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Snap Before and After Pictures to Show Progress 

Many of us are in the homestretch of completing our homeschooling year with Heart of Dakota. Students might be nearing the end of their Heart of Dakota guide. Or in contrast, as homeschooling has flexible pacing, students may be starting a guide or in the middle of a guide. If your student is in the middle or end of their guide, this post is for you!  Heart of Dakota guides are front-loaded, with all skills being taught right away.  This allows students to improve their skills day by day, week by week.  One way to celebrate this progress is to snap “before” and “after” pictures!

As all of our kiddos our nearing the end of their guides, we decided to celebrate progress with each other!  First, I asked each of them to choose an assignment they felt they’d shown the most improvement in.  Next, we shared them with each other and snapped pictures.  Finally, we shared them here with you!  This has been such fun!

Emmett’s Before and After Pictures for Creation to Christ:  Most Improved in Notebook Assignments 

Before… Comments by Emmett:

  • notebook writing was very large
  • my notebook writing ran together
  • not even sure what I drew for the notebook illustration in Box 4
  • totally missed completing an notebook assignment in Box 6
Before… Unit 3 CTC Notebook

After… Comments by Emmett:

  • notebook writing neater and fits in boxes
  • timeline assignment more colorful
  • illustrations in notebook improved
  • completed all my notebook assignments well
AFTER… Unit 26 CTC Notebook







Riley’s Before and After Pictures for World Geography:  Most Improved in One Sentence Summary Assignment 

Before… Comments by Riley:

  • writing of the summary was too small
  • spelling in the summary was not right
  • didn’t fill the box completely with my sentence

After… Comments by Riley:

  • included all elements needed for the one sentence summary
  • remembered to box, circle, cloud, star my summary without being reminded
  • summaries were more descriptive and interesting to read
Before and After Pics from Units 3 and 30 of World Geography
Wyatt’s Before and After Pictures for U.S. History II:  Most Improved in Opinion Narrations 

Before… Comments by Wyatt:

  • opinions were randomly presented
  • wasn’t clear what was my opinion and what was fact
  • my opinions interrupted the storyline of my retelling

After… Comments by Wyatt:

  • better job evenly expressing my opinions throughout the narration
  • improved at clearly presenting them as my opinions
  • my opinions were interspersed so the story retelling went smoothly
Before… Unit 15 on Left; After… Unit 31 on Right from U.S. II History

As you near the end of your homeschool year, whenever that may be according to your chosen pacing, why not celebrate?  One great way to show progress in homeschooling is to snap “Before” and “After” pictures.  Hope this idea helps your family celebrate the progress your kiddos are making in Heart of Dakota!


In Christ,


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Sharing is caring!

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