Expedition Journal: How is it used in World Geography?

Heart of Dakota - Dear Carrie

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Dear Carrie

Can you explain the use of the World Geography Expedition Journal?

I’m a mom of five children, and we have loved using Heart of Dakota since 2010! I have a quick question about the World Geography Expedition Journal. I’m wondering what sorts of things my children will record in the Expedition Journal? Though I may have to economize for this guide, I want to make 100% sure that I have all the materials that I’ll need to have my children complete the notebooking pages in their entirety. Our state requires us to meet with a supervisor, so I’d really appreciate your thoughts on the Expedition Journal! Oh, and how about the World Religion and Culture’s Notebook too? Thanks in advance!


“Ms. Please Explain the Use of the World Geography Expedition Journal”

Dear “Ms. Please Explain the Use of the World Geography Expedition Journal,”

Thank you for using Heart of Dakota with your children these many years! In answer to your question, you definitely need the World Geography Expedition Journal pages for the plans. There are some primary source documents in them, many maps that the students need to refer to, shade, label, etc., and places to write written narrations, take notes, outline, etc. The guide actually won’t function without the Expedition Journal.

The World Religion and Culture’s Notebook

The World Religions and Cultures Notebook is also very necessary. It is filled with graphic organizers specifically designed for the assignments in the World Religions & Cultures study. We pondered long and hard about whether specific notebook pages would be needed in high school (because they are so time consuming and costly for us to make as they need a graphic designer to design and lay out each page). But, we have found that the pages are a necessary tool, because I need them in order to customize our plans to truly match what the kiddos are reading and studying each day. There is truly no way to write the guides the way I desire without them!

Supervisors are impressed with the notebooks as an assessment.

I want to encourage you, we actually have found that principals and supervising teachers are very impressed by both the look and the content of the notebooks and that this helps validate the student’s work by providing an organized, visually appealing portfolio as one means of assessment. This saves you time in having to create a portfolio later and provides a chronological record of your student’s work that can be shown at any moment as needed. The Expedition Journal has been well received too, so we hope you enjoy it!


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