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Heart of Dakota Tidbit - Introducing Julie


Did you know that Carrie’s sister, Julie, is the editor for all of Carrie’s guides? Julie (“my3sons” on the HOD message board) has a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education with a middle school endorsement. She received her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and has seven years of classroom teaching experience. She specializes in helping our community by giving practical teaching advice, answering placement questions, and sharing encouragement for moms who feel in over their heads. (Trust us, we’ve all been there before!) Her upbeat, “can do” attitude at the office makes her a joy to be around. We are so blessed to have her! 😀

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July Library Builder: Save 10% on the World Geography Girl Living Library Package!

Library Builder

Use coupon code JULY-LIBRARY for 10% on this month’s Library Builder book set: The World Geography Girl Living Library Package!

We are excited to continue our Heart of Dakota Library Builder book set promotion! On the 1st Wednesday of each month we will be promoting one of our book sets with a 10% coupon code. For this month’s special, use coupon code JULY-LIBRARY on our website for the entire month of July to apply the savings to your order. The coupon applies to the World Geography Girl Living Library set of books.   To view all of the books in this set, just click here! (Scroll down until you see the “Living Library with Kisses from Katie” section.)

How are the Living Library sets used in World Geography?

(From the package description in our online store):

“The books in this package are not intended to fulfill your student’s high school literature credit, as students are scheduled in the ‘Literature’ portion of the World Geography guide to read separate higher-level literature to fulfill that need. Instead, the books in this package were chosen to make geography come alive and to help students experience various places around the globe through the pages of these books. This set is highly recommended, unless you need to economize, however it is not required to earn credit in World Geography.”

To see a credit and grading breakdown for our World Geography guide, have a look at this!

Use coupon code JULY-LIBRARY to save!

To apply this month’s savings, just enter coupon code JULY-LIBRARY on our website when you check out! We hope these books will be as treasured to you as they are to us!

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Heart of Dakota

PS: If you’d like a more in-depth look at what using World Geography looks like in your home, have a look at this article!

Explore the World in a Whole New Way… World Geography for High School

We are blessed to live in America!

Heart of Dakota Tidbit:

We are blessed to live in America!

With the 4th of July fast approaching, we’d like to reflect on how very blessed we are to be living in this wonderful country! Throughout his entire political career, Ronald Reagan had a consistent message about our country – that America was a “shining city on a hill”. Let’s celebrate our great nation this week and keep this vision in our hearts.

June 1952 — From a commencement address at Williams Woods College, one of the oldest surviving speeches of Reagan’s:

“I, in my own mind, have always thought of America as a place in the divine scheme of things that was set aside as a promised land. It was set here and the price of admission was very simple: the means of selection was very simple as to how this land should be populated. Any place in the world and any person from those places; any person with the courage, with the desire to tear up their roots, to strive for freedom, to attempt and dare to live in a strange and foreign place, to travel halfway across the world was welcome here.”

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Ah…peace and quiet!

Heart of Dakota Tidbit:

Ah…peace and quiet!

Did you know that before Carrie got an office in our house a few years ago that we would rent a room for her at a local motel during her writing season (March to August)? The hotel was just two blocks away from our home, but it was very quiet – something that was occasionally hard to find in a house full of boys! 😀

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We Want Your Vote in the 2019 Old Schoolhouse® EE Awards!

Heart of Dakota Tidbit:

We want your vote in the 2019 Old Schoolhouse Magazine® Excellence in Education Awards!

Did you know that Heart of Dakota won the following awards last year in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine‘s® Excellence in Education Awards?

  • 1st Place: Character Building Elementary School
  • 2nd Place: Character Building – Middle School
  • 2nd Place: Bible – Preschool
  • 2nd Place: Bible – Elementary School
  • 2nd Place: Homeschool “Secret”

We’re excited to announce that voting for the 2019 awards has kicked off! 😀

Here’s how to vote…

Click here to take a short survey and let The Old Schoolhouse® know which homeschool materials are your top picks. The survey runs through August 15, 2019, so be sure to get your votes in before then!

Here’s what you could win…

Everyone who completes the survey receives a $100 gift certificate to the Schoolhouse Store for any digital purchase*, and you will be entered in a drawing for a Kindle Fire Tablet.

*Gift certificate is not applicable to memberships.

We’d love to have your vote!

We feel deeply honored for the votes we received last year, and would love to be voted in once again this year! Let’s make this happen, everyone! 😀