101 Favorite Stories from the Bible

Have your children heard of how God made a path through the water for the Israelites, of the boy David and the giant Goliath, and of how Jesus loves the children?

In easy-to-understand words, here are 101 favorite stories from the Bible that have delighted millions of children all around the world.

Even young children who cannot read will love to look at the colorful, descriptive pictures. After each story, you will find a few questions to encourage discussion and help your child remember the stories.

Bible stories are timeless and true. May God use the stories in this book to refresh you and your child's hearts!

This Bible has lengthier texts than the "Family-Time Bible" and is recommended for slightly older students (from age 7 on up).

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Family-Time Bible

This collection of more than 120 classic Bible stories makes it easy for parents to teach young children the best-loved stories of Scripture. Each story is followed by factual questions plus application suggestions. Young children will enjoy the full-color illustrations on each page spread, and parents will love introducing their young ones to the Bible with this beautiful collection from best-selling author Dr. Kenneth Taylor.

Little Hearts for His Glory uses History For Little Pilgrims, Bible stories, and History Stories for Children to give an overview of God's hand throughout history. These stories provide the focus for the "Learning Through History" part of the daily plans. This Bible is listed in the Little Hearts plans along with a scripture reference. So, you may use this Bible or use your own Bible instead.

This Bible has shorter texts than the "101 Favorite Stories from the Bible" and is recommended for slightly younger students (for ages 5-6).

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