Do you have a child using the Emerging Reader Set?

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Teaching Tip

Do you have a child using the Emerging Reader Set?

If so,  I’ll share one quick tip that has been successful at our house.  The tip is to have your child practice reading the assigned Emerging Reader pages for the day on his/her own first.  Then, have the child read the pages to you.  This “practice time” has several benefits.

What are the benefits of having a child practice reading the assigned pages on his/her own?

First, it gives the child needed time to figure out words he/she may not know.  Second, it allows the child to go back and reread anything that may not have made sense.  Third, it allows the child time to linger over the pictures. Fourth, it allows the child to decipher the plot line.

What are the benefits of listening to a child after he/she has practiced reading?

A reader who has practiced first will pause less and read more fluently.  The reader will also feel more confident and will focus more on comprehension the second time around.  For the parent, it will be much more enjoyable (and time conscious) to listen to a prepared reader! Try having your child practice first before reading to you, and see if you notice a difference!


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7 thoughts on “Do you have a child using the Emerging Reader Set?”

  1. Thank you for this article! I never thought about this and I was always making my daughter wait until I came over to begin reading…now I’m going to have her read first while I’m finishing up other things! 🙂

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