 - 632 A.D.
Notable People and Events: Mohammed, Pope Gregory I, the Rise of Islam
Originally published in 1877; 272 pages; For Ages 12 - Adult

Black Horses for the King

Author - Anne McCaffrey
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 217 pages, Magic Carpet Books


Young Galwyn Varianus is unhappily serving as a cabin boy on his uncle's ship when he meets Lord Artos, who is on his way, with two of his Companions, to the horse fair at Septimania. There he hopes to purchase horses big enough to carry armed warriors into battle, for Artos is convinced that such horses would give him an unbeatable advantage over the Saxons.

Galwyn has a great facility for languages and a love of horses. When Artos proves to be both kind and generous, unlike Galwyn's uncle, Galwyn runs away to join Artos' party. His love of horses quickly makes him indispensable and assures him of a place in Artos' retinue. While working with the horses, Galwyn manages to make an enemy though he makes far more friends. An experiment with "horse sandals" leads to Galwyn becoming one of Britain's first farriers.

Black Horses for the King is an interesting departure from most Arthurian-themed works. For one thing, Arthur (Artos) is a secondary character. The time is early in Arthur's career; there is no Guinevere, no Lancelot and no Merlin. In fact, there is no mention whatsoever of some of the more fantastic elements of the Arthurian saga. Excalibur is mentioned only in passing and as part of the scenery -- propped against a wall! Black Horses for the King is a story about a young man growing up in perilous times which just happen to be the beginning of King Arthur's reign.

The Boy Knight

Author - G.A. Henty
Bibliographic Data - Pperback, 264 pages, Dover Publications


This Dover edition is an unabridged republication of the book Winning His Spurs: A Tale of the Crusades by G.A. Henty. Like all Henty novels, it's full of historical events and lots of adventure. It's about young Cuthbert de Lance, part Norman and part Saxon, who wins a job as a page going to the Crusades. Readers have ringside seats to historical events as they follow this English lad to the Holy Land as part of King Richard's crusading army, experience the excitement of battle, and share the boy's perilous adventures during his return trip across Europe to England. Excitement and narrow escapes follow as Cuthbert gains a reputation for valor, prowess, and resourcefulness.

This is one of the more exciting Henty adventures, and any lover of Robin Hood will certainly enjoy this tale. Cuthbert's presence of mind and common sense, his loyalty, honesty, valor, and quick wits are all characteristics that make us and the characters in the book admire and respect him. By the time you're halfway through the book, you will be confident that Cuthbert can extricate himself and his friends with honor and distinction from any kind of situation. There are a few lines of text in the battle scenes that are fairly graphic, but the descriptions are brief.

Robin Hood

Author - Joseph Walker McSpadden
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 208 pages, Dover Publications


This is a delightful version of the classic Robin Hood story and is my favorite of the various versions of Robin Hood. Escape to Sherwood Forest's idyllic charms and join the jolly fellowship of the greenwood with these rollicking tales of the celebrated archer and gentleman thief. Lively episodes introduce each of the famous merry men and other colorful characters, including the villainous Sheriff of Nottingham, lovely Maid Marian, and King Richard the Lionhearted. Packed full of knights, castles, bows and arrows, daring rescues, and a host of unforgettable characters clad in Lincoln Green, this book provides an escape to the English countryside of eight centuries ago. The Robin Hood of this book is a wonderfully believable character--well skilled at archery, but less so at some other activities. What a treasure to find this classic book by McSpadden back in print.

The King's Fifth

Author - Scott O'Dell
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 272 pages, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


This is the story of conquistadors during the 1540's, who lived for adventure, treasure, and fame. They would travel far and wide to gain riches, giving a fifth of all they found to their king. Esteban de Sandoval, a map maker, is to stand trial before the royal audiencia. The royal audiencia is to decide if Esteban is guilty or innocent of withholding the king's fifth he has supposedly hidden. The year is 1541 and the place is the Fortress of Juan de Ulua, near Vera Cruz, New Spain (Mexico). Esteban records his adventures in the Land of Cibola on paper his jailer has supplied. The jailer has talked Esteban into making a map of where he has hidden the treasure.

Esteban was a cartographer, or map maker, on a ship on the coast of South America. Their ship was to rendezvous with another to make a search for the Cities of Gold. One of the officers aboard the ship wants to mutiny, and strike out to search for the cities, in hopes of collecting even more gold and fame. He talks Esteban into accompanying him, along with some others.

They travel and encounter all kinds of dangers from nature and from the natives. They ask the people they come across for gold, but to them, it is not important. Esteban and his companions find it all important. As they travel on toward the Cities of Gold, their lust for gold gains a tighter and tighter grip upon them. At the beginning, Esteban marveled at the way the desire for gold had warped others, but later on, he ceases to care for others, and is willing to sacrifice whatever and whoever may come between him and the riches his soul so greedily craves.

The story is told from Esteban's prison cell. The chapters alternate with Esteban recalling his journey through South America, and his recording what is happening in the prison. He says his indictment is true; he did discover treasure, and he did not give the king his fifth. His prosecutors and jailor are not so much concerned with the king's fifth, however. They want to know where the treasure is, so they can find it.

Artist of the Reformation - The Story of Albrecht Durer

Author - Joyce McPherson
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 128 pages, Greenleaf Press


This biography focuses on Durer the man, rather than Durer the artist. The story starts with young Albrecht, a boy of seven, and follows him through his life, concluding shortly before his death. From the first page, we read of a warm family life, loving parents, wise lessons, and a deep and enduring faith passed down through the generations. The writing is so vivid that it is easy to find yourself in the scene, smelling the fresh grass that the artist is sketching, bumping along in a coach on rutted roads, or being jostled in a city crowd. This is a story of beauty and love in its highest form, of generosity, of enduring faith, and of God's provision. It is also a picture, vividly painted in words, of life during the time of the Reformation.

The Leonardo of the North was more than just a gifted artist. He was a writer, clever businessman, and an apt teacher of students. He did more than just create works of art for wealthy patrons, he also took advantage of the new technology of printing in order to bring his illustrations of the Bible to a wide audience of ordinary people. This book is filled with excerpts from Durer's own writings and is illustrated with 30 of his most famous pieces. At the death of Albrecht Durer, Martin Luther wrote, "It is natural and right to weep for so excellent a man."

The Hawk that Dare not Hunt by Day

Author - Scott O'Dell
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 184 pages, JourneyForth


Tom Barton and his Uncle Jack live on the edge of danger, smuggling goods under the very nose of the king's searchers. Shrewd, brave, desperate at times, they make run after run across the Channel, braving rough seas, heavy winds, and a growing restlessness among their countrymen. All Europe is aflame with the writing and preaching of Martin Luther.

Tom and his uncle come into contact with another man, William Tyndale, whose work and prayer is to put an English Bible into the hands of the common people. While Uncle Jack sees only the profit in a religious Reformation, it is Tom who sees in Tyndale's work the dawning of a new age and a new way of life for himself and England.

William Tyndale was the hawk that dare not hunt by day. Hunted, hated by many, a fugitive in several countries, this humble man's pen changed the course of history. For modern Christians, he is the symbol of scholarship and courage, determination and meekness. For Tom Barton, he was father and friend, teacher and comforter, and the first true testimony of Christ in a godless age.

In the Days of Queen Elizabeth

Author - Eva March Tappan
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 240 pages, Yesterday's Classics


This is the fascinating true story of the life of Queen Elizabeth, the famous English sovereign who guided England with incredible skill through the troubled waters of the latter half of the sixteenth century. It includes stories of English voyages of exploration and the defeat of the Spanish Armada, told in an engaging story-like manner. Each chapter brings to life the characters that surrounded Elizabeth, from her sister Mary and her brother Edward to her father Henry the VIII. It also brings to light the rise of England during tumultuous times when Spain ruled the sea. Elizabeth's life will be forever remembered by the stories, the cast of characters, and the intrigue that surrounded her reign. These are all joined together in this one engaging book. Suitable for ages 11 and up.

"Of all the sovereigns that have worn the crown of England, Queen Elizabeth is the most puzzling, the most fascinating, the most blindly praised, and the most unjustly blamed. To make lists of her faults and virtues is easy. One may say with little fear of contradiction that her intellect was magnificent and her vanity almost incredibly childish; that she was at one time the most outspoken of women, at another the most untruthful; that on one occasion she would manifest a dignity that was truly sovereign, while on another the rudeness of her manners was unworthy of even the age in which she lived. Sometimes she was the strongest of the strong, sometimes the weakest of the weak. At a distance of three hundred years it is not easy to balance these claims to censure and to admiration, but at least no one should forget that the little white hand of which she was so vain guided the ship of state with most consummate skill in its perilous passage through the troubled waters of the latter half of the sixteenth century."
Worcester, March, 1902

Voyage to Freedom

Author - David Gay
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 160 pages, Banner of Truth


This adventurous, historical narrative follows the nine week passage of the Pilgrims on the Mayflower through the eyes of an imaginary family. On board the ship Matthew and Martha Lovelace, with their children Justice and Prudence, encounter fascinating characters like Master Reynolds, John Howland, and William Butten (all of whom really took the Mayflower's historic voyage). Here is a three thousand mile adventure, written with a sensitive appreciation of how God cares for his people.

Robert Boyle - Trailblazer of Science

Author - John Hudson Tiner
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 181 pages, Mott Media


Robert Boyle lived a life of contrasts. He was born to one of the richest families on earth, but he chose to live a simple life. He became one of the greatest scientists of all time, but remained a shy, humble person. Despite his quiet nature, he worked forcefully and bravely against persecution and injustice.

Robert Boyle survived rebellions in Ireland, the English Civil War, the Black Death, the Great Fire, and political unrest. Yet, he succeeded in making many remarkable discoveries during those difficult times. Through it all Robert Boyle lived a devout Christian life, using his science to glorify God. Author John Hudson Tiner vividly describes the time in which Robert Boyle lived and the life of this important scientist in an unforgettable way. For ages 9 to 13

The World of William Penn

Author - Genevieve Foster
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 196 pages, Beautiful Feet Books


Continuing her unique approach to "horizontal history", Genevieve Foster explores the wide world of William Penn - a world reaching across the courtyards of the Sun King to the Great Wall of China. Penn's contemporaries included such colorful figures as Louis XIV, Peter the Great, Edmund Halley, Sir Isaac Newton, Shah Jahan (who built the Taj Mahal), and the great explorers Marquette, Jolliet, and La Salle. Penn's life spans a fascinating age of exploration and discovery. Penn's Quaker beliefs under girded his relationships with the Pennsylvanian tribes and established the longest standing peace treaty between American Indians and European settlers. This book is much smaller in size and in length than Genevieve Foster's other books, yet it retains the well-written story-like quality that makes her books enjoyable to read.


Boyhood and Beyond

Author - Bob Schultz
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 219 pages, Great Expectations Book Co.


Sow wise seeds of counsel in the still-soft soil of young hearts! Drawing from biblical insight and personal experience, Schultz offers your preteen and teenage boys reliable guidance on matters of authority, temptation, education, industry vs. sloth, leadership, overcoming fear, and more. Help future men make the most of boyhood---and begin training them for life. Boyhood and Beyond is a powerful guide to good behavior and godly character. Bob's clear story illustrations will help boys glean wisdom and common sense from each of the short chapters. It is written to the boy in short, easily understood segments, but it is definitely not little boyish. Each segment relates to something "real-life," so it speaks to boys right away. It gives them something to think about that will help them as they grow and face various situations in life. It gives practical illustrations, lessons, and Scripture to support the lessons. We've enjoyed using this with our sons.

From Boy To Man

Author - Keith & Sandi Queen
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 17 pages, Queen Homeschool Supplies


From Boy to Man: God's Plan for the Marvelous Changes that Will Take Place is a short black and white booklet for boys that is modestly and tactfully done. It explains all those things you need to talk about in a discreet way, as part of God's plan for boys as they grow up. It does not contain any imagination-provoking illustrations or descriptions. We have found this to be the best resource for discussing the changes taking place in a boy's body in a God-honoring way.

Beautiful Girlhood

Author - Karen Andreola
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 205 pages, Great Expectations


In the revised version by Karen Andreola, Godly wisdom and advice await a mother and daughter who will read through these pages together. This is the same book that was published in 1940 but has some minor language changes so the reader does not have such a hard time understanding it.

From the author Karen Andreola:

"There is a word of yesteryear seldom heard today. It is the word that represents what I desire my daughters to become. The word is "ladylike." So when I found the book Beautiful Girlhood, I was very happy. Reading Beautiful Girlhood brings back the charm and sentiment associated with this word. It was an old-fashioned book that held the ideals I believed in and only needed a little revision.

I read and contemplated its pages for my own edification. Among its topics - such as building character, strength in obedience, making friends with books, a sunny disposition, modest dress, a pure heart, and a consecrated life - are ideals any grown woman will find both convicting and comforting. When each daughter eventually approached the age of 12, I read its short chapters of gentle instruction aloud to her. It was our special time alone together.

Beautiful and noble possibilities are present in every girl for becoming a godly woman, for becoming ladylike. Encouragement and counsel await those who read Beautiful Girlhood. For the girl who reads this book, may your blossoming into womanhood, your example of sincerity, purity, and love, be a source of happiness for yourself and a star of hope to other girls." 205 pages, for ages 9-15.

The Companion Guide to Beautiful Girlhood

Author - Shelley Noonan and Kimberly Zach
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 133 pages, Pumpkin Seed Press


Build precious memories and strong character while guiding your daughter from Beautiful Girlhood to Winsome Womanhood. Make the most of the book Beautiful Girlhood with this study guide designed for moms and daughters to use together. Discussion questions for each of the 32 chapters help personalize the book's lessons as mom and daughter share memories, dreams, thoughts, and challenges. Bible Activities and Applications can be shared or done by daughters on their own. Journaling activities allow daughters to deepen the lesson with personal applications. Space for journaling is included in the book, but some might want to keep their writing separate in a more private journal. This combination of book and study guide is a lovely way to combine personal development with Bible study. --Cathy Duffy author of Christian Home Educators Curriculum Manual and Homeschool Reviewer

Perfect bound. 133 pages.

From Girl to Woman
Author - Sandi Queen
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 18 pages, Queen Homeschool Supplies


God's Plan for the Marvelous Changes that Will Take Place is outlined within the pages of this booklet for mothers and daughters to read together. After searching unsuccessfully for years for something other than the secular books that just "laid out the facts" in all their starkness, Sandi Queen penned this brief booklet. She shares that after much prayer, the Lord gave her this book, which explains puberty's changes as part of His plan for females. It does not contain any imagination-provoking illustrations or descriptions.

What is God's Design for My Body?

Author - Susan Horner
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 59 pages, Heart of Dakota Publishing


What Is God's Design for My Body, the third book in the Miracle of Creation series, explains in practical contemporary words, how a man and a woman enter into a marriage covenant. With respect for the young person's sense of modesty, consummation of marriage is explained using Biblical word pictures from the Song of Solomon. Abstinence is promoted and young married couples share why they are glad they waited until marriage.

Young teens are encouraged to develop new skills, discover their talents, and to make great choices that will catapult them forward to reach their goals. Past abuse is tactfully and briefly mentioned, and God's healing love is portrayed in an allegory. We searched a long time before choosing this resource for use with our own sons. We found this to be a God-honoring and Biblical way to share God's plan for consummation within the marriage covenant between a man and a woman. You must choose whether to add this title to your package or not.

The Bible Study in Stereo - Philippians 1

Author - TBSIS
Bibliographic Data - CD, 8 tracks


Students are scheduled to memorize Philippians 1, a little at a time each week, from the Scripture version of your choice. To help students memorize Philippians 1, add the corresponding audio for students to sing along with the Scripture. 7 songs in a variety of musical styles are included to provide a word-for-word memorizing tool for the NIV version of Philippians chapter 1. Each song fits well with the mood of the various parts of Philippians 1 and makes memorizing Scripture a joyful experience. The included music does include some drums and a variety of instruments. We found ourselves singing along with the music easily and enjoying the words of this beautiful chapter of the Bible. This memorizing tool corresponds well with the Bible study of Philippians that is scheduled within Resurrection to Reformation. Students who have completed the Creation to Christ guide will have the added benefit of already memorizing all of Philippians chapter 2 as well. Click on this link to listen to a clip:

Medieval History - Based Writing Lessons
2 Book Set: Fourth Edition - 2016
Medival History-Based Writing Lessons - Student Book only - $29.00
Author - Lori Verstegen
Bibliographic Data - Spiral Binding, 285 pages, Institute For Excellence in Writing


Give your knights and fair damsels a tour through the Medieval World as they work their way through the models and concepts taught within Medieval History-Based Writing Lessons. Checklists and instructions are given in two levels for both late elementary and junior high grades: perfect for simultaneously teaching students in grades 5-8. A "Teacher Tips" section provides helpful hints, samples, and notes to help teachers reinforce the concepts taught. The source material for the lessons is included within the guide and corresponds well with the time period studied within Resurrection to Reformation. Vocabulary cards with pictures are included to help kids remember definitions. Vocabulary quizzes are also included. The lessons will be divided over 35 weeks throughout Resurrection to Reformation, scheduling 3 sessions weekly lasting approximately 20 minutes each. Older students will have an additional, optional Day 4 and Day 5 option. While the publisher highly recommends completing either Teaching Writing: Structure and Style or Student Writing Intensive courses first, we have found that this particular guide is so well laid-out that it can be used without any previous Institute for Excellence in Writing experience. 285 pages plus vocabulary cards. Includes all teacher and student materials.

See inside the Medieval History-Based Writing Student Book

See inside the Medieval History-Based Writing Teacher Book