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Creation to Christ - Basic Package Option 1: History Interest Set

Choose one or more of the following Basic Package options to read aloud for the Storytime part of the plans: History Interest, Boy Interest, or Girl Interest. If you desire to read aloud books that coordinate with the historical time period being studied, you will want to choose the History Interest Set. 6th and 7th graders should either listen to the History Interest Set read aloud, or read the Extension Pack books (as scheduled in the Appendix), or do both of these options to extend their learning. In keeping with the ancient time period, the History Interest Set does contain some violent content. If you wish to avoid this, choose the Boy Interest or Girl Interest Set instead.

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Dinosaurs of Eden
ISBN - 0890513406
List Price - $13.99
Author - Ken Ham
Bibliographic Data - Hardcover, 64 pages, Master Books, 2001

Description: Dinosaurs of Eden follows two teenagers traveling through time discovering facts about dinosaurs in many eras. Who were the dinosaurs? Are they mentioned in the Bible? How long ago did they live? What did they eat? Did they ever share the earth with mankind . . . and are any of these "terrible lizards" still living today? Ken Ham provides answers to these and other questions in his fascinating, lavishly illustrated resource. On their journey, the teens also witness the fall of man, discover the need for a Savior, and travel into the future to see the judgment. Scripture and historical information are intertwined to present a factual account of history from the creation to the judgment by way of salvation through Jesus Christ.
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The Golden Bull
ISBN - 9781580891813
List Price - $15.95
Author -Marjorie Cowley
Bibliographic Data - Hardcover, 206 pages, Charlesbridge Publishing, 2008

Description: In ancient Mesopotamia during a terrible drought, Jomar and Zefa's father must send his children away to the city of Ur because he can no longer feed them. At fourteen, Jomar is old enough to apprentice with Sidah, a master goldsmith for the temple of the moongod, but there is no place for Zefa in Sidah's household. Zefa, a talented but untrained musician, is forced to play her music and sing for alms on the streets of Ur. Author Marjorie Cowley vividly imagines life in ancient Ur, along with the harsh struggle for survival in ancient Mesopotamia.
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Boy of the Pyramids: A Mystery of Ancient Egypt
List Price - $13.95
Author - Ruth Fosdick Jones
Bibliography Data - Paperback, 122 pages

Description: At any time and in any place, when there is a mystery to be solved, a ten-year-old boy will want to have a hand in it. So it was with Kaffe, an Egyptian boy of long ago. With his friend Sari, a slave-girl, Kaffe had many adventures-the harvest feast, the fight of the bulls, the flood. Then came the mystery of the pyramid's missing jewels and a dark night when Kaffe, his father, and Sari set out to catch the thief.

Gentle, Yet Exciting, Mystery-No murders or mummy stories here. Readers are eased into the mystery of the missing jewels with some clues and characters among the first chapters, then the excitement builds as they set out to catch the thief.

Appropriate-Deals with some of the potentially sordid details of this ancient culture in a manner totally appropriate for children. It mentions some of the Egyptian gods and beliefs about death as part of the story, but does not dwell on them or sensationalize them.

Comprehensive-Masterfully weaves many aspects of Ancient Egypt into the story line: homes, meals, feasts, slaves, architecture, Nile River, transportation, trades, geography, climate, clothing, social classes, temple, palace, pharaoh, entertainment, annual flood, agriculture, shadufs, currency, pyramids, tomb robbers, neighboring cultures, farming, and more!
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Jashub's Journal: An Old Testament Law Story
ISBN - None
List Price - $15.95
Author - Rebekah Shafer, Ruth Shafer, Sonya Shafer
Bibliographic Data - Spiral Bound, 112 pages, Simply Charlotte Mason, 2006

Description: Make the Old Testament Law come alive! Jashub's Journal: An Old Testament Law Story, is a living book about God's wise laws given in Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers. Join Jashub and his family and friends as they settle into an abandoned Canaanite village during the final days of Joshua and learn to resolve their everyday disputes and situations according to God's good Law. The included Bible Study adds another dimension as it pauses the story, directs the student to applicable Bible passages, and challenges him to determine what God's Law says the townspeople should do in the given situations. The student then returns to the Jashub's Journal story to check his answers.
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God King: A Story in the Days of King Hezekiah
ISBN - 9781883937737
List Price - $13.95
Author - Joanne Williamson
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 207 pages, Bethlehem Books, 2002

Description: A never-before published tale by the author of the best-selling Hittite Warrior, carries the reader back to Ancient Egypt and to the biblical Jerusalem. Around 701 B.C. Egypt is being ruled by the Kushite dynasty. Young Prince Taharka, a very minor royal son, succeeds unexpectedly to the throne of Kush and Egypt - a "divine" rulership. He begins to find his way...until a treacherous plot pushes him into sudden exile and into the hands of Amos, an emissary of King Hezekiah seeking help for Judea from the Egyptians against the Assyrians. Far from home, near Jerusalem, and found out in his disguise as a medical assistant, Taharka encounters two kings in conflict. One is the mighty Assyrian, Sennacherib, promising alliance; the other is Hezekiah, the Jew who trusts in Yahweh. Taharka must choose with whom to live or die. This novel is inspired by research on the historical King Taharka and his period. In keeping with the ancient time period, there is some violent content in this book. King Taharka is also called "god" by the Egyptians throughout the story, as Egyptians believed that Pharaoh was a god.
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Archimedes and the Door of Science
ISBN - 1883937124
List Price - $13.95
Author - Jeanne Bendick
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 135 pages, Bethlehem Books, 1995

Description: Imagine a biography, a study of mathematical and scientific concepts, and an overview of the culture of ancient Greece - all rolled into one! Students will love listening to this personal account of Archimedes---one of the greatest minds of the ancient world. They'll discover, like Archimedes, the excitement of ideas and learning! This captivating book tells the story of Archimedes life AND gives vivid imagery to his accomplishments using simple, effective text and delightful line-drawn illustrations.
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ISBN - 0688154808
List Price - $7.99
Author - Diane Stanley & Peter Vennema
Bibliographic Data - Softcover, 48 pages, HarperTrophy, 1997

Description: "It is traditionally believed that Cleopatra dazzled Caesar with her great beauty. Instead, it was the power of her intelligence and personality that drew him to her." In this lively, well-crafted biography, Stanley and Vennema brush the cobwebs from the popularly held portrait of Cleopatra to reveal a vital, warm, and politically adroit ruler. Lucid writing combines with carefully selected anecdotes, often attributed to the Greek historian Plutarch, to create an engaging narrative. The young queen's marriage to her brother Ptolemy XIII is placed in the context of practices of the rulers of the day. A "Note on Ancient Sources" and a map precede the text; an epilogue, pronunciation guide, and a brief bibliography are appended. Stanley's stunning, full-color artwork is arresting in its large, well-composed images executed in flat Greek style. The palette is as rich and sumptuous as the court at Alexandria. The figures of Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, and Mark Antony stride powerfully across scenes of Egypt and the Roman Empire. Cleopatra emerges as a savvy, astute, and complex leader who followed both her heart and mind.
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City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction
ISBN - 9780395349229
List Price - $10.99
Author - David Macaulay
Bibliographic Data - Softcover, 112 pages, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1983

Description: In this book, David Macaulay expertly describes and illustrates the construction of the imaginary Roman city of Verbonia. It is based on hundreds of real Roman cities built between 300 B.C. and A.D. 150. A multitude of black-and-white line drawings illustrate the story of Roman urban planners as they design and construct a new city on the Roman empire's frontier. Every stage is explained thoroughly using text, illustrations and charts, from developing a master plan through construction. Tools are explained, cross-sections are used to good effect and specific projects such as a house, a road, a bridge and aqueduct, the forum and central market, public baths, the sewer system and an amphitheater and theater are represented. This a terrific book for learning about Roman cities in this time period and for studying the way the cities were put together to provide for all the needs of the inhabitants.
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Traveling the Way
ISBN - None
List Price - $8.95
Author - Drusilla McGowan
Bibliographic Data -Hard cover, 152 pages, Rod & Staff Publishers (Reprint 1956)

Description: Life for Cleon as the slave of Marcus Vitruvius was no joke. Marcus Vitruvius was noted for his terrible temper and disagreeableness. Running away did not turn out quite as Cleon had expected at first. A home is not a home unless one is loved and accepted there. Could Cleon find a home? And if he could, would he win the love of the family he found? Along with the racial prejudices that Cleon came up against, there was also the choice of a religion. Pagan, Jew, Christian--they were all mixed up. Who was right? This is a wonderful story of forgiveness and redemption, showing the healing power of Jesus' love.
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The Accidental Voyage: Discovering Hymns of the Early Centuries
ISBN - 0875527485
List Price - $12.99
Author - Douglas Bond
Bibliographic Data - Paperback, 258 pages, P&R Publishing, 2005

Description: Get ready for a great story about two American teens traveling in Rome with David McCallum, an English organist known in his parish as Mr. Pipes. Follow Mr. Pipes, Annie, and Drew on another exciting adventure through mysterious lands and seas. Ride a moped with Drew through the streets of Rome, explore dark catacombs with Annie, and listen as Mr. Pipes celebrates the hymns of the early centuries. During a series of hair-raising adventures across Europe, Mr. Pipes introduces Annie and Drew to sixteen hymns from the early centuries, and to hymnists Ambrose of Milan, Bernard of Clairvaux, St. Francis of Asissi, St. Patrick, and more. Readers of The Accidental Voyage will come away with a new knowledge and appreciation of the hymns from the early centuries. Even though this book is last in a series of books, we chose to include it anyway due to the unique look it provides of ancient times through modern eyes.
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