Be the timely talented teacher by day, instead of the harried homework helper by night!

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From Our House to Yours

Why homeschool? Be the timely talented teacher by day, instead of the harried homework helper by night!

At Heart of Dakota, I get the pleasure of helping many moms on the phone. If moms are considering taking their children out of public school, one topic never fails to come up.  What is that hot topic, you might ask? It is homework. Piles and piles of homework. Most brick and mortar schools require teachers to assign homework, whether they want to or not. No matter how good the intentions are of homework, there is often a breakdown in communication. Somewhere between school and home, something gets lost. Children leave something at school they needed to take home for homework. Parents are unsure of how to help their child complete their homework. Children forget to bring their homework back, or parents forget to send it. Teachers can’t find time to correct the homework, or they just can’t find the homework at all.

When you are not the teacher, you are the harried homework helper by night!

Moms who are frustrated with homework have good reason to be. They are still in the role of teaching their children, but the conditions are less than ideal. Children don’t want to do homework. They are tired after doing school all day. Parents don’t want to do homework. They are tired at the end of their day too. Children and parents alike often don’t understand the homework, and no one is there to help. The clock is ticking, and time is running out. Come on!  We have to finish your homework! Hurry! And this is when moms become the harried homework helpers by night.

In homeschooling, you can teach your child in a more timely fashion by day!

In contrast, in homeschooling you can teach your child during the day. You can choose a time when you are at your best. Likewise, you can choose a time when your children are at their best. You can also choose what you will teach, how you will teach it, and what your children will do. These are much more ideal conditions under which to be the teacher!  Voila!  By homeschooling you have in one fell swoop changed from the harried homework helper by night, to the timely talented teacher by day! Recognize you are teaching anyway if you are helping your children with homework at night and on the weekends. Why not trade in your harried homework helper identity for a timely talented teacher identity, and start homeschooling today?!?

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Author: Julie Grosz, M.Ed.

Some passions of mine are homeschooling with Heart of Dakota, cooking with All Recipes, reading Jane Austen in a bubble bath, singing along with lyrics that strike a chord, making family traditions, creating organization out of disorganization, and writing words - in emails, posts, and books - that glorify God. I'm a teacher and an editor by trade. Here's a quick rundown of my numbers... 24 years of teaching (7 public school, 17 homeschool), 6 years of college (4 undergrad, 2 graduate for my masters in education), 17 years of editing for HOD, 47 years old, 23 years of marriage, 3 sons who are almost 19, 15, and 11 - and I believe that should about 'sum' it up! You can view my blog here -

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