A streamlined lunch is a huge help in the homeschool day

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A streamlined lunch is a huge help in the homeschool day.

As you plan for your school year, it is so helpful to have a streamlined lunch menu. The menu should include items that are quick to prepare. Having a set lunch menu makes the day run more smoothly.

Why is it good to post your lunch menu?

I post my lunch menu on the fridge. Then, if my kiddos are ahead in their schedule they can begin to prepare what is on the menu. This is a huge timesaver for me. It is something I started when the kiddos were little. Even the littlest ones can help get lunch ready if it is easy enough!

What are some tips for designing a lunch menu?

We have a 5-day easy lunch schedule that we use all school year. This means that the kiddos get really good at following it! I try not to rotate it too much, or the ease of preparation is quickly lost.

Lunch isn’t the time to be particularly creative.

Doing a huge lunch preparation takes valuable time away from school. So, we’ve always kept to quick lunches that are easy to prepare and to clean up. At our house, we have our larger meal in the evening and that is where the variety takes place.

What might a streamlined lunch menu look like?

In the past, our menu looked like this:

Monday: Ground beef, chips, salsa, cheese, corn, mandarin oranges

Tuesday: Ham n’ swiss panini, apples with peanut butter, yogurt

Wednesday: PBJ’s, red grapes, cheese stick

Thursday: Tuna sandwiches, peas, applesauce

Friday: Rotation of frozen pizza, hot dogs, pot pies, or mac n’ cheese and pears and gogurt

What might a quick menu with some dietary restrictions look like?

Our current menu reflects the changing needs at our house to grain-free, gluten-free, low dairy, low sugar. So, this unfortunately takes a bit more time as you can see below. Without these restrictions, your menu will be much quicker to prepare!
Monday: Tuna with lettuce salad, mandarin oranges, cut up cheddar cheese

Tuesday: Rotisserie chicken, cut up apples, green bean steamer

Wednesday: Hamburger patties with cheese, salad with dressing, pears, baby carrots

Thursday: Salmon patties, cooked peas, peaches

Friday: Applegate Farms hot dogs, cooked crinkle cut carrots, pineapple chunks, cut up Havarti cheese

Try streamlining your lunch menu.

Consider having a streamlined, standard lunch menu at your house. Find one that works for you! Practice this summer. Then, see how much it helps during the school year!


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4 thoughts on “A streamlined lunch is a huge help in the homeschool day”

  1. We also are on dairy, egg, gluten, sulfur, and peanut diet restrictions due to allergies and/or Lyme disease. Tuna and lettuce or crackers, summer sausage and crackers (sometimes with Follow Your Heart brand “cheese”), fruit cups or pouches, almond milk yogurt,and sandwiches are our mainstays. With 3 boys running cross country, low carb didn’t work. Usually we get our veggies in at dinner, which I try to economize by cooking meat 2-3 times a week along with a pot of rice. This gets used in fajitas, tacos, stir fry or salads as needed.

    1. It sounds like you figured out a great plan for lunches that fit your kiddos’ needs so well! Thanks for sharing, Jennifer, as this will surely be an inspiration for other moms facing the same restrictions with their kiddos!!!!

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