Why are you homeschooling?

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Why are you homeschooling?

The answer to this question is so important to know, as it acts as a compass for our homeschooling. Knowing why we are homeschooling helps us find successes big and small in our school days. It helps us know when we’re accomplishing what we hope to accomplish. Likewise, it helps us make decisions better. We can go back to why we are homeschooling and see what decision best fits within that framework of goals. Using Heart of Dakota for homeschooling has helped me stay true to our reasons for homeschooling. So, here are my reasons for homeschooling, in no particular order of importance (other than #1 is #1)…

We want the Lord to be an integral part of our homeschooling!

He is not an extra, not a maybe, not an option, not a once in awhile – but the center of what we are learning.

Our homeschooling should be a place we can share our personal relationship with the Lord, often.

We want our homeschooling to help open the door for discussions about faith and Godly character qualities we desire in ourselves as well as our children. Likewise, we want to share the Good News of the Lord as much as possible in our homeschooling, as well as have ample Bibles, devotionals, Bible studies, praise music to adequately do so.

We want the atmosphere for our homeschooling to be the one we create within our own home.

This atmosphere should be one of important purpose, delight in learning, and a cheerful attitude toward our work in school together.

We want me to be the one who is responsible for the teaching of our children.

On the rare occasion I am unable to do this, we want a family member to be the teacher. We also want this person to teach within our own home, if at all possible.

We want to make homeschooling a priority by always having enough time for me to homeschool at home each day.

This means saying ‘no’ to other things sometimes, which is alright!  It also means carving out enough time to truly be able to homeschool each day by making my routine/schedule reflect that.

We want each of our children’s homeschooling work each year to be well-fitted to their individual needs.

Each child should be able to do what is asked of him each year confidently and successfully.

We want our children to encourage each other in their homeschooling.

Our family thinks time is always well spent listening to the stories/poems/narrations someone has written, clapping for someone’s performance, playing someone’s history project game, complimenting someone’s artwork, enjoying someone’s reading project, complimenting someone’s notebooking, asking questions about someone’s newly found knowledge in history/science/etc.

We want to homeschool our children all the way through high school, Lord willing.

Furthermore, we want to help them with their academic choices after high school, praying the Lord will provide guidance in this.

We want homeschooling to be a part of our life, not the whole of it.

We want to keep our homeschooling time focused and uninterrupted. This is important so we finish in a timely fashion. That way, I have time left in the day for personal interests and family time with my husband.

We want our own family and extended family to provide the socialization of our children as much as possible.

We want to take full responsibility for helping our children to learn good socialization skills. To do this, we need to choose to live near family. We also need to spend significant time with each other and with family members of all ages.

We want to encourage our children to be each other’s friends, as well as to encourage friendships among cousins.

To do this, we want to provide ample opportunity for them to spend time with us as well as to spend time together their cousins.

We want our homeschooling to be filled with excellent living books.

Using excellent literature in as many subject areas as possible keeps the love of learning strong all the way through high school.

We want hands-on learning to be a daily part of our homeschooling.

Having three sons, hands-on learning is especially important.

We want our homeschooling to gradually lead our children to successful independence within learning.

This helps our children be successful with secondary and post-secondary learning as well.

We want our homeschooling to prepare our sons to be strong providers for their future families.

Because of this, solid academics and training in good independent work habits is a must.


I made this list back in 2011! When my husband and I are faced with decisions big and small, we consider why we are homeschooling, and we try to make the best decision we can based on that.  Your list might be very different from this list, and that’s just fine!  There is no one right list.  As you get ready for your coming homeschool year and must make decisions big and small, consider making your own list. Second to prayer, it’s one of the best ways to make a clear decision.  I pray for us homeschool moms that the Lord will help us along our journey of homeschooling, as we all know it is not always easy. May we find the joy in knowing why we are homeschooling, and in doing what we need to do each day to make this happen!


In Christ,


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Author: Julie Grosz, M.Ed.

Some passions of mine are homeschooling with Heart of Dakota, cooking with All Recipes, reading Jane Austen in a bubble bath, singing along with lyrics that strike a chord, making family traditions, creating organization out of disorganization, and writing words - in emails, posts, and books - that glorify God. I'm a teacher and an editor by trade. Here's a quick rundown of my numbers... 24 years of teaching (7 public school, 17 homeschool), 6 years of college (4 undergrad, 2 graduate for my masters in education), 18 years of working for HOD, 48 years old, 24 years of marriage, 3 sons who are 20, 16, and 12 - and I believe that should about 'sum' it up! You can view my blog here - https://my3sons-julie.blogspot.com/

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