This optional book pack is for use with Level 4/5 of Drawn into the Heart of Reading. In this level, your child will read the chosen books mainly independently for a total of 15 days for each genre. This is a Boy Interest Pack. Click here for the Girl Interest Pack. Each book on the list below has an approximate reading level noting the grade and month next to it. Use this information to choose the set that best suits your child's reading level. If these books seem too difficult, we also have book packs for Level 2 and Level 3. If these books seem too easy, you may choose your own books, or off our Sample Book Ideas List. Please keep in mind, these specific titles are not needed, but each book was very carefully chosen as an excellent reading selection for the noted reading level.

Our book sets were created to save you time and to help you find quality books at the right reading level. This is one of the keys to a successful reading experience for your child. You are welcome to use your own book selections if you prefer. Drawn into the Heart of Reading truly works with any books you choose.

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Book Pack: Boy Interest Titles

Jed Smith: Trailblazer of the West, by Frank Latham, Christian Liberty Press 2007
Reading Level: 4.9, List Price: $9.50
Suggested number of days to read: 15 days
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Introduce 10- to 14-year-olds to a fascinating character in American history: Christian trapper and mountain man Jedediah Smith! As a young man, Jed dared to pursue his dreams--braving dangerous terrain, grizzly bears, hostile Indian tribes, and other obstacles as he blazed a trail for settlers moving west into the "wilderness territory" beyond the Rocky Mountains. Best of all, his story and Christian testimony are as amazing as they are true! 126 pages.
The Black Stallion, by Walter Farley, Yearling 1991
Reading Level: 5.3, List Price: $7.99
Suggested number of days to read: 15 days
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He was a giant of a horse, glistening black - too big to be pure Arabian. He was a majestic stallion, born wild, with a speed that matched his savage, ruthless spirit. When the steamer Drake is shipwrecked off the coast of Spain, there are only two survivors. One is young Alec Ramsay. The other is the Black Stallion who saves Alec's life. Stranded on a desert island, boy and stallion develop a deep and special bond. Recommended for ages 9 to 12. 224 pages.
Historical Fiction
The Sign of the Beaver, by Elizabeth George Speare, Yearling 1984
Reading Level: 4.9, List Price: $7.99
Suggested number of days to read: 15 days
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Now that twelve-year-old Matt and his father have finished building a comfortable cabin for their family in the Maine wilderness, Matt's father must leave to bring the rest of the family to the new settlement. Until the day his father returns, Matt must try to survive on his own. Matt is brave, but he's not prepared for an attack by swarming bees, and he's astonished when he's rescued by an Indian chief and his grandson, Attean. As the boys come to know each other, Attean learns to speak English, while Matt becomes a skilled hunter. Many months pass with no sign of Matt's family. Then Attean asks Matt to join the Beaver tribe and move north. Should Matt abandon his hopes of ever seeing his family again and go on to a new life? Recommended for ages 10 to 14. A 1984 Newbery Honor book. 144 pages.
Little Pilgrim's Progress, by Helen Taylor, Moody 2006
Reading Level: 5.0, List Price: $10.99
Suggested number of days to read: 15 days
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Invite your 9- to 12-year-olds to journey to the Celestial City---with this special version of Pilgrim's Progress adapted just for them! Featuring child-friendly vocabulary and simplified concepts for young readers, Taylor's abridgment leaves Bunyan's unforgettable story line intact. Now fresh illustrations bring the classic to life for contemporary "travelers". Divided into two parts, both Christian and Christiana's stories are included. Boys will read Christian's story, while girls will read Christiana's story. Note: The stories contain some vivid content. 256 pages, softcover from Moody.
Note: Read only Part Two p. 185-323 - this book is also included in the 4/5 Girl Set.

Scripture Sleuth 2: Concord Cunningham Returns, by Mat Halverson, Focus Pub. 2001
Reading Level: 4.8, List Price: $8.95
Suggested number of days to read: 8 days
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Who sabotaged the school play? Is the bigfoot picture real or fake? Did Mr. Morrison really find Murdock's lost gold mine? There's only one way to find out: Grab a Bible and get ready to Scripture sleuth with Concord Cunningham!

The world's most unique kid detective is back in this book, and once again he's using his Bible concordance to outwit villains. Concord investigates a new mystery in each exciting chapter. Though Concord always cracks the case, he never gives away the solution. Instead, at the end of each chapter, Concord reveals a Bible verse which holds the final clue to that chapter's mystery. So find a Bible, look up the verse, and see if you can crack the case! There are twelve fun new mysteries to solve, and the solutions are at the back of the book. Young and old readers alike will enjoy matching wits with Concord Cunningham! Recommended for ages 7 to 12. 87 pages.

Scripture Sleuth 3: Concord Cunningham on the Case, by Mat Halverson, Focus Pub. 2003
Reading Level: 4.7, List Price: $8.95
Suggested number of days to read: 7 days
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In this third volume of unique Scripture Sleuth mysteries, Concord once again faces an exciting new case in each chapter. Though Concord always solves the mystery, he never gives away the solution. Instead, he reveals the location of a Bible verse which holds the mystery's final clue. Then it's up to you to look up the clue and crack the case! Not sure about your answer? No problem. The solutions are at the back of the book. These timeless and lighthearted mysteries are certain to make you think, make you laugh, and make looking up Bible verses irresistibly fun! 99 pages.
Folk Tales
Buffalo Bill: Frontier Daredevil, by Augusta Stevenson, Aladdin 1991
Reading Level: 4.0, List Price: $6.99
Suggested number of days to read: 15 days
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This lively, inspiring, and believable tale looks at the childhood of Wild West showman Buffalo Bill Cody. Join Buffalo Bill as he grows up on the American frontier, goes on a wild ride to save his father, faces outlaws, and grows up to become the famous showman Buffalo Bill. 192 pages.
Non Fiction
Dragons of the Deep: Ocean Monsters Past & Present, by Carl Wieland, Master Books 2005
Reading Level: 5.7, List Price: $15.99
Suggested number of days to read: 15 days
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Can the stories of sea dragons be true? The Bible describes a frightening, huge creature that lived in the sea called Leviathan. It had fearsome teeth and armor-pleated scales that spears and arrows could not penetrate. A Norse legend tells of a colossal sea creature with many arms that could capsize a sailing ship. In 1918, a group of lobster fisherman in Port Stephens, Australia, reported an encounter with "an immense shark of almost unbelievable proportions" that devastated their catch and left them in a state of shock.

As researchers discover teeth and bones from the past, these stories and many like them are no longer easily dismissed as tall tales. The fossil evidence shows that the oceans once teemed with sea monsters and some are still alive today. Even some of those thought extinct may still be lurking in the ocean depths today! Each creature is featured with full-color illustrations, size comparisons, skeleton drawings, a fast facts section and fascinating information about how the sea creatures lived and died. This one-of-a-kind book will thrill readers with exciting accounts of those fearsome and marvelous creatures that once ruled the oceans! Recommended for ages 9 and up. Written from a creationist perspective. 80 pages.
Tales from Dust River Gulch, by Tim Davis, BJU Press 1996
Reading Level: 4.7, List Price: $10.00
Suggested number of days to read: 6 days
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Now Dust River Gulch always has been a dandy place to live, fer law-abidin' folks, that is. An' there ain't no sheriff west of the Mississippi with a better pedigree than the Gulch's own J.D. Saddlesoap. He's a fine-looking mustang, an' his heart's tender as a bare foot in a cactus patch. But he don't tolerate no trouble in town. This collection of tales has 6 humorous stories.
1. Showdown: Sheriff J.D. Saddlesoap faces the notorious outlaw Gruffle O'Buffalo, in a rodeo contest like you've never seen before.
2. Billy the Kid: The sheriff faces a troublesome mountain goat as crime rises to new heights in Dust River Gulch.
3. Gold in that Thar Soup: Bo the lizard finds gold in an unusual place. His troubles begin when he tries to keep it a secret.
4. Doc Hardly: A friendly visitor to Dust River Gulch is doing everything he can to help the town get a good night's sleep.
5. Hare-Raisin'Horseshoes: Sheriff J.D. Saddlesoap loses his shoes and nearly loses his reputation at the same time when a farmer with a chip on his shoulder accuses him of vandalism.
6. End of the Rodeo: Gruffle O'Buffalo and his gang return to Dust River Gulch to finish off their rodeo contest and to settle a score with the Sheriff. Recommended for ages 9 to 12. 93 pages.

More Tales from Dust River Gulch, by Tim Davis, BJU Press 2002
Reading Level: 4.6, List Price: $10.00
Suggested number of days to read: 9 days
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The fun continues in More Tales from Dust River Gulch. This collection features 6 more tales set in the same fanciful western town as Tales from Dust River Gulch. Recommended for ages 9-12. 108 pages.
Realistic Fiction
The Toothpaste Millionaire by Jean Merrill, Sandpiper 2006
Reading Level: 5.0, List Price: $7.99
Suggested number of days to read: 5 days
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Likable, clever, and inventive sixth-graders Rufus Mayflower and Kate Makinstrey develop and sell toothpaste to become millionaires in just one year! When Rufus decides that toothpaste costs too much, he starts his own toothpaste making business. From his meager beginnings with re-used baby food jars up to a fully professional operation with stockholders and a tube-filling machine, he rakes in the cash and confounds the leaders of the pharmaceutical industry with his methods. This fun, breezy story includes many real-life mathematical problems which the characters must solve to succeed in their budding business. 144 pages.

Gentle Ben by Walt Morey, Puffin 2006
Reading Level: 5.0, List Price: $6.99
Suggested number of days to read: 10 days
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The Alaskan wilderness is a lonely place for Mark Andersen, especially after the death of his older brother, Jamie. But in time Mark finds someone else to love--Ben, an Alaskan brown bear so huge that no one else dares come near him. Ben and Mark form a special bond, but the townspeople are determined to destroy it. It is only through the strength of an enduring friendship that Ben-and Mark-have a chance of being saved. 192 pages.