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Bigger Hearts for His Glory uses A First Book in American History, Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans, The Story of the Wright Brothers and Their Sister, and Journeys in Time to give a biographical overview of American history from 1500's-1970. Using this approach students will be inspired by stories of American heroes and be led to see God's providence in the history of our nation. The biographical focus gives a different view of American history from Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory. It is important for students to be familiar with some of the famous (and not so famous) Americans that are a part of our heritage.

These stories provide the focus for the "Learning Through History" part of the daily plans.

A First Book in American History

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Edward Eggleston had a simple goal when writing history texts for children: make history interesting. Make it interesting because a child remembers what captivates him. A child is fascinated above all by people, Eggleston reasoned. So in his history texts Eggleston draws a picture of the development of the United States using the stories of the living and breathing Americans who made it all happen - men and women like Henry Hudson, Myles Standish, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Morse, and Abraham Lincoln.

Children learn even more valuable lessons as they absorb history through biography. They learn virtue and good conduct by osmosis. How better to illustrate perseverance than with the stories of Columbus and the other explorers? What finer way to teach patience, honor and selfless public spirit than with the life of George Washington? How better to portray the value of diligent study, hard work, and simplicity of character than with the life of Abraham Lincoln?

The faults as well as the virtues of the persons whose lives are described will allow you opportunities to encourage right moral judgments.

A First Book in American History captures the imagination, makes children proud of their heritage, and teaches virtue by example.

Stories of Great Americans
(Taken from the preface of the book ...)

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America's heroes come to life for children thanks to this 1895 classic by Edward Eggleston. Edward Eggleston captures America's heritage in the best way possible for children: with imaginative stories about great Americans. Stories written at a time when Americans wanted their children to be proud of their country. Stories that bring the people and the times to life. Stories designed to give hours of reading pleasure.

The 52 chapters here include stories about war heroes, statesmen, explorers, inventors, writers, artists, scientists, and just plain ordinary people who made a difference. The lives of these men and women wonderfully illustrate the virtues children need to learn. (Virtues like courage, unselfishness, honesty, patience, ingenuity, kindness, independence, and perseverance.)

You get stories about great American men and women like . . .

Daniel Boone * Francis Scott Key * George Washington * Eliza Lucas * Marquette * Benjamin West * George Rogers Clark * Daniel Webster * William Penn * Louisa May Alcott * Charles Goodyear * Kit Carson * Thomas Jefferson * Benezet * Robert Fulton * Henry Wadsworth Longfellow * Thomas Smith * Horace Greeley * Lewis and Clark * General Marion * Benjamin Franklin * plus over a dozen more!

For children - even for adults - Edward Eggleston's writing nourishes a love and appreciation of America and the people who made it great.

The Story of the Wright
Brothers and Their Sister
(Taken from the preface ... by Michael J. McHugh -2005)

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The Story of the Wright Brothers and their Sister is a wonderful example of how Almighty God chooses to use the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. It is nothing short of a miracle that the two sons of a little known Christian minister, experienced only in bicycle repair and largely self-educated, would be responsible for unlocking the secrets of flight to a waiting world.

It should come as no surprise, however, that these simple and quiet young men did not achieve their success alone. They had the constant support of loving parents and a caring sister, and above all they had the help of the Lord.

Young people need to understand that God can and does bless the efforts of humble and industrious people, young and old alike. The Wright brothers were committed to being useful; they dared to live their God-given dreams even in the midst of public ridicule and financial poverty. They discovered the great thrill of overcoming trials and problems through humble, childlike faith and determination.

May the following story inspire all of God's children to dare great exploits for the glory of Jesus Christ and the good of mankind.

Journeys in Time

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Brave the Atlantic with the Pilgrims. Drag cannons across the icy Hudson for George Washington and meet the West with Lewis and Clark. Travel the Santa Fe Trail in a covered wagon and barnstorm the continent in a single-engine plane. Journeys in Time takes you on twenty journeys that have shaped our national past, allowing you to follow in the footsteps of the real people who made American history.

Journeys in Time weaves together true stories, maps, and pictures to tell the stories of history in its own way. On each 2 page spread you can use the maps to trace a route, understand the shape of the land, and see a true story unfold around the map.

This is a delightful resource that makes history come alive and helps us understand that history is a journey.