Charlotte Mason on the Law of Association of Ideas

Heart of Dakota Charlotte Mason Moment Association of Ideas

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A Charlotte Mason Moment:

“You talk to a child about glass – you wish to provoke a proper curiosity as to how glass is made, and what are its uses. Not a bit of it; he wanders off to Cinderella’s glass slipper; then he tells you about his godmother who gave him a boat; then about the ship in which Uncle Harry went to America; then he wonders why you do not wear spectacles, leaving you to guess that Uncle Harry does so.

But the child’s ramblings are not whimsical; they follow a law, the law of association of ideas, by which any idea presented to the mind recalls some other idea which has been at any time associated with it – as glass and Cinderella’s slipper; and that, again some idea associated with it. Now this law of association of ideas is a good servant and a bad master. To have this aid in recalling the events of the past, the engagements of the present, is an infinite boon; but to be at the mercy of associations, to have no power to think what we choose when we choose, but only as something ‘puts it in our head’, is to be no better than an imbecile.”

(Home Education by Charlotte M. Mason Vol. 1, p 139)


No intellectual habit is so valuable as that of attention…

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