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Self-study Deluxe History Package: for the Newly Independent Reader

5,000-Year-Old Puzzle: Solving a Mystery of Ancient Egypt (Hardcover 48 pages)

by Claudia Logan (Author), Melissa Sweet (Illustrator)
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR); First Edition edition (May 8, 2002)
Author: Edwards, Roberta

Description: When King Tut's tomb was discovered in Egypt in 1922, the world was abuzz. What would be the next big, newsworthy archaeological find? Might it be Giza 7000X, a secret Egyptian tomb buried deep within the earth? Claudia Logan and Melissa Sweet (with the cooperation of The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston) answer that question and ask a few more in The 5,000-Year-Old Puzzle, their truly splendid picture book for older readers. Readers follow a fictional family to Egypt in 1924 to an actual expedition led by Dr. George Reisner. Written in diary form from the perspective of young Will Hunt, who joins the expedition, the book is immediate and engaging, communicating the mystery and excitement of an archaeological dig like nothing we've seen.

The Trojan Horse: How the Greeks Won the War

Author: Little, Emily

Bibliographic Data: Trade Paperback, 48 Pages, Random House Children's Books, November 1988

Description: An ancient history lesson emerges from this account of the way the Greeks tricked the Trojans and rescued Helen of Troy. The book is well tailored to younger readers with careful explanations and short sentences. Drawings portray the story's main events. This is a nice supplement to units on ancient Greece.

Draw and Write Through History: Creation Through Jonah
Author: Carylee Gressman

Description: Take your students on an exciting journey through time as you draw and write your way from Creation all the way to Jonah, learning about the ark and animals on it, the Trojan horse, Egypt and the plagues, quail in the desert, David, the Olympics and more! Each drawing is broken down into steps, and each step is illustrated in full-color. Writing samples are written out in cursive for copywork. Pages are linked in the "Preparing Hearts for His Glory" guide to the history study. Ages 8-12. 62 pages, softcover.

The Young Christian's Introduction to the Bible
Author: Charles C. Ryrie

Description: This is an excellent introduction to the Bible for young Christians. Chapters included are: "What is the Bible?" "How did we get the Bible?" "Can I Really Understand the Bible?" "The Structure of the Bible." "The Order of Events in the Bible." "What Each Book of the Bible is all about." Each section is written in a way that the young reader can understand.

Title: Little Miriam of Galilee
Author: Edith Martin

Description: Through her window Miriam watched the bright yellow sun begin its climb into the blue dome of sky above Galilee. The quiet sea sparkled like a thousand diamonds. Beyond rose the rolling hills, and farther, the mountains. Tiny fishing boats sliced through the sparkles toward the harbor, their night of fishing done. Miriam could hear her brother coaxing the goats to stand still, so that he could milk them. Mother was singing softly as she set out the morning meal. And Father, Nahum, and Grandmother were discussing the day's plans. This was Miriam's home in Galilee, and everything was just right . . . until later that day, when Father explained that they might have to leave their home. Jachan had unfairly raised the taxes. Father had been depending on the wheat harvest to pay them. But with little rain, there was little wheat. "Jehovah will provide," said Father. Will He? Can we keep living in Galilee? Miriam wondered. It would take a miracle. A story rich with the life and culture of Bible times.

Leif the Lucky

Author: D'Aulaire, Ingri / D'Aulaire, Edgar P.
Bibliographic Data: Trade Paperback, 64 Pages, Beautiful Feet Books, January 1995

Description: A thousand years ago when the Vikings roamed the seas, there lived a man in Norway called Erik the Red. He was able and strong but his temper was wild, and after a fight he was banned from Norway. So he sailed to Iceland. There he built a farm, found a wife, and lived in peace for a while. But then he began to quarrel and fight again, and it wasn't long before he had to flee from Iceland, too. Now Erik sailed off into the unknown sea toward the setting sun, and there behind a wall of ice he found a new land... Erik the Red had three sons. The one was called Torstein, the second Torvald, and the third was called Leif. And this is the story of Leif, Erik's son, who sailed with his father to Greenland, and who later sailed still farther west and found there the continent of America. Originally published in 1941, this oversized book is beautifully illustrated.

The Minstrel in the Tower

Author: Skurzynski, Gloria
Bibliographic Data: Trade Paperback, 64 Pages, Random House Children's Books, 2004

Description: In this gripping medieval page-turner, Alice and Roger search for their uncle after their father has been killed in the Crusades. The children are kidnapped and held for ransom in an ancient tower. To escape and find their uncle, the children must summon all their courage and imagination. "Designed as easy-reading material for middle-graders, this has the virtues of an attractive format and illustrations, a and a fast plot.

Pedro's Journal

Author: Conrad, Pam
Bibliographic Data: Trade Paperback, 96 Pages, Scholastic, Incorporated,1992

Description: Written in a diary format, this mesmerizing tale brings to life the story of Columbus' voyage, as seen through the eyes of a young boy.

William Shakespeare and the Globe

Author: Aliki
Bibliographic Data: Trade Paperback, 48 Pages, HarperCollins Publishers, August 2000

Description: William Shakespeare was perhaps the greatest English playwright ever. Take a tour of Shakespeare's life and times, through the crowded streets of sixteenth-century London to the boisterous Globe theater and other playhouses where his work flourished. Then follow Shakespeare's legacy to the present day and to the Globe's glorious reopening and its 400th anniversary. Learn, step-by-step, how the theater was reconstructed using the same methods builders used to construct the original Globe.

Peter the Great

Author: Stanley, Diane
Bibliographic Data: Hardcover, 32 Pages, HarperCollins Publishers, August 1999

Description: This well-researched picture book biography of Peter the Great, Tsar of Russia (1672-1725) begins with his childhood surrounded by servants, trained monkeys, and dancing bears, moves on to his youthful fascination with ships and the culture of Europe, and concludes with his transformation of Russia into a European country and his building of the city of St. Petersburg before his death at the relatively young age of 53. The accompanying paintings display wonderfully detailed interiors, architectural details, and clothing. Peter's insatiable curiosity and energy are emphasized, although the cost of his ruthlessness is not glossed over.

Mozart the Wonder Boy

Author: Wheeler, Opal / Deucher, Sybil
Bibliographic Data: Trade Paperback, 128 Pages, Zeezok Publishing, April 2005

Description:Children's Literature Review: The authors have written a number of books chronicling the lives of famous musicians and composers. The books also include pages of music which the young student is encouraged to play. The writers bring their subjects to life with interesting scenes from childhood and a style that avoids the dryness of so many biographies written for young readers. This book offers a clear, simple, upbeat story of Mozart's seemingly charmed childhood and his musical genius. He was truly a "wonder boy," and his musical abilities were apparent at the tender age of three. He traveled to play in the concert halls of Europe and for royalty as well, but he was always composing.

Bach/Mozart Companion CD

Description: This enhanced CD provides audio files of all the music from Wheeler & Deucher`s classic books on Bach and Mozart, so that you can hear a sample of the composers` works that are contained in these books. (DOES NOT INCLUDE COMPLETE WORKS ONLY THE MUSIC THAT IS IN THE BOOKS) In addition, all the music contained in the books can be printed as sheet music from this enhanced CD. Moreover, printable coloring pages for each chapter of Sebastian Bach, The Boy of Thuringia and Mozart, The Wonder Boy are provided. Geared for a variety of learners - auditory, kinesthetic, visual, and just plain "active" - it`s an excellent supplement to your reading experience.

The Little Riders

Bibliographic Data: Trade Paperback, 80 Pages, HarperCollins Publishers, April 1993
Author: Shemin, Margaretha

Description: "Take care of the little riders, " says Johanna's father to the 11-year-old when he leaves her with his parents in their Dutch village. Johanna loves the 12 metal figures on horseback who ride forth when the clock in the church tower strikes each hour. And one night she risks her life to protect them. Set during WWII when the German army occupied Holland, The Little Riders is an exciting, moving adventure story.

Basic Package: Read-Alouds that correspond with the history study

The True Story of Noah's Ark (with CD)
Bibliographic Data: Hardcover, 72 Pages, Master Books, September 2003
Author: Dooley, Tom

Description: This book is the thrilling adventure of Noah comes to life through the dazzling, detailed illustrations and the exciting True Story of Noah's Ark. The images of the interior of Noah's ark are like nothing you've ever seen before. The people and cities depicted here are certainly more advanced than what you've been led to believe. These people weren't cavemen! They invented metals and musical instruments; they were skilled craftsmen; they built grand cities all BEFORE the Flood. And this is not fiction it's all biblically and historically based.

Bibliographic Data: Hardcover, 160 Pages, Herald Press, April 1991
Author: Travis, Lucille

Description: Twelve-year-old Tirzah and her family are slaves in Egypt. Pharaoh forces them to make mud bricks without straw, so Tirzah cuts grass for her father and older brother to use. The police crack their cruel whips to make them work harder. If only Tirzah's people could escape. If only Moses could persuade Pharaoh to let them go. Surely Yahweh, the Lord God, will hear their prayers to leave Egypt for a better life somewhere else, they hope.

Classic Treasury of Aesop's Fables
Bibliographic Data: Hardcover, 54 Pages, Running Press Book Publishers, 2007
Author: Daily, Don

Description: In The Classic Treasury of Aesop's Fables, there are twenty tales, each told through a series of lush, colorful pictures, which end with the simple moral, evoked in a single sentence. Children will love to see what befalls Aesop's cast of creatures that includes dogs, mice, and lions, proving that no one is too big or small to learn a thing or two.

Triumph for Flavius
Bibliographic Data: Trade Paperback, 87 Pages, American Home-School Publishing, LLC, July 2004
Author: Snedeker, Caroline Dale

Description: Here is a touching story of a young Roman boy, Flavius, and his developing compassion for his captured Greek slave Ariphron. Ariphron was given to Flavius by his father, General Lucius Mummius, at the time of Mummius' public Triumph for his victories in Greece and Corinth. You will learn a great deal about Roman culture observing Flavius' relationship with his family among the sights and sounds of Rome. Drama, personal development, tragedy, hope, compassion, triumph - this story has it all in a form easily understood by the young reader. This book is a wonderful introduction to the study of classical Rome and Greece. Bring this culture to life - don't just teach language, emperors, wars and dates.

Fountain of Life
By: Rebecca Martin
Christian Light Publications / 2001 / Paperback
Number of Pages: 198
Vendor: Christian Light Publications

Description: Eli had heard about Jesus' profound teachings and amazing miracles, but he had never seen Jesus. The more he heard, the more he was awed by this man. Was Jesus the Messiah who would deliver the Jews from Rome's oppression? Could he heal Eli's crippled father? How Eli longed to meet Jesus! But he soon learned his admiration was not shared by all. Even some of his own family hated Jesus bitterly. Eli never did see Jesus on earth, But long after the dark days of the cross and the tomb, Eli discovered something even more wonderful-that Jesus could be found anywhere, any time, by anyone open to receive Him. Set in New Testament times and including a wealth of information about Jewish life and customs, this is an inspiring story of blossoming faith, seeking and finding the truth, and drinking deeply at the Fountain of Life.

Viking Quest I: Raiders from the Sea
Bibliographic Data: Trade Paperback, 208 Pages, Moody Publishers, August 2003
Author: Johnson, Lois Walfrid

Description: In one harrowing day, Viking raiders capture Bree and her brother Devin and take them from their home in Ireland. After the young Viking prince Mikkel sets Devin free on the Irish coast far from home, Bree and Devin embark on separate journeys to courage. Readers will be captivated by the unfolding drama as Bree sails to Norway on the Viking ship and Devin travels the dangerous road home. They both must trust their all-powerful God in the midst of difficult situations.

The Door in the Wall
Author: Marguerite De Angeli
Format: Paperback, 128 pages
Publisher: Laurel Leaf

Pub Date: August 10, 1998

Description: Ever since he can remember, Robin has been told what is expected of him as the son of a nobleman: he must become a knight. But Robin's destiny is changed forever when he falls ill and loses the use of his legs.

Wonderful Winter
Bibliographic Data: Hardcover, 256 Pages, Green Mansion Press LLC, October 2002
Author: Chute, Marchette

Description: The year is 1597 and, more than anything else in the world, Sir Robert Wakefield wants a companion. Life can be awfully lonely for an orphan boy living with three strict and disagreeable aunts. When a lost puppy turns up one day, Robin is determined to keep him. And when his equally determined Aunt Isabella refuses, Robin runs away from home, puppy in hand. Little does Robin know, as he makes his way to London, the wonderful winter in store for him there. It is wonderful to have this classic book back in print.

The Family under the Bridge
Bibliographic Data: Trade Paperback, 112 Pages, HarperTrophy, February 1989
Author: Carlson, Natalie Savage

Description: This is the delightfully warm and enjoyable story of an old Parisian named Armand, who relished his solitary life. Children, he said, were like starlings, and one was better off without them. But the children who lived under the bridge recognized a true friend when they met one, even if the friend seemed a trifle unwilling at the start. And it did not take Armand very long to realize that he had gotten himself ready-made family; one that he loved with all his heart, and one for whom he would have to find a better home than the bridge.

Twenty and Ten
Bibliographic Data: Trade Paperback, 96 Pages, Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated, March 1978
Author: Bishop, Claire Huchet / Joly, Janet

Description: During the Nazi occupation of France, twenty ordinary French kids in a boarding school agree to hide ten Jewish children Then German soldiers arrive. Will the children be able to withstand the interrogation and harassment? Twenty and Ten is based on a true story -- one of many similar incidents that took place all over Europe during World War II. It is a book that has much to say to children of any age.

Self-study History Extension Package for the Very Independent Reader

Uncovering the Mysterious Woolly Mammoth: Life at the End of the Great Ice Age by Michael Oard
Hardcover, 2007

Description: Woolly Mammoths have fascinated adults and children alike for decades. How did so many get preserved in ice, why did they go extinct, and how did they live? These are questions that many have asked, and the answers given are usually in line with an evolutionary world view. But is this the only answer? Is there a better explanation for the evidences found in he remains of these unique creatures? What is a believer in the young age of the earth to do when confronted with these qustions? Author Mike Oard gives answers to these questions for young readers. He also gives fascinating facts about these hairy, elephant like creatures in this sequel to Life in the Great Ice Age.

Usborne Internet-Linked Ancient World Encyclopedia
Bibliographic Data: Trade Paperback, 96 Pages, Revised, EDC Publishing, 2004
Author: Chandler, Fiona

Description: From the first farmers to the fall of Rome, from enormous empires to humble homes, this lavishly illustrated book is packed with fascinating facts about the ancient world. Follow the rise and fall of great civilizations across the globe and explore everyday life for ancient people. Find out how an Egyptian mummy was made, when the Great Wall of China was built and why Celtic warriors painted themselves blue. o Ages: 8 years and up o Size of book: 8 1/2 x 10 7/8 inches o Pages: 96

Aesop's Fables
Bibliographic Data: Trade Paperback, 80 Pages, 1963 Scholastic, Incorporated, November 1990
Author: Ann McGovern

Description: This collection of stories attributed to a Greek slave named Aesop contains 67 tales. Each one illustrates the failings and virtues of human nature in a simple, humorous way and ends with a proverb that teaches a moral.

The Bronze Bow
Author: Elizabeth George Speare
Bibliographic Data: Trade Paperback, 256 Pages, Houghton Mifflin Company Trade & Reference Divisio, September 1997

Description: Set in Galilee in the time of Jesus, this story tells of a young Jewish rebel who is won over to the gentle teachings of Jesus. "A dramatic, deeply felt narrative whose characters and message will long be remembered."

Beorn the Proud
Author: Polland, Madeleine A.

Description: Beorn, a pagan Viking from Denmark, becomes a better ruler as a result of the influence of Ness, a Christian girl he took from Ireland as his slave.

Adam of the Road
Bibliographic Data: Trade Paperback, 320 Pages, Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated, November 1987
Author: Gray, Elizabeth J.

Description: The adventures of eleven-year-old Adam as he travels the open roads of thirteenth-century England searching for his missing father, a minstrel, and his stolen red spaniel, Nick. Winner of the Newbery Medal 1943.

Who Was Marco Polo?
Author: Joan Holub

Description: Marco Polo was seventeen when he set out for China ... and forty-one when he came back! More than seven hundred years ago, Marco Polo traveled from the medieval city of Venice to the fabled kingdom of the great Kublai Khan, seeing new sights and riches that no Westerner had ever before witnessed. But did Marco Polo experience the things he wrote about ... or was it all made-up? Readers are presented with the facts in this entertaining, highly readable Who Was Marco Polo. Biography with black-and-white artwork by John O'Brien.

Shakespeare Stealer
Bibliographic Data: Trade Paperback, 224 Pages, Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated, July 2000
Author: Blackwood, Gary L.

Description: Widge is an orphan with a rare talent for shorthand. His fearsome master has just one demand: steal Shakespeare's play "Hamlet"--or else. Widge has no choice but to follow orders, so he works his way into the heart of the Globe Theatre, where Shakespeare's players perform. Once at the Globe Theatre, Widge makes friends with some of the actors and, for the first time in his life, experiences a sense of family. Widge now has a new problem: How can he fulfill his task of stealing the play for his master and not betray his friends? As full of twists and turns as a London alleyway, this entertaining novel is rich in period details, colorful characters, villainy, and drama.

Louis Pasteur: Founder of Modern Medicine
Author: John Hudson Tiner

Description: If you listed the top ten scientists of all time, you would include Louis Pasteur near the top of the list. Yet, this great man was very religious, a Christian. Many times, he stated his belief that spiritual and religious values go beyond scientific knowledge. Learn about Pasteur's early life as the son of an obscure country tanner. Experience his years of struggle as an unknown scientist and enjoy his triumph as one of the world's most celebrated heroes.

Journey to America
Bibliographic Data: Trade Paperback, 160 Pages, 02 Edition, Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing, April 1987
Author: Levitin, Sonia

Description: It was 1938, and something terrible was happening in Germany. Suddenly, there were more and more restrictions for Jews: yellow starts they had to wear, schools they could not attend, things they were forbidden to do. The Nazis were in power, and Lisa Platt was scared. Her father knew they had to escape, and he left for America in the middle of the night. He promised to send for Lisa, her mother, and her two sisters when there was enough money. Until then, they were to live in Switzerland. And so they did, waiting, in hardship none of them could ever have imagined.

Economy Package with Science

One Small Square: Arctic Tundra
Bibliographic Data: Trade Paperback, 48 Pages, McGraw-Hill Companies, The, September 1997
Author: Silver, Donald M. / Wynne, Patricia J.

Description: It's a land riddled with mysteries and puzzles. A land where a winter night lasts three weeks, where the ground is icy on the warmest of days, and where curtains of colored light hang in the winter sky, clinging to nothing at all. Beneath this magical heaven, bears and hares and howling wolves and hungry foxes roam the frozen earth, while ancient trees a century old strain to grow beyond a foot high. You may never visit this dangerously cold habitat. But now, the strange and wonderful Arctic tundra is brrrrrrought to you--one small square at a time. Arctic Tundra is just one of the exciting, vibrantly illustrated volumes in the critically acclaimed One Small Square series of science and nature books. These beautiful and scientifically accurate books capture your imagination with the excitement of observing nature and learning to interpret what you see.

One Small Square: Cactus Desert
Bibliographic Data: Trade Paperback, 48 Pages, McGraw-Hill Companies, The, September 1997

Description: You'll want to try to keep cool in cactus country because the desert gets hot--whew!--really hot. With the sun blazing down from a cloudless sky, you'd think nothing could survive. But watch out, a rattlesnake, scorpion, or tarantula might be near. And beware a little beetle that shoots a foul-smelling spray--while it stands on its head! At any moment, a roadrunner might whiz by, a lizard might pop up, or a tortoise might stick out its head. And always, silently, the yucca and mesquite spread their thirsty roots to find a drink of water. It's not the easiest life on the baking earth, but it's so fascinating to visit the desert--one small square at a time. Cactus Desert is just one of the exciting, vibrantly illustrated volumes in the critically acclaimed One Small Square series of science and nature books. The combination of humorous, scientifically grounded text with detailed, realistic drawings will pique the interest of armchair naturalists and active explorers alike.

The Great Dinosaur Mystery & the Bible
Bibliographic Data: Hardcover, 62 Pages, Revised, Cook, David C. Publishing Company, January 2005
Author: Taylor, Paul S.

Description: Children (and adults!) often have a big problem understanding how dinosaurs fit with Creation and the Bible. Yet the mystery about dinosaurs is easy to solve with the help of God's Word. This best-selling Christian dinosaur book presents these "mysterious" creatures as a part of God's wonderful creation and uses them to introduce important Biblical concepts concerning Creation, the nature of God, Man's fall to sin, Noah's Flood, Christ's redemption, and God's plan for the restoration of paradise. Many recent dinosaur discoveries are revealed. This book is lavishly illustrated with color illustrations throughout.

Find the Constellations
Bibliographic Data: Trade Paperback, 80 Pages, Revised, Houghton Mifflin Company Trade & Reference Division, March 1976
Author: Rey, H. A.

Description: A delightfully illustrated, informative beginner's guide to locating and identifying constellations in the northern hemisphere, with an extensive index, glossary, and time table for sky viewing. This is a wonderful book for an individual or family to own that has stood the test of time.

One Small Square: Coral Reef
Bibliographic Data: Trade Paperback, 48 Pages, McGraw-Hill Companies, The, September 1997
Author: Silver, Donald M. / Wynne, Patricia J.

Description: Dive into a clear, quiet, watery world where tiny coral animals build one of the wonders of the world--a rock-hard coral reef. A flashlightfish (no batteries included) glows and countless tentacles sway back and forth in search of food. This colorful, action-packed undersea circus will thrill you with snapping jaws, squirting ink, shooting darts, and hungry sharks devouring their prey. But you're safe--and dry, too--when you explore the greatest reef of them all--one small square at a time. Coral Reef is just one of the exciting, vibrantly illustrated volumes in the critically acclaimed One Small Square series of science and nature books. One Small Square--an eye-opening series--puts the whole world in perspective for children, one small square at a time. This is science education at its best.

Bibliographic Data: Trade Paperback, 57 Pages, Beautiful Feet Books, September 1996
Author: D'Aulaire, Ingri / D'Aulaire, Edgar Parin

Description: In "Columbus," young readers will be swept up in the adventurous story of a man in quest of the treasures of the East. Not knowing what to expect on every turn, Columbus fearlessly sailed on across the Atlantic at a time when "civilized" people believed the world was flat. He and his brave team of sailors soon discovered many islands, people, and animals and opened up a strange new world. The beautiful illustrations enhance this fascinating tale of one of the world's most famous explorers.

Who Was Leonardo Da Vinci?
Bibliographic Data: Trade Paperback, 112 Pages, Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated, September 2005
Author: Edwards, Roberta

Description: Who was Leonardo da Vinci?
- A lonely little boy?
- A houseguest of the King of France?
- An inventor, musician, engineer, scientist, and painter of the world-famous Mona Lisa?
ALL OF THE ABOVE! This entertaining biography acquaints readers with young Leonardo. Its engaging narrative draws the reader into Leonardo's life as he grows up and puts his many talents to use in inventive ways. Step back into the time when kings ruled countries and daVinci became a master.

Pasteur's Fight Against Microbes
Bibliographic Data: Trade Paperback, 48 Pages, Barron's Educational Series, Incorporated, August 1996
Author: Birch, Beverley / Birmingham, Christian

Description: This is the exciting true story of a man who helped save millions of lives. Because of his work, the diseases that had killed people for centuries were finally defeated. His imagination, patience, and clear thinking have transformed our world forever.

Albert Einstein: Young Thinker, Childhood of Famous Americans
Bibliographic Data: Paperback, 192 Pages, Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing, October 1986
Author: Hammontree, Marie

Description: All children know who Albert Einstein grew up to be--but what was he like as a child? This book presents the early life of the German-born physicist whose theory of relativity revolutionized scientific thinking. It shares personal stories from his childhood and teenage years that will inspire young readers to think "outside the box" along with Einstein.


Preparing Hearts for His Glory: Teacher's Guide
By Carrie Austin

Description: A learning program for ages 8-10 with extensions for ages 11-12

A Child's History of the World
by Virgil M. Hillyer
439 pages

Description: One of the finest history books for children, this well-loved Hillyer classic features stories of world history from creation through the 20th century, inspiring an appreciation of how events relate to one another. Told in a highly-engaging, narrative style, Hillyer is best as a read-aloud. This one-year history overview will help to provide a foundation for future history studies.

Our own children have loved listening to A Child's History of the World, and we hope yours will too! Though it can take several read-aloud sessions to get used to Hillyer's style, we feel your children will eventually be drawn in by this whirlwind tour through history just as ours were.

Why was A Child's History of the World chosen for use in Preparing Hearts for His Glory?

We chose to use Hillyer's A Child's History of the World because it is unmatched in its grandfatherly, story-telling style of conveying an overview of world history to children. We looked carefully at all of the alternatives currently available and felt that Hillyer's 1920's retelling has not been secularized like the many other texts available. It still contains Biblical history naturally interwoven with world history and tells the history of the Jews interwoven with the rest of world history. Hillyer tells about the tower of Babel, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, the Exodus, Samuel, Saul, Solomon, and Jesus.

We do choose to omit the first 3 chapters of Hillyer, which requires some explanation. In Chapter I, while Hillyer gives an evolutionary sounding view of how the world was created, he does show that he believed in God as the creator, when on p. 5 he says," ...before this, there was a time when there was NO WORLD AT ALL! Only the stars, and God, who made the stars."

It is important to remember that many Christians during Hillyer's time believed that evolution was a new scientific way of explaining the Bible. He also characterizes the worship of other gods in the following way: "The Greeks believed in many gods, not in one God, as we do, and as the Jews do." "Their gods were more like people in fairy tales than like divine beings." This gives us the idea that when Hillyer says "we", he means Christians, and he is grouping himself there. That is Hillyer's point of view throughout his writing (although he does not come right out and say that Jesus is the Son of God).

We omit Chapters 2 and 3, because Hillyer gives the Stone Age view of cave man, complete with grunting. Yet, he points out the obvious difference between man and animals in saying that man had "better brains" and could "think". This was one way of reconciling the evidence of cave men with the Biblical account. In place of these chapters, we include resources such as The True Story of Noah's Ark, Life in the Great Ice Age, and Grandpa's Box that coincide better with the Biblical account and show that man was made in God's image and so was very intelligent from the beginning.

Almost all of the other events Hillyer records are a part of historical record, so there is no need to question his overall accuracy. Throughout his presentation of history, you'll find Hillyer continues to acknowledge God and is always respectful of Christianity. In screening literature, it is important to remember that there is only one truly infallible book and that is the Bible. All others require a discerning mind as you read.

You might even choose to read and discuss Hillyer's opening chapters alongside our scheduled resources, if you wish to point out differences in world-views, keeping in mind the goal of the program is to be Preparing Hearts for His Glory.

Grandpa's Box: Retelling the Biblical Story of Redemption
Bibliographic Data: Trade Paperback, 286 Pages, P & R Publishing, September 2005
Author: Meade, Starr

Description: Grandpa's Box uses stories from the Bible to take children to a deeper understanding of God's plan of redemption, as told throughout all of Scripture. See how Grandpa's special box of wooden carvings illustrates the wonderful stories of the Bible. Grandpa uses objects he's made or collected to help Amy and Marc understand the story of redemption. Each story emphasizes what we learn about God, not just what we learn about individual characters in the Bible. 42 chapters take readers from Genesis to Revelation. This is an excellent complement to A Child's History of the World for integrating Biblical history along with world history.

Life in the Great Ice Age
Bibliographic Data: Hardcover, 72 Pages, Master Books, September 1996
Author: Oard, Michael / Oard, Beverly

Description: Learn the biblical history of the world as you find yourself transported back in time. Discover what life would have been like during the Ice Age and find out the scientific reasons for this puzzling period of time.

Hero Tales: A Family Treasury of True Stories Form the Lives of Christian Heroes
Bibliographic Data: Paperback, 190 Pages, Bethany House Publishers, 1996

Description: Drawn from the lives of fifteen key Christian heroes, Hero Tales is a beautifully illustrated treasury of forty-five exciting and educational readings designed to help foster Christian character qualities in families with elementary-age children. This inspiring collection presents a short biography and three true stories for each hero, including:

Whether read together at family devotions or alone, Hero Tales is an ideal way to acquaint children ages six to twelve with historically important Christians while imparting valuable lessons.