Preparing Hearts-packages

Preparing Hearts for His Glory

With the overwhelming number of subject areas to cover,
are you having a hard time deciding where to spend your precious teaching time?
As your child transitions into the middle elementary years,
are you wondering how to encourage independence in your child?

Easy To Use

Preparing Hearts for His Glory was written with the busy homeschool teacher in mind. It provides a way to do enjoyable activities, experiments, and notebooking without all of the usual planning and preparation required. Short, systematic lessons are also designed to coordinate with the readings from living books in order to cover needed skill areas. Simple daily plans are provided on each two-page spread. The subjects can be done in any order. These plans require little or no preparation and use only materials you're likely to have on hand. This guide is geared for students ages 8-10 with extensions provided for 5th and 6th graders.


Preparing Hearts for His Glory features 35 units with complete daily plans. Each unit lasts for 4 days, providing the 5th day of each week for you to use as you wish. The 4 day plan can also be stretched to cover 5 days if needed. These plans are meant to save you time planning, so you can spend your time teaching and enjoying your children. Activities are rotated daily, so you are able to cover many areas that are often neglected without lengthening your school day. These plans are designed to provide an academic, balanced approach to learning. Little preparation is required, and all of the skill areas are covered. Each day of plans is divided into the following 2 parts: "Learning Through History" and "Learning the Basics". Each segment of the plans is further designated as "Teacher Directed", "Semi-Independent", or "Independent". Dividing the plans in this manner is meant to help you in gradually moving your children toward more independent work.


Lesson plans are written so you can customize the program to suit your family's needs. A choice of resources is provided. Resources contained in the Economy Package are considered necessary. Resources in the Basic Package provide history read-aloud connections to the plans and are highly recommended, unless you need to economize. Resources under the "Choices" heading include choices that must be made to complete the program. Resources in the Deluxe and Extension Packages are available to customize the program even more by providing age-appropriate history readings that correspond well with the history portion of the plans.


The history part of the program provides a one-year overview of world history from creation to the late 1900's told in story form. This overview is designed to give students some "mental pegs" on which to hang information for the coming years when they will take an even more in-depth look at the various time periods. Biblical stories are interwoven with other stories from world history to show that the flow of history is really one continuous story. Students will be led to see that all of history belongs to God, and is actually "His" story. The areas listed below are linked with the history stories.

  • Corresponding History Read-Alouds
  • Oral Narration Practice
  • Written Narration Lessons
  • Oral Comprehension and Opinion Questions
  • Digging Deeper Biblical Applications
  • Geography Quick Finds
  • Timeline Entries
  • Vocabulary Study
  • Research Questions
  • Weekly History Projects
  • Copywork: Quotes, Verses, and Literature Passages
  • Corresponding Independent Literature Readings and Assignments
  • History Notebooking


The other subjects not directly linked to the history study include math and some parts of language arts and science. Overall, the science readings are designed to correspond loosely with the history study, instead of matching daily. The additional subject areas listed below are scheduled or referenced in the guide as well.

  • Classic Poetry from Robert Louis Stevenson: study, read, memorize & write poetry
  • Spelling: choice of two sets of dictation passages
  • Grammar Lessons using the Text Beginning Wisely: English 3 or Building with Diligence: English 4
  • Weekly Creative Writing Lessons
  • Literature Study using Drawn into the Heart of Reading
  • Math Exploration
  • Bible Study of Psalms
  • Bible Passage Memory Work of Psalms: with CD "Lead Me to the Rock"
  • Biographical and Living Book Science Readings
  • Weekly Science Experiments
  • Weekly Science Notebooking
  • Weekly Science Comprehension and Biblical Application Questions
  • Weekly Oral Science Narrations