Top Ten Christian Homeschool Curriculum Questions

top ten christian homeschool questions
  1. How do I place my child?

    With HOD, placement is very important. In our catalog, there is a placement chart that will help you place your child. Also, on our website the following two pages that will help with placement:

    Placing Your Child
    Program Selection Chart

    Finally, we offer one on one placement advice on the phone and also through our message board. Our phone number is 605-428-4068 and our message board can be found here.

  2. Can I run multiple guides at the same time?

    Because our guides are written in a way that moves children slowly towards independent learning multiple guides can be taught by one parent throughout the year. The younger guides are where the bulk of the teaching time is required. Each year, the child becomes more independent which allows the parents more time to focus on the younger children.

  3. How can I combine my children?

    When combining with Heart of Dakota, keep in mind that the maximum age span to combine is normally 4-5 years. This is due to the fact that each guide has specific skills that are being focused on. One thing to take into consideration with our programs when you are thinking about combining children is that we always want to make sure that the younger child is placed in the correct program as our guides are easier to "beef up" for the older child than to "water down" for the younger child.

  4. How much will I be reading aloud to my children?

    In the younger guides, all of the books will be read aloud. Once your child becomes an independent reader, then we have the child read the books themselves. We follow Charlotte Mason's philosophy about not getting between the child and the book. She advocated that children who are 9 years old and can read independently should read their own history and science books themselves.

  5. What math do you use and why?

    Heart of Dakota uses Singapore's US Edition of the Primary Math series from 1st - 6th grade because it is one of the best reviewed math programs in the world. It also aligns with our Charlotte Mason philosophy of shorter, but more intense lessons.

  6. How is the science designed?

    The science in Heart of Dakota is designed to get the child to start thinking along the scientific method. In the early years, science is appropriately gentle and wide-ranging. Once the child moves into the middle elementary years, science becomes a daily subject that includes experiments, notebooking assignments, oral and written narrations. We love incorporating biographies in our science, so you will see many individual biographies written into the daily plans. We even have an "inventor study" included in our middle school curriculum.

  7. Why don't you recommend having children younger than the target range of the HOD guide simply listen in with the older student's guide?

    We are always concerned with making sure each child is learning at the appropriate skill level. Many times the younger children's ability to internalize information is impaired when they are being read to. The advantage of reading the material on their own, with the opportunity to pause and make connections, many times is lost when a child is simply listening along with their older siblings.

  8. How will we be learning as a family if we do separate guides?

    There is much overlap in the history of our guides, so mealtime conversations can become very lively when discussing each child's daily assignments. Each Heart of Dakota guide also has a storytime section which can be used as a corporate family read aloud time.

  9. Why can't I just place my children in HOD where they would fit next in the history cycle?

    With Heart of Dakota, the history is used as the backdrop for skill development. One of the primary focuses of our guides is to create lifetime learners who excel in all subjects.

  10. What are we considering when you ask us which guide your family should use?

    The primary considerations are age, reading ability, writing ability, and attention span.

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