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More and more orders are being shipped internationally!

Did you know Heart of Dakota is being used in not only every state nationwide, but also in more than 15 countries worldwide?  More and more HOD orders are shipping internationally, even to traditionally more anti-Christian countries.  Praise be to God as the Good News is spread to children worldwide through Christian homeschool curriculum!

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The Habit of Attention

A Charlotte Mason Moment

The Habit of Attention

“It is impossible to overstate the importance of this habit of attention. It is, to quote words of weight, ‘within the reach of every one, and should be made the primary object of all mental discipline’; for whatever the natural gifts of the child, it is only so far as the habit of attention is cultivated in him that he is able to make use of them.” (Home Education by Charlotte M. Mason Vol. I, p. 146)

It all started with Drawn into the Heart of Reading.

Heart of Dakota Tidbit

From one guide to a complete line of homeschool curriculum in 17 years

Convention Booth Photo - Heart of Dakota

Did you know Heart of Dakota started with just one guide (Drawn into the Heart of Reading) and just Convention Booth - High Schoolone booth at book fairs back in 2001? Now we have 14 guides and six booths at book fairs! Check out some pictures of our booth, and come find us at a book fair we are attending in 2018. See our 2018 convention schedule here.

This weekend we are at the Teach Them Diligently Convention in Nashville, TN. Our booth number is 1023, so stop by if you are there. We would love to talk to you about our easy to use Christian homeschool curriculum!

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Save money as you add to your Heart of Dakota Library!

Library Builder

Coupon Code – LB-ER: Save 10% on this month’s Library Builder book set – The Emerging Reader Set!

We are excited to announce the first Heart of Dakota Library Builder book set promotion! On the 1st Wednesday of each month we will be promoting one of our book sets with a 10% coupon code. For this month’s special use coupon code LB-ER on our website for the entire month of March to apply the savings to your order. The coupon applies to both of the Emerging Reader sets. The only difference between the two sets is the Bible. The Early Reader’s Bible is a little bit easier for your child to read than the Beginner’s Bible. 

Emerging Reader Set - Heart of Dakota
Use coupon code LB-ER for the entire month of March to save!

To view all of the books in this set, just click here!

Regardless of which Bible you choose, these books will be a great resource for your beginning reader! We suggest that this set of books be used right after phonics instruction. Since each book in this set gets progressively more difficult to read, the strength of your child’s reading ability will be constantly moving forward to that of an independent reader. Just follow the Scheduled Books for Emerging Readers found in the Appendix of Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory and in the Appendix of Bigger Hearts for His Glory. The schedule listed in the Appendix has been carefully planned to utilize interesting books that gradually increase in reading difficulty throughout the year.

Use coupon code LB-ER to save!

To apply this month’s savings, just enter coupon code LB-ER on our website when you check out! We hope these books will be as treasured to you as they are to us!

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