This optional book pack is for use with Level 4/5 or 6/7/8 of Drawn into the Heart of Reading. In this level, your child will read the chosen books independently for a total of 15 days for each genre. This is a Boy Interest Pack. Click here for the Girl Interest Pack. Each book on the list below has an approximate reading level noting the grade and month next to it. Use this information to choose the set that best suits your child's reading level. If these books seem too difficult, we also have book packs for Level 4/5 Girl Interest and Level 4/5 Boy Interest. If these books seem too easy, you may choose your own books, or off our Sample Book Ideas List. Please keep in mind, these specific titles are not needed, but each book was very carefully chosen as an excellent reading selection for the noted reading level.

Our book sets were created to save you time and to help you find quality books at the right reading level. This is one of the keys to a successful reading experience for your child. You are welcome to use your own book selections if you prefer. Drawn into the Heart of Reading truly works with any books you choose.

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Book Pack: Boy Interest Titles

The Little Duke, by Charlotte M. Yonge, Yesterday's Classics 2007
Reading Level: 6.9, List Price: $9.95
Suggested number of days to read: 15 days
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An inspiring story of Richard the Fearless (943-996 A.D.) who became Duke of Normandy at the age of 8. Relates the perils of his childhood, both at home in Normandy and during his captivity at the court of France, and how at long last he came to embrace the values his father espoused. (Ages 9-12) 171 pages

Cabin on Trouble Creek, by Jean Van Leeuwen, Puffin 2004
Reading Level: 5.5, List Price: $7.99
Suggested number of days to read: 15 days
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Daniel, 11, Will, 9, and their father travel to Ohio in 1803 to claim their new land. After hastily building a cabin, Pa returns home to Pennsylvania to fetch Ma and the younger children, intending to come back five or six weeks later. The boys first treat their time alone as an adventure, exploring the woods and fishing in the creek. However, as the weeks stretch into months with still no sign of their parents, the brothers must shift their focus to withstanding the winter. Luckily, a Native American trapper notices them and teaches them some basic survival skills. Still, as snow piles up around them, the youngsters realize how fierce the outdoors can be. From an action-packed beginning to the challenges of a difficult winter, the suspense builds consistently. The boys' struggle is portrayed realistically, without sugarcoating nature's harshness. Daniel and Will also grow and mature as they learn to rely on themselves, their wits, and one another. The story, based on an actual incident that occurred in 1803, is a dynamic picture of survival in the wilderness. 224 pages.

Historical Fiction
Iron Scouts of the Confederacy, by Lee McGiffin, Christian Liberty Press 1993
Reading Level: 6.0, List Price: $10.50
Suggested number of days to read: 15 days
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Could two orphaned farm boys help change the course of a nation? Ben and Gant Fane never thought so. But these two young men had a choice, either to live on a farm and lead a simple life, or to become "Iron Scouts" of the Confederate Army. When an unexpected visitor drops in, Gant and his younger brother, Ben, decide to join the army. Or, at least in Ben's case, try. Even though he is 14, he is so short almost everybody believes he's only 10! Finally, he is accepted as an Iron Scout. This stirring novel tells of two teen-age brothers who fought, not for slavery, but for their home, the South. While Ben uses his skill as a tree climber to spot approaching Yankee soldiers, Gant fights alongside grown men in the War Between the States. But the boys soon learn that war is not all fun and games. In fact it may cost them their lives. 157 pages.

Song of the Trumpet, by Charles Coleman, Zeezok Publishing 2010
Reading Level: 6.3, List Price: $14.95
Suggested number of days to read: 15 days
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In this much-anticipated sequel to The Shining Sword, the orphan Akara receives a silver trumpet from a friend. Unaccustomed to such kindness at the orphanage, she accepts the gift but wonders why it emits no sound when she blows through it. In spite of its silence, Akara repeatedly reaches for the trumpet when she's in trouble or in need of comfort. Will it help her escape the orphanage and the Tall Woman? Is this tiny instrument powerful enough to defeat the miller's desire to make her serve the Dark Power? Can it overcome the spiritual confusion of the Hill Soldiers? Will its silent tones reveal her family's heritage and, more importantly, lead her to the Truth?

In this fast-paced sequel to The Shining Sword, author Charles G. Coleman reveals the correlation between prayer and successful spiritual warfare. Through their trumpets, the King's Soldiers offer praise and thanksgiving to their Leader, confess their sins, request healing for their injured comrades, ask for and receive deliverance from their enemies, and obtain spiritual guidance for their daily walk. As the battle for Akara's soul intensifies, will these prayers personified in the trumpet calls make the difference in her future? Join the memorable characters from The Shining Sword as they march forth from the King's Castle and enter the Valley with the Song of the Trumpet on their lips! 217 pages.

Note: If your child has not read The Shining Sword (scheduled in the Basic Package: Boy Interest Option of Creation to Christ), you may wish to use that instead. Since both books are the same price and are in the same series, just note the substitution in the comments section of your order.

The Invisible Friend, by Lois Walfrid Johnson, Moody 2004
Reading Level: 5.1, List Price: $8.99
Suggested number of days to read: 15 days
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Deep in the Norwegian fjords the Viking ship comes to shore. Mikkel, the prideful young leader, is home, but Briana O'Toole faces a new, uncertain life. What will happen to her and the other Irish taken as prisoners? Soon Bree feels sure that Mikkel is hiding a dark secret from his father. When Bree finds mysterious messages that seem meant for her, she longs to be what she is - the respected daughter of an Irish chieftan. But the cold winds of autumn sweep down the Aurland Fjord, and its people wait for the first ship out. In the midst of a growing threat will Bree and Devin find God's courage to win? Who is their invisible friend? And what does it mean to be truly free? Recommended for ages 10 and up. 224 pages.

Folk Tales
Sir Malcolm and the Missing Prince, by Sidney Baldwin, Lamplighter 2008
Reading Level: 5.8, List Price: $20.00
Suggested number of days to read: 15 days
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Young Prince Hubert is incorrigible, unmanageable, and tiresomely demanding. What is the good King to do? How will his selfish Prince ever learn to rule the kingdom well? His most trusted friend, Sir Malcolm, has a plan. Prince Hubert is swept away to a land where he is simply known as Hugh, a peasant boy. His silks are replaced with rough work clothes, and his castle dwelling with a humble cottage. It is here that Hugh learns valuable life lessons from the widow of the forest. 221 pages.

Non Fiction
Riders of the Pony Express, by Ralph Moody 1958, University of Nebraska Press 2004
Reading Level: 6.2, List Price: $14.95
Suggested number of days to read: 15 days
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Prior to the Civil War, the fastest mail between the West Coast and the East took almost thirty days by stagecoach along a southern route through Texas. Some Californians feared their state would not remain in the Union, separated so far from the free states. Then businessman William Russell invested in a way to deliver mail between San Francisco and the farthest western railroad, in Saint Joseph, Missouri-across two thousand miles of mountains, deserts, and plains-guaranteed in ten days or less. Ralph Moody's exciting account of the eighteen critical months that the Pony Express operated between April 1860 and October 1861 pays tribute to the true grit and determination of the riders and horses of the Pony Express. A vivid portrayal of the courageous, hard-riding men who braved hazardous terrain, foul weather, and hostile Indians to carry the mail via Pony Express. No boy or girl will want to lay down this play-by-play account of each rider's 'stint'. A true adventure story in which the period comes alive, although a bit graphically in the final pages! 180 pages.

The Story of Doctor Dolittle, by Hugh Lofting, Dover 1997/2004
Reading Level: 6.7, List Price: $3.99
Suggested number of days to read: 5 days
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Note: We only recommend this abridged version of The Story of Doctor Dolittle, as the original 1920's version was ethnically insensitive.

John Dolittle is a kind-hearted country physician who keeps goldfish in his pond, rabbits in the pantry, white mice in the piano, and a headge-hog in the cellar. He also has an unusual gift: he can talk to animals - a talent that comes in handy, since he prefers treating animals, rather than humans, as his patients.

One day, a mysterious call summons him to Africa, where a serious epidemic has spread among the monkey population. Of course, the good doctor sets out immediately with some of his best friends - Jip, the dog, and Polynesia, the parrot, among others. Along the way, they're joined by new acquaintances, including the pushmi-pullyu, a remarkable creature that has a head at both ends of its body. Hugh Lofting's timeless tale is accompanied by 27 of his own illustrations. 78 pages.

Paddington at Large, by Michael Bond, Houghton Mifflin 1990
Reading Level: 6.4, List Price: $5.99
Suggested number of days to read: 10 days
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Under a bright, newly designed dust jacket lies the same old beloved Paddington, the always dignified, well-meaning, but troublemaking bear from "darkest Peru." Young readers will enjoy this reissue of the 1962 classic, which includes some of Paddington's best adventures (or misadventures), such as his wild ride on a power lawnmower and his appearance on a game show, where his unusual logic wins him the jackpot. Paddington is, understandably, a favorite character for kids, one they can truly relate to, as his best-laid, well-intentioned plans somehow go topsy-turvy. As always, Bond's prose is fun to read, with the solemn, serious Paddington providing humorous contrast to the absurd goings-on around him. Peggy Fortnum's spare, evocative, often witty line drawings are as wonderful as ever! 132 pages.

Realistic Fiction
Black Gold, by Marguerite Henry, Aladdin 1992
Reading Level: 5.6, List Price: $7.99
Suggested number of days to read: 15 days
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No one thinks much of Black Gold because he is so small. But Jaydee sees something special in his eyes. He knows Black Gold would be great if he was his rider! Finally, Jaydee gets his wish. And Black Gold grows strong and fast under his careful hands. Soon it would be time for the most important race in America. Did they really have what it takes to win? Black Gold's inspirational story proves that the power of love and dedication can make any dream come true. Set against the thrilling and colorful world of Thoroughbred horses, Black Gold is the story of a real legendary horse and his determined young jockey. 173 pages.