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Bigger Hearts for His Glory - Science

As students grow older, their attention spans and their desire to know more about God's world grow too. To encourage that desire, science becomes a daily subject in Bigger Hearts for His Glory. Science is structured around a handful of fascinating biographies and living books. Bigger Hearts for His Glory uses One Small Square: Seashore, Science in Colonial America, John Audubon: Young Naturalist, One Small Square: Woods, A Pioneer Sampler, and Thomas A. Edison: Young Inventor for science. Hands on science activities are included in our Teacher's Guide twice each week.These activities are designed to excite your young scientist without requiring additional preparation or planning from you. Science notebooking assignments are included once each week. Children will also have a chance to narrate on what they've read in science twice each week.

One Small Square: Seashore

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From sandy beaches to rocky cliffs, the place where the land meets the sea is an amazing habitat. While exploring at the shore or reading at home, children will be astonished by the richness and variety of creatures at the water's edge. Beautifully illustrated, with a picture reference and glossary, Seashore is just one volume from the critically acclaimed One Small Square series of hands-on science books, now available in paperback.

Science in Colonial America

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* A Pioneer Sampler - $15.99 Colonial Americans demanded that their science be practical, useful, and democratic. They were eager to ask questions and find answers about the exciting new world around them. The colonists catalogued new wildlife, examined fossils, experimented with electricity, and calculated the distance between Earth and the sun.

Led by innovators such as Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Peter Collinson and other early Americans who explored and contributed to the science of medicine, natural history, astronomy and electricity. Incorporating many brief quotes from primary sources, this book should be useful for both science and social studies inquiry. Maps, an index, glossary and a list of resources are included. The "can do" spirit that developed during America's colonial period continues to inspire American scientists today.

John Audubon
Meet John Audubon, World-famous wildlife artist

$9.95 [Add to Cart]

From a tropical island to Europe to America, join the young "Jean" Audubon as he follows his dream to bring birds and animals to life with pencil and paper. Find out about the boy who grew up to create the greatest wildlife drawings in the world, and whose name stands for the love and preservation of nature.

One Small Square: Woods

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The woods are full of puzzles to be solved, clues to be found. Inspired by this book's hints and fun-filled experiments and activities, and using only simple equipment, young readers unlock the closely guarded secrets of the woods from the strange meetings of lazy butterflies, to the miraculous "walking" of a twig, to the riddle of why the leaves turn color and fall. One small square at a time, these "detectives" plunge deeper and deeper into ancient mysteries without ever getting lost. Beautifully illustrated, Woods offers a picture field guide, a glossary-index, and a resource list.

A Pioneer Sampler

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Combining fact and fiction effectively, this appealing book offers a window into the lives of pioneers. Greenwood offers fictional episodes about one family, the Robertsons, but between chapters about their adventures' there are sections giving background information about the period. For instance, in one story Meg goes to the general store to buy ribbons but decides to spend her money to help a neighbor who can't afford the postage due on a letter. The next few pages show what might be found at a village store; explain how to make a balance scale from yogurt containers and a coat hanger; discuss the post office and letter writing during pioneer days (including the information that the U.S. began using postage stamps in 1847); and give a recipe for homemade ink. Profusely illustrated with attractive pencil drawings, this book will prove a valuable resource for children studying the period.

Thomas A. Edison
Young Inventor

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Thomas A. Edison: Young Inventor is one of the classic Childhood of Famous Americans titles. It is a biography focusing on the childhood of the inventor who patented more than 1100 inventions in sixty years, among them the electric light and the phonograph.

The Childhood of Famous Americans series, seventy years old in 2002, chronicles the early years of famous American men and women in an accessible manner. Each book is faithful in spirit to the values and experiences that influenced the person's development. History is fleshed out with fictionalized details, and conversations have been added to make the stories come alive to today's reader, but every reasonable effort has been made to make the stories consistent with the events, ethics, and character of their subjects.

These books reaffirm the importance of our American heritage. We hope you learn to love the heroes and heroines who helped shape this great country. And by doing so, we hope you also develop a lasting love for the nation that gave them the opportunity to make their dreams come true. It will do the same for you.

Happy Reading!