Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory uses American Pioneers and Patriots, Stories of the Pilgrims, and Boys and Girls of Colonial Days to give a chronological overview of early American history from 1565-1860. God's plan throughout history is emphasized. A weekly Bible story wraps up each unit by focusing on an example of Godly character that corresponds with the history stories. These stories provide the focus for the "Learning Through History" part of the daily plans.

American Pioneers and Patriots

(Taken from the foreword of the book)

The stories that follow will present young students with a uniquely rewarding study of early American history and culture. Young people will be exposed to more than a dry, narrow study of major political and military events from the annals of our country's history. They will learn about the growth and development of the United States from the perspective of those who lived through this time.

This book is made up of stories about boys and girls who lived in different places and times in our country. They are exciting stories. It is important, however, to remember that these fictional stories represent real boys and girls who lived during this time in history.

It is just as important for young people to be effective today, as they were in early America. The more we know, the more useful we can be. The more we learn, the more we can help make our country a better place in which to live. These stories help children to understand that God's gifts of faith, courage, and determination are what transformed our early pioneers into patriots.

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Stories of the Pilgrims

(Taken from the foreword of the book)

The story of the Pilgrims has delighted youngsters for several generations. It is the inspiring story of how God raised up a tiny band of faithful Christians to establish Biblical Christianity in the New World.

This story helps children to see that faith in God enabled common people like the Pilgrims to triumph over persecution, hunger, and numerous hardships. Children also gain a great deal of knowledge, regarding how youngsters lived during the early and mid 1600's.

Far too many young people in America today are being sheltered from the truth that our nation was originally founded upon the rock of Christian faith. It is the hope of the publisher that this reading text will, in some small way, help to provide the children of America with an understanding of our nation's rich Christian heritage.

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Boys and Girls of Colonial Days

(Taken from the foreword of the book)

Many young people in America today have very little idea of what life was like during the colonial period. This reader is designed to provide youngsters with a better understanding of how the events and personalities of colonial America affected the lives of young people who lived during this time in history.

It is the hope of the publishers that this book will help to give children a fuller appreciation for the spirit of determination that young people had during the colonial period to support the cause of liberty. Indeed, if liberty is to survive and prosper in our beloved land, the children of America will need to be properly trained to understand and value the blessings of freedom and liberty. It is impossible for the holy light of freedom to burn out as long as it shines brightly in the hearts of a nation's youth.

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