Using for High School Algebra II

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Using for High School Algebra II

Riley and I are using for high school Algebra II this year. is one of the math programs recommended by Heart of Dakota. We are both really enjoying it!  Riley likes the teacher in the video lessons. He says the lessons are clear with sequential steps that are easy to follow. I would agree! The teacher is just so earnest and likable as well. He stands at the whiteboard and talks through each step, writing as he talks. The charts he uses to plug in information for formulas are quite innovative! He finds ways to make difficult formulas seem easy to use. Riley always did fine with math, but just never really enjoyed it. Well, with, he is truly enjoying his math!  I am too!

How to Find Out More About

On the website, you can watch sample videos and view sample lessons. You can also go through their ‘guided tour’ and ‘homeschool user guide’ for a quick overview. These samples give good information about By watching the videos, looking at the lessons, and listening to the guided tour, you will more than likely be able to tell quite quickly if will be a good fit for you and your student. Much like the actual videos and daily work we do, these initial ‘helps’ given are efficient and time conscious. They won’t take long for you to go through, and they will make it clear if will work for you and your student.

Steps for Using Each Day

The steps are fairly easy for using First, we print the course notes. These are short and contain any formulas or special notes needed. Second, we watch the Instruction video. We don’t take any additional notes as we watch. Third, we work through the Practice problems on paper while looking at them on the computer. If we get stuck, we click to see the problem fully worked out on the computer. Fourth, on the computer we look over the Worksheet problems with their fully worked solutions. We don’t actually work through these problems, but rather look for the unique, one-off kind of problems and how they are solved. Fifth, Riley does the Test. On harder lessons, I sometimes do the test too, and we compare answers. These are multiple choice and graded by the computer. Done!

In Christ,

P.S. Keep in mind you can easily modify these steps if you prefer! For example, your student can print and complete the Worksheet problems each day. Or, you can assign the reviews if you’d like!  This is all very flexible! I’ve just shared one possible way to approach this that we are enjoying!


In general, what is the overarching Biblical philosophy of Heart of Dakota?

Dear Carrie

What is the overarching Biblical philosophy, in general, of Heart of Dakota?

Dear Carrie,

I’ve used Heart of Dakota for preschool and kindergarten and plan on using it for years to come. From what I’ve used, I especially enjoyed the Family Time Bible in Little Hearts. It really showed the foundation of the Bible as history. Not having used other levels, I’d like to wrap my head around the flow of Biblical teaching. I especially want to see how it will help me disciple my children and introduce them to a hurting world. So, I guess what I’m wanting to know is the overarching Biblical philosophy, in general, for Heart of Dakota. I realize this is a broad question! But, I like where we’ve been, I just want to look forward to where we’re headed. Thanks in advance!


“Ms. Wanting to Know the Overarching Biblical Philosophy for Heart of Dakota”

Dear “Ms. Wanting to Know the Overarching Biblical Philosophy of Heart of Dakota,”

What a good question!  One that is near and dear to my heart. Our overarching Biblical goal at HOD is to include God’s Holy Word every day in as many areas as possible. This is so students do not see Bible as a separate subject but rather as a part of everything they do. We want children in the Word often and repeatedly throughout the day. Our goal is for them to understand that the Bible is to be open often. It is meant to guide them in all things.

We want our children to seek direction from God’s Word.

We also desire for children to seek answers and direction for living from God’s Word. Additionally, we want them to learn to love His Word with all their hearts, souls, and minds. Likewise, we want them to understand the Bible is ‘God’s Words’ to us on how to live our lives to glorify Him. There is no greater goal on this earth than to strive to worship and glorify our Savior with our lives. We write each HOD guide in the hope that it will help our children in this goal.

The Bible is inerrant, God-breathed, and applicable to daily life.

We believe the Bible is inerrant, God-breathed, and applicable every day in all we do. We believe it reveals our desperate need for a Savior and God’s grace, which God poured out on us through His plan for our salvation by willingly sacrificing His only Son.  Jesus’ sacrifice of His own life on the cross paid for our sins and provided a way for sinners like me to enter heaven. Belief in Christ Jesus as God’s Son, fully man and fully God, is the only way to heaven.

The Bible is the source for all answers, and we point our children to Scripture as often as possible.

We believe in the virgin birth of our Savior and our need for Him to save us from sin that has been in the world since the fall of man. We believe that we are created in God’s image and are created to glorify Him. This is what is set forth in God’s Word. It is what we teach as we point children to the Scripture as the source for all answers. Devotions are never done without turning to God’s Word. Scripture passages and verses are a part of every devotion time. God’s Word is the ultimate focus of all things Biblical within HOD.

Our website’s “A Look at Each Subject Area” describes the Bible in general within HOD.

As you asked for our overarching goals in Bible, I’ll include our description of Bible Study from our “A Look at Each Subject Area,” which is on our website:

And finally, we come to the most important area in our programs: Bible study. While homeschooling our first son, we found it too easy to place Bible into one time slot and study it as a separate “subject.” This made the Bible seem to be of equal importance as all of the other academic subjects. We want our children to know that the Bible is special and that it’s more important than anything else. To do that, we integrated the Bible throughout our day as much as possible.

Our programs weave God’s Word throughout virtually every part of homeschooling.

Our programs weave God’s Word throughout our readings, our poetry, our history, our science, our writing, our music, our study of English, and our memory work. Using this method, our children learn to use God’s Word to measure their thoughts, words, and deeds all throughout the day. Our programs also have a daily Bible study time, which we pray will train our children in the habit of seeking God’s Word daily. As students grow and mature, our programs also include a daily Bible quiet time, which we pray will train our children in the habit of starting each day personally with the Lord.

Glorifying God is a goal that matters for eternity, and we want our children to have real time in their homeschool day to do so!

In the hustle and bustle of the homeschool day, it is easy to forget that our most important goal is to help our children glorify God with their lives each day. Our programs strive to be a daily reminder of that goal. Glorifying God is the only goal that matters for eternity, and in Heart of Dakota, we strive to make that a priority.