How can we do RTR’s science, but replace just the Astronomy book?

Dear Carrie

My daughter wants to do RTR’s science, but what could replace the Astronomy book she already used?

I’ll be switching to Heart of Dakota for my daughter, who will be in 6th grade next year. She will be doing the Resurrection to Reformation guide. I noticed one of the science books for that is Apologia Astronomy. Unfortunately, she has used that, though she never finished the last lessons. Would you have a replacement option for science for her situation? I’d still want to follow the science suggested by the guide. I love the look of all the other science books! I just don’t think she’d want to go through the astronomy book again. I’d really appreciate your help and insights!


“Ms. Please Help an RTR Student Who Already Did the Astronomy Book”

Dear “Ms. Please Help an RTR Student Who Already Did the Astronomy Book,”

Since some families have already used the Astronomy book, it makes for an interesting problem. If the children have used the Astronomy book two or more years ago, then we would advise following the plans as written with the science part of Resurrection to Reformation, choosing either option 1 or 2 as needed. Redoing the Astronomy book when the child is older, and doing it in conjunction with Heart of Dakota‘s plans, will be a much different experience than the child had when going through the Astronomy book previously.

You can use Our Weather and Water in place of the Astronomy book.

However, if children have read the Astronomy book within the last two years, one unique option would be to use Our Weather and Water for the first 11 weeks of the science in place of the Astronomy book. Even though Our Weather and Water is actually scheduled in the Appendix as a replacement for the last 11 weeks of Resurrection to Reformation, this is a workable plan. The only problem is that since the Astronomy book is actually scheduled for the first 13 weeks, you’d have two additional weeks. During these weeks, you’d either have no science, or you’d want to stretch Our Weather and Water out before you begin the next scheduled science book.

This would allow you to go on and use the rest of the science plans as written.

Nevertheless, then you could go on and use the rest of the RTR science plans as written. This would involve using the rest of option 1, which includes A Child’s Geography, Galileo, Newton, and Exploring Planet Earth to finish out your year. It is not how we wrote the guide, but is one way to stay closer to what we have written and still use the recommended resources. I think it is a very viable option for the unique situation! If you did wish to order this combination from us, you would simply add Option 1 science to your cart and substitute Our Weather and Water for the Astronomy book to receive the package discount and the science set you need for your special situation.