Bigger Hearts for His Glory Notebook Question

Dear Carrie

My question is about the new Bigger Hearts for His Glory Notebook!  But, first a little background!  

I have a question about the new Bigger Hearts… notebook, but first I want to share a little about our family! We have used Heart of Dakota now for 3 years, and I AM ACTUALLY GETTING ALL OUR SCHOOL DONE!  GLORY HALLELUJAH! I’m loving the structure and heart behind HOD! I feel that this is right for us! As a reformed curriculum junkie, I have quit frantically trying to find “it.” I love how uncomplicated HOD makes schooling! It has been a joy and so peaceful in my house the last few years. We are learning as a family, though we are doing separate guides, and it keeps us balanced!

Heart of Dakota is a literature-based program that works well with many little ones!

If you are considering HOD, I highly recommend it. I have an 8.5 year old, 6 year old, 3.5 year old, and an almost 2 year old. Like I mentioned, we are able to finish our school every day! It has been manageable – and FUN! I. HAVE. HAD. FUN. teaching and watching my kids enjoy our homeschooling. In the past I tried a different literature-based program, because I wanted to read to my children. The thing was I couldn’t get all the HUGE amount of reading done.

The key concepts help keep us on track!

With so many moving bodies and interruptions, I was constantly getting behind and frustrated. Especially frustrated by not being able to tie the concepts together for my daughter. HOD’s key concepts keep us on track, and I love how the lessons are woven together. A BIG thank you to Mrs. Austin from this momma!!!

So, now that my oldest is moving into Bigger Hearts, here is my question about the new notebook!

We are getting ready to order Bigger Hearts for His Glory.  I wondered if I order it now, is the guide now updated to match the new notebooking pages?  If the Bigger Hearts… guide isn’t yet updated, will the new notebooking pages work with the old guide? Thanks!


“Momma of Many Littles Asking about Bigger Heart’s Notebook”

Dear “Momma of Many Littles Asking about Bigger Heart’s Notebook,”

Thank you so much for sharing about your family! We had such fun creating the new notebooking pages for Bigger Hearts…!  It has been something I’ve wanted to do for awhile but until I finished writing the high school guides, I just didn’t have the time. When creating the notebook pages for Bigger Hearts, I tried to stay as close as possible to the previous notebook assignments in earlier versions of the Bigger Hearts guides.

In the end, I would say that about 75%-80% of the notebooking assignments will work quite closely to the way I wrote the plans in the previous versions of the Bigger Hearts guide. The other 20%-25% of the assignments also correspond with the plans in previous versions of the guide. But, the student may not know exactly what to do with the page as their part has changed. You can click here for samples of the notebook pages.

A large foldable timeline is also included in the notebook pages.

There is also a large foldable timeline to assemble at the end of the notebook pages. If you have an earlier version of the Bigger Hearts guide, you can find assembly directions for the Bigger Hearts timeline on Unit 1 – Day 5 in the “Timeline” Box of the sample plans on our website. We have updated those sample pages, so they show the 2018 version of the plans. You can click here for those plans!

I hope this helps! Of course, if you have a previous version of the guide it still works as written without the new pages. Either way, happy notebooking!