New to homeschooling? Or, know someone new to homeschooling? Let’s help!

Heart of Dakota - From Our House to Yours

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From Our House to Yours

New to homeschooling? Or, know someone new to homeschooling? We can all help!

Are you new to homeschooling? Or, maybe you are a veteran homeschool parent who has a friend or acquaintance new to homeschooling? Well, if you are new to homeschooling and are not sure where to start, Heart of Dakota can help! Now, more than ever before, new families are looking into homeschooling for the first time. We have talked to many of them on the phone, through email, and on our FB/blog/message board. The reasons families are choosing to homeschool are also new. Many are simply not wanting to send their children back to school due to COVID. In the past, families new to homeschooling were incredibly excited to begin! That is still true for some families new to homeschooling now. However, for many families, homeschooling is something they’d never considered. They are coming to homeschooling unsure and unsettled. Well, we can all help!

The first way we can help families new to homeschooling is to pray for them!

So, how can we help families new to homeschooling? Well, first we can pray for them! I believe there is such power in prayer! Do you too?  Well, please join me in praying for these families new to homeschooling. They are stepping out in faith, and they need the Lord upholding them every step of the way. I know you will join me, for we simply have the most amazing families using Heart of Dakota!

The second way we can help families new to homeschooling is to offer our support to them!

I have been so inspired by YOU, our current Heart of Dakota homeschool users! The support and love you have for us and for one another is special. We do not take it for granted, nor do we think it is ordinary. We often pray for the Lord to lead just who He would choose to lead to Heart of Dakota. As always, He knows best! I believe this is why the network we have of Heart of Dakota users across the United States and internationally is like one big Christian family. We love our Heart of Dakota users, and we hope to have a relationship with them that reaches far beyond a one-time placement/order conversation. Please join me in extending this support to families new to homeschooling! I know you will, as I have already had the honor of helping many families you’ve suggested give Heart of Dakota a call for help and support already! Thank you!

The third way we can help families new to homeschooling is to pray they choose to homeschool in a Christ-centered way!

My greatest prayer is that those new to homeschooling will choose to homeschool in a Christ-centered way. The ‘heart’ of Heart of Dakota is Jesus Christ. He is our reason for homeschooling, and He is at the center of all we do at Heart of Dakota. Please join me in sharing Him with others new to homeschooling! Of course, I love Heart of Dakota! However, if families are led a different direction in homeschooling, I pray it is still a Christian direction. Homeschooling without the Lord front and center falls so short of all it can be. Homeschooling in a Christ-centered way, even for a year, could have eternal impact on children. Please join me in praying for families new to homeschooling to choose to homeschool in a Christ-centered way!

The fourth way you can help families new to homeschooling is to put them in contact with Heart of Dakota!

The fourth and final way you can help families new to homeschooling is to put them in contact with Heart of Dakota! New families need help, and at Heart of Dakota, we love to help! Whether it is with questions, with placement, or with putting together an order, we are here to help. We have packages and choices so families can customize their children’s education based on language arts (reading, writing, grammar, spelling), based on math needs, based on interests (i.e. boy, girl, history, etc.), and based on budget. Being able to customize children’s homeschooling choices is one of my favorite things about Heart of Dakota! However, it is also what makes help for new homeschool families so important!

With placement, we find it most effective to help one of the following ways:

1:  placement specialist by phone (call 605-428-4068 any afternoon Monday through Friday)

2:  HOD Message Board (free to join, please post on the Main Board)

3:  placement chart

4:   catalog (free to order, full of lots of helpful placement information)

We also love to help in these ways!

If help is needed that is not placement-related, we love to help in these ways!

1:  Heart of Dakota newsletter (includes the most important and latest news, updates, and announcements directly from Mike and Carrie)

2:  Heart of Dakota Facebook/blog (includes encouraging teaching tips, simple helps, and practical advice for homeschooling with Heart of Dakota)

3:  Heart of Dakota Instagram (includes pictures and captions of our own families using Heart of Dakota)

4:  Heart of Dakota YouTube (includes videos about Heart of Dakota)

Please join me in helping those new to homeschooling! I truly believe the Lord is on the move, and we can all be a part of His perfect plan! Please take a moment to share this post with someone new to homeschooling. It could help make their first homeschool year be the first of many to come! It could also fill their hearts with peace, joy, and anticipation – rather than with unrest and fear. Reach out! Together, with the Lord, we can all help!

In Christ,







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Author: Julie Grosz, M.Ed.

Some passions of mine are homeschooling with Heart of Dakota, cooking with All Recipes, reading Jane Austen in a bubble bath, singing along with lyrics that strike a chord, making family traditions, creating organization out of disorganization, and writing words - in emails, posts, and books - that glorify God. I'm a teacher and an editor by trade. Here's a quick rundown of my numbers... 24 years of teaching (7 public school, 17 homeschool), 6 years of college (4 undergrad, 2 graduate for my masters in education), 18 years of working for HOD, 48 years old, 25 years of marriage, 3 sons who are 20, 17, and 13 - and I believe that should about 'sum' it up! You can view my blog here -

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