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Bigger Hearts for His Glory - Girl Interest Titles

For ease of use, we sell three different packs of the suggested read-aloud selections:
(Click on the links to view titles in each pack.) Each pack contains nine read-aloud titles, one for each type of literature in Bigger Hearts for His Glory. These optional book packs are for use with the storytime part of the plans. Choose one book pack or use your own. Please feel free to use your own book selections or your library in order to economize.

Book Pack: Girl Interest Titles
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Book Description
(Unit 1-Unit 4)
Phillis Wheatley: Young Revolutionary Poet, by Kathryn Kilby Borland,
2005 Patria Press, Inc.

Phillis Wheatley's rise from slavery to recognition as the foremost African American poet in the American colonies is featured in this volume. Young readers will rejoice as she protects her friend Nat from British soldiers after the Boston Tea Party and delight when one of her poems results in a life-changing meeting with George Washington. Vivid descriptions accent this window into an exciting era in which Phillis found strength in the face of adversity and became a celebrated poet.

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(Unit 5-Unit 8)
Baby Island, by Carol Ryrie Brink and Helen Sewell, 1993 Aladdin

Twelve-year-old Mary Wallace and her ten-year-old sister Jean survive the wreck of an ocean liner on its way to Australia and manage to make it to a seemingly deserted island in a lifeboat with four babies.

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Historical Fiction
(Unit 9-Unit 12)
Understood Betsy, by Dorothy Canfield Fisher, 1999 University Press of New England

Orphaned as a baby, nine-year-old Elizabeth Ann is taken in by her kindhearted great-aunt Harriet and cousin Frances, who aim to raise her in a loving, proper and cultured home in the early 1900s. Pale, thin, nervous Elizabeth Ann experiences a new kind of upheaval when Aunt Harriet becomes seriously ill. The situation requires that Elizabeth Ann be sent from her city home to "those horrid Putney cousins" (in Aunt Harriet's opinion) who live on a farm in Vermont. The change in scenery and attitude does Elizabeth Ann a world of good; in the country air where she is expected to do chores and where she can romp around and play with the animals, Elizabeth Ann becomes Betsy, a robust and happy girl.

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(Unit 13-Unit 16)
Stuart Little, by E.B. White, 1945

Chester Cricket needs Stuart Little is no ordinary mouse. Born to a family of humans, he lives in New York City with his parents, his older brother George, and Snowbell the cat. Though he's shy and thoughtful, he's also a true lover of adventure.

Stuart's greatest adventure comes when his best friend, a beautiful bird named Margalo, disappears from her nest. Determined to track her down, Stuart ventures away from home for the very first time in his life. He finds adventure aplenty. But will he find his friend?

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(Unit 17-Unit 20)
Footprints in the Barn by Stephen B. Castleberry, 2001 Castleberry Farms Pr.

The Farm Mystery Series books are wonderful books that have just enough mystery and excitement to make them interesting for children. They have no objectionable elements, but they do a great job of modeling exemplary behavior and presenting good family relationships.

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(Unit 21-Unit 24)
If Your Name Was Changed at Ellis Island, by Ellen Levine, 1994 Scholastic Paperbacks

Levine portrays the immigration procedures followed at Ellis Island between 1892 and 1914 in an interesting and thought-provoking way. One- or two-page chapters offer concise answers to questions ("What did people bring with them?'; "What happened if you were detained?"; "How did people learn English?"), which helps youngsters get a feel for what life was like for immigrants at Ellis Island. Mind-boggling facts about the many rigorous routines and tests (medical, legal, literacy) that new arrivals endured are peppered with the intriguing personal reminiscences of individuals who were brave enough to have lived through them.

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(Unit 25-Unit 28)
Emily's Runaway Imagination, by Beverly Cleary, 1990 Harper Trophy

Spunky Emily Bartlett lives in an old farmhouse in Pitchfork, Oregon - at a time when automobiles are brand-new inventions and libraries are luxuries few small towns can afford. Her runaway imagination leads her to bleach a horse, and feed the hogs an unusual treat. But can she use her lively mind to help bring a library to Pitchfork?

** Note - You may want to skip Chapter 6 "The Scary Night" when you read aloud or preview it to determine how suitable it is for your listener.

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Realistic Fiction
(Unit 29-Unit 32)
A Little Princess, by Frances Hodgson Burnett, 1987 HarperTrophy

Sara Crewe's father has always given her everything she's ever wanted, but now he must go to India, leaving his only child in the care of Miss Minchin, the strict and hard-hearted headmistress of the school. Sara's whole world comes crashing down when she receives word that her father is dead, and that her entire fortune has seemingly disappeared. Miss Minchin permits Sara to stay, but she forces the poor girl to work as a maid. Life for Sara becomes very bleak, but Sara does not abandon hope. Sara shows her inner strength as she maintains her sense of worth and ultimately triumphs in the end.

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Folk Tales
(Unit 33-34)
The Ordinary Princess, by M. M. Kaye, 2002 Puffin

Along with wit, charm, health, and courage, Princess Amy of Phantasmorania receives a special fairy christening gift: ordinariness. Unlike her six beautiful sisters, she has brown hair and freckles, and would rather have adventures than play the harp, embroider tapestries . . . or become a Queen. When her royal parents try to marry her off, Amy runs away and, because she's so ordinary, easily becomes the fourteenth assistant kitchen maid at a neighboring palace. And there . . . much to everyone's surprise . . . she meets a prince just as ordinary (and special) as she is!

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