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World History Teacher's Guide
List Price - $105.95 (Add to Cart)
Author - Carrie Austin

See web page for description

Unveiling the Kings of Israel
List Price - $29.99 (Add to Cart)
Author - David Down
Bibliographic Data - Hardcover, full-color, 224 pages


Unearth the history of the small nation of Israel - the troubled and devastating periods of loss and exile - once lost to time. Far from being a book of myths, the Bible is an amazing historical record, and each year, more archaeological discoveries continue to prove its validity and significance. Follow the intriguing clues found buried in ancient cities, on the walls of early monuments, and in the written records of our world's oldest civilizations. Walk the ancient streets, explore the distant temples, and unearth the compelling history that continues to resonate with the world today.

This text includes:
*Cultural references proven through artifacts and archives in full color.
*Fascinating accounts that fill in some of history's unwritten record.
*A Biblical timeline highlighted by detailed photos and examples.

Link to see inside (PDF)

People, Places, & Events of World History
List Price - $53.70 for all 6 texts (Add to Cart)
Author - John R. Bennie III
Bibliographic Data - 6 softcover texts: Chapters 1-6 = 389 total pages

The People, Places, & Events of World History is designed for high school students. As part of the design of this world history course, students study the following 15 basic components of cultures: Agriculture, Architecture, Communication, Discoveries, Dominant Personalities, Education, Families, Food, Government, Industry, Energy, Military, Religion, Sports, and Transportation. In covering history in this manner, students gain a cultural perspective of life in various time periods, rather than following a strictly chronological approach to studying historical events.

This course consists of six chapters that cover time from 5000 B.C. to 2011 A.D. The first chapter begins with evidence of civilization in the Fertile Crescent and expands from there to the major continents of the world. Throughout the six chapters of text, Biblical and Christian history is treated as fact; and related people, events, and quotations are interwoven as part of the telling of world history.

The writers incorporate a conversational, narrative style designed to engage students. Interesting vignettes on different aspects of the world's cultures enrich the already interesting text. Selected vocabulary words are highlighted and defined to help promote understanding. Black-and-white illustrations, maps, and time lines are sprinkled throughout each chapter to create mental images that enhance comprehension of the People, Places, & Events of World History. This set of texts is used as one part of the study of world history in our Heart of Dakota guide. Combining multiple resources allows students to gain a fuller and richer understanding of world history as students read about history from the perspectives of varying authors.

Link to see inside the first chapter (PDF)

There are honestly so many topics and people interwoven into the narrative of the six chapters of these texts that it would be difficult to list them all. Instead, here is a list of a smattering of topics from each chapter to give you an idea of the breadth of coverage.

Chapter One General Topics:
Mesopotamian civilizations, Ancient Greece, Ancient China, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Israel, and Ancient North and South American civilizations

Chapter Two General Topics:
Greek life and the rise and fall of Greece, Roman life and the rise of Rome, Incan and Mayan cultures, the Seven Wonders of the World, Hebrew culture, Ancient religions in India and China, Phoenicians, Celts, Josephus, Vesuvius, Native American cultures, King David, King Solomon, Esther, Daniel, Alexander the Great, Ptolemy, Caesar

Chapter Three General Topics:
Slavery in Rome, Life and Ministry of Christ, Spread of Christianity, Buddhism in India, Saxons, Hadrian, Great Wall of China, Apostle Paul, Pliny, Ambrose, Gregory I, Constantine, Patrick in Ireland, Muhammad and Islam, Japan, Byzantine Empire, Cliff Dwellers, Chinese silk production, Irish Culdees, Attila the Hun, Gaul, Celtic culture

Chapter Four General Topics:
Holy Roman Empire, Crusades and Islam, Dome of the Rock, Genghis Khan, Mound Builders, Battle of Hastings, Vikings, Magna Carta, King Arthur, Dante, Aquinas, Luther, Wycliffe, Spanish Conquistadors, Gutenberg's Printing Press, Spanish Armada, Galileo, Geneva, Gunpowder, Chinese inventions, Columbus, Tyndale, Calvin, Magellan

Chapter Five General Topics:
Queen Elizabeth, John Bunyan, John Wesley, Southwestern Native Americans, Puritans, Pilgrims, Isaac Newton, Joan of Arc, African slaves, William Shakespeare, King James' Bible, Renaissance, Michelangelo, Leonardo daVinci, John Milton, Karl Marx, American War for Independence, William Carey, French Revolution, Napoleon, George Handel, American Civil War, Salvation Army, Louis Pasteur, Industrial Revolution, Beethoven, Benjamin Franklin, Michael Faraday, Alexander Graham Bell, Red Cross, Florence Nightingale, Steam Trains, Captain Cook

Chapter Six General Topics:
Socialism, Fascism, Communism, Gandhi, Islam and Holy Wars, Panama Canal, Railroads, Electricity, World War I, World War II, Great Depression, Einstein, Atomic Energy, Automobiles, Airplanes, Radio, Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, Hitler, United Nations, Man in Space, Free Enterprise, Evangelism, Crusades, Poverty, Fashion, Fast Food, Television, Computers, Terrorists, Natural Disasters, Space Exploration, Other Wars

You Are There! World History Audio Collection
List Price - $25.00 (Add to Cart)
Author - Old Time Radio Show Series
Bibliographic Data - MP3 Audio CD (Note: Playable on a computer CD drive, a DVD player, or an MP3 compatible CD player. Not playable on a standard CD player.)


Feel like you are there, experiencing the events of world history afresh! See the Fall of Troy, the Battle of Thermopylae, Charlemagne, the Signing of the Magna Charta, the Storming of the Bastille, the Exile and Reign of Napoleon, and even more events from 1200 B.C. to 1899 A.D. In the format of the CBS old time radio shows broadcast in the height of the 'Radio Years', these "Old Time Radio Shows" provide history lessons in a historical format.

Each show begins with "live" background coverage of the historical event, and then the "on the scene reporters" take over. For example, everybody knows there were no radio announcers in Ancient Greece, but you will be transported back in time anyway as the show "broadcasts" from inside and outside of Troy during the "Fall of Troy". The dialogue is very believable, historically accurate, and very much in character. It is apparent that the producers of this show did their homework! Let's listen to the announcer now..."CBS takes you back to 1200 B.C. All things are as they were then, except for one thing: when CBS is there, You Are There!" You Are There is based on authentic historical fact and quotations, and now, on to our story. 31 Tracks (each track is 25-30 min. long)


  1. Sampler
  2. 1200 BC - The Fall of Troy
  3. 480 BC - The Battle of Thermopylae
  4. 399 BC - The Death of Socrates
  5. Sep 30, 331 BC - Alexander the Great Part I
  6. Oct 1, 331 BC - Alexander the Great Part II
  7. Sep, 326 BC - Alexander the Great Part III
  8. Aug 26, 79 AD - The Last Day of Pompeii
  9. Dec 5, 63 BC - The Conspiracy of Cataline
  10. 44 BC - The Assassination of Julius Caesar
  11. Dec 25, 800 - Charlemagne
  12. Oct 14, 1066 - The Battle of Hastings
  13. Jun 15, 1215 - The Signing of the Magna Charta
  14. May 30, 1431 - Joan of Arc Burned at the Stake
  15. Apr 7, 1498 - The Ordeal of Savonarola
  16. Jun 15, 1520 - The Death of Montezuma
  17. Oct 3, 1574 - The Siege of Leiden, Holland
  18. Feb 8, 1587 - Execution of Mary Queen of Scots
  19. Aug 8, 1588 - Drake Defeats Spanish Armada
  20. Jan, 1649 - The Trial and Sentencing of Charles I
  21. Sep 5, 1670 - Trial of William Penn
  22. May 23, 1701 - The Hanging of Captain Kidd
  23. Jun 22, 1757 - The Battle of Plassey
  24. Jul 14, 1789 - The Storming of The Bastille
  25. Oct 16, 1793 - The Trial of Marie Antoinette
  26. May 6, 1802 - Toussaint L'ouverture Liberates Haiti
  27. Mar 7, 1815 - Napoleon Returns from Elba
  28. Jul 31, 1815 - Napoleon Recaptured and Exiled
  29. Oct 25, 1854 - The Charge of the Light Brigade
  30. Jun 19, 1867 - The Execution of Maximilian
  31. Sep 8, 1899 - The Dreyfus Case

Note: Not all tracks will be used within the World History Guide, simply due to time constraints.

Link to sample audio of "The Signing of the Magna Charta"

In Context: The Stories Behind Seventy Memorable Sayings in Church History
List Price - $14.99 (Add to Cart)
Author - A. Kenneth Curtis and Dan Graves
Bibliographic Data - 156 pages (with full color pictures)


The selections in this volume relay Christian history by telling the stories behind seventy stellar sayings. Together the quotes cover the first twenty centuries after Christ's birth and many of the key events in the spread of the Christian faith. The sayings included are worth contemplating because they distill the essence of a historical period, an individual, or a movement.

Have you ever heard someone choose the "lesser of two evils" when making a particularly tough decision? The origin of this common saying might surprise you as being from Christian writer Thomas a 'Kempis in the early 15th Century. Kempis was encouraging believers to endure whatever trials may come their way in the name of faith, for the alternative would be eternal separation from God--an evil to be avoided at all costs.

From Mary, the mother of Jesus, to Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the authors comb the centuries to provide well-researched, thoughtful accounts of faith inspiring sayings related to:

*famous last words
*historic utterances
*favorite lines from hymns
*lasting creeds
*bold declarations of faith
*comforting words

We hope you will enjoy this tour through Christian history by way of some of its best-known sayings!

Link to preview text inside (PDF)

Short Lessons in World History, Fourth Edition
List Price - $27.00 (Add to Cart)
Author - E. Richard and Linda R. Churchill
Bibliographic Data - (most pages reproducible) 204 pages (or purchase one per student) (Answer Key included)


From Ancient Sumer to the high gas prices of 2005, this collection of 87 lessons feature engaging text, time lines, maps, pre-reading questions, quizzes, activities, puzzles, and mini-biographies to dramatize critical events and places over the last 6,000 years of world history. Newly introduced words are bolded and defined in the margins for easy vocabulary building, while "critical thinking" boxes throughout the lessons provide a point for students to stop, think, and apply what they've learned. The perfect add-on to a traditional world history course, this text meshes well with the myriad of other resources used within our World History guide. A glossary and answer key for the assessments is included. Note: Either reproduce these lessons or purchase one per student.

Units include:

  • The First Civilized People
  • Greece and Rome
  • Empires and Civilizations Around the World
  • The Middle Ages
  • Europe's Power Grows Greater
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • Empire Building and War
  • War Was Not a Solution
  • Communism and the Cold War
  • The Middle East
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe and the Former Soviet Union
  • The Americas and Today's World

Link to see inside (PDF)

King Alfred's English
List Price - $15.60 (Add to Cart)
Author - Laurie J. White
Bibliographic Data - 150 pages


One needs only to glance at Chaucer, or even further back at Beowulf, to see that English has not always been what we call English. Divided into the major epochs of the language--Pre-English Britain, Old English (which was formed from an invasion of Latin & Old Norse), Middle to Modern English, and Modern English--the retelling of history in King Alfred's English will engross you.

This book provides a guided tour of forces and events, conquerors and writers that have shaped, simplified, matured and expanded English into what it is today-the first truly global language in history. Mingling history, religion, famous people, and linguistics, this text integrates the story of English into the narrative of Western History.

The capstone of the book is the story of how we got the Bible in English and the Bible's influence upon our language. As you read, you'll discover answers to questions like the following: What were the driving ideas behind the Reformation? Are the New Testament documents really reliable and how do they compare to other ancient manuscripts? Why was translating the Bible into English punishable by death and what does all that have to do with the history of English? Learning about the history of the English language has never been as entertaining as it is in King Alfred's English.

Link to see inside the book (PDF)

Trial and Triumph: Stories from Church History
List Price - $21.00 (Add to Cart)
Author - Richard M. Hannula
Bibliographic Data - 288 pages


Christianity is a faith in love with history. God took on human flesh and dwelt among us. The Spirit carried that divine work over the centuries, providing courage and maturity even amid our imperfections.

Christians find their true family line not through tribes and ethnic blood, but in the bond of faithfulness and shed blood that has united our family for millennia. We too often view Church history as the story of obscure people, instead of as the lives of brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers.

In this collection of forty-six chronologically arranged biographies, Hannula sketches the stirring trials and triumphs of many famous and some lesser known figures in our family of faith, including Augustine, Charlemagne, Anselm, Luther, Bunyan, and Charles Spurgeon.

These biographies provide a wonderful glimpse into the role that the Christian faith played in the lives of people throughout history; beginning with the "Early Church," moving into the "Middle Ages" followed by the "Reformation" and the "Post-Reformation," and finishing with "Modern Missions" and "Recent Times." This provides a great way to learn Church history through fascinating biographical sketches!

Note: While this book is a tremendous resource for Church history, due to its mature content, we waited to use it until our students were older and more mature in their faith. With that being said, I am excited for our students not to miss the opportunity to read this wonderful book as one part of our study of world history. I believe it will help students appreciate the sacrifice that many Christians have made for their faith and (when used in conjunction with the other resources within our guide) help students gain a fuller picture of each person and his/her role in history. Even if your students have already had exposure to this book, reading it independently as scheduled in our guide will be a different experience. This book is used as one resource within our study of world history.

Courage and Conviction: Chronicles of the Reformation Church
List Price - $9.99 (Add to Cart)
Author - Brandon and Mindy Withrow
Bibliographic Data - 255 pages


Let history come to life - just the way it should. Read the stories of the reformers in the 16th and 17th centuries who changed the face of the Christian church forever. Meet the German monk, the French scholar, and the Scottish tutor who protested corruption in the church. Get to know the queens and explorers who risked everything for the freedom to worship according to their consciences.

It was a time of war and upheaval, but also a time of promise and hope. From Erasmus and Luther to Katherine Parr and William Bradford, God used different personalities in different places to bring sweeping changes to church government and the way we worship. Learn from their mistakes and be encouraged by their amazing strengths and gifts.

Extra features throughout this book look deeper into issues such as the Scientific Revolution, wars of religion, the Puritans, and the settling of the Americas.

This volume spans the years from 1500 to 1700. Chapters highlight the lives of Desiderius Erasmus, Martin Luther, Menno Simons, John Calvin, Katherine Parr, Thomas Cranmer, John Knox, Jeanne d'Albret, William Bradford, Samuel Rutherford, John Bunyan, and John Eliot. Additional background features include: Reformation Church Timeline; What was the Reformation Church?; The Catholic Reformation; Big Changes in the Reformation World; War and Religion; The Settling of the Americas; Confessions and Catechisms of the Reformation; Other Reformation Christians; and Enlightenment and Awakening.

Note: This is the only book in the "History Lives" series that we haven't used in a previous Heart of Dakota guide. This is because Mystery of History III did such a good job of covering the people and events from this time period in our guide Resurrection to Reformation that we didn't need it. We are thrilled to include this book now, allowing students to complete the series.

Critical Thinking Using Primary Sources in World History
List Price - $27.00 (Add to Cart)
Author - Wendy S. Wilson and Gerald H. Herman
Bibliographic Data - (reproducible) 144 pages (or purchase one per student)


Use primary and secondary source material to explore the lives and times of such notables as Roman Emperor Octavian Augustus and the Formation of the Roman Empire, Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Angevin Empire, Martin Luther and the Suppression of the Peasant Revolt, Oliver Cromwell and the English Civil War, Peter the Great and the Westernization of Russia, John Newton and the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Maximilien Robespierre and "The Republic of Virtue", Robert Peel and the Corn Laws, Sylvia Pankhurst: Advocate or Subversive?, Boxer Rebellion and the Westernization of China, and Francisco (Pancho) Villa: Outlaw or Revolutionary?

This resource takes evaluation of primary source documents to a new level by providing historical background information about the person and the time period being studied, critical-reading questions to guide the reading of the documents, and multiple documents about a singular event or person for students to compare. After reading and analyzing the provided documents (and using what they know about the person and event from other history readings), students must then take a stand about a "charge" leveled against the person in history and defend that stance using excerpts from the primary source documents to support their stance. This process develops critical thinking and opinion-based writing skills, and prepares students for document-based assessment. Grade level: 10-12 Note: Either reproduce these lessons or purchase one per student.

See sample pages inside (PDF)

World History Timeline Figures
List Price - $19.00 (Add to Cart)
Author - Amy Pak
Bibliographic Data - CD with printable timeline figures designed for Heart of Dakota by Amy Pak to coordinate with our World History guide


We are thrilled that Amy Pak has consented to create a printable CD of her beautiful timeline figures to specifically fit our World History guide! This CD will contain hand-drawn detailed images, along with Amy's helpful descriptive text under each image, to guide students to remember key points about each person or event. These timeline figures will be scheduled to coordinate with the readings in our World History plans and will need to be be printed, cut out, colored, and placed on gallery pages within our Book of Centuries.

Here are some links to Amy's images.

Book of Centuries
List Price - $35.95 (Add to Cart)
Author - Carrie Austin, Graphic Designer - Merlin DeBoer
Bibliographic Data - Shrink-wrapped, 3-hole punched, Full-color/2 sided (one per student)


Pages for the Book of Centuries come 3-hole punched on heavy paper for easy insertion into a 3-ring binder. Pages are in full-color and are appealingly designed to provide a permanent record of time that students will add to throughout their high school years. A full-color cover is included to place in a clear sleeve in the front of your own 3-ring binder.

Students are instructed within the "Learning Through History" side of the plans in each high school guide where to place various entries on the provided pages of the Book of Centuries. Each century opens to a two-page spread, with a gallery of portraits and images designed by Amy Pak on the left side and a page of lines representing 5-10 year increments on the right side for written entries. This helps organize student's timeline work to create a visually appealing record of time from the student's study of geography and history throughout high school.

Each student needs his/her own Book of Centuries, however this is a one-time purchase as students keep the same book throughout all the high school years. Additional sets may be purchased individually from Heart of Dakota.

World History Journal
List Price - $38.95 (Add to Cart)
Author - Carrie Austin, Graphic Designer - Merlin DeBoer
Bibliographic Data - Shrink-wrapped, 3-hole punched, Full-color/2 sided (one per student)


Student Notebook Pages for Hearts for Him Through High School: World History come 3-hole punched on heavy paper for easy insertion into a 3-ring binder. Pages are in full-color and are beautifully designed to provide a permanent keepsake for your student(s). A full-color cover is included to place in a clear sleeve in the front of your own 3-ring binder. Students are instructed where to place various assignments on the provided pages of the Student Notebook throughout the "Learning Through History" side of the World History plans. This helps organize student's work to create a visually appealing portfolio of assignments from the student's study of world history.

Entries within the full-color notebook include multi-paragraph narrations, graphic organizer-style notes on varying viewpoints from You Are There! listening sessions, written opinions, quotations in context, analysis of multiple primary source documents about the same event, support for conclusions drawn from primary source documents, interpretation of maps, and other written responses. Students also file their maps from Short Lessons in World History in the notebook as well. Each student needs his/her own set of Student Notebook Pages. Additional sets may be purchased individually from Heart of Dakota.

Most Important Thing You'll Ever Study: Old Testament Survey
List Price - $59.97(Add to Cart)
Author - Starr Meade
Bibliographic Data - Vol 1: 196 pages, Vol. 2: 228 pages, Vol. 5 Answer Key: 188 pages (Package Includes: 2 Volume Old Testament Survey and separate Answer Key)

Optional: Old Testament Survey (2 volumes, without Answer Key - for an extra student) Price $39.98 (Add to Cart) Optional: Answer Key for Both Old Testament and New Testament Surveys - Price $19.99 (Add to Cart)


This Bible based study is appropriate for a full year of Bible for high school aged students. One set is needed for each student. The study is non-denominationally Protestant with the focus primarily on reading and reflecting upon Scripture itself. Using a study guide format, this overview of the Old Testament leads high school students through Scripture, guiding them in a walk through the Bible from beginning to end to better understand the big picture. Understanding the big picture is truly an area where Starr Meade has been gifted by the Lord. Meade guides students to know what God is like, what He requires, and how to have a right relationship with Him through reading His precious Word. God chose to reveal Himself to us through the written Word, His Holy Book the Bible. To see God's overall message, the Bible is to be read like any other book... from beginning to end.

To gather the Bible's meaning, we need to study and analyze it. We need to think deeply about it. Meade shares that each book of the Bible has at least one or more main arguments and important points to make. Following these arguments and points requires study. Of course, we need to turn this "head knowledge" into "heart knowledge," affecting how we live out of our lives. But, as God's Word says, "Knowledge (of God) is the beginning of wisdom."

Meade shares that she looks upon her survey of the Bible as a study. This study is based upon reading God's Word each day and studying it. The focus is on seeing the Bible as a book, with a main character that is God Himself. In His Book, he reveals His own character. This leads us to ask as we read His Word, "What does God do in the story? What do we learn from Him about what He does?"

Next, Meade shares that we need to understand that each book of the Bible was written by a human author who had a reason (or intention) for writing his portion of Scripture. This intention helped determine what was included in that particular book of the Bible. Even though all Scripture is God breathed, knowing to what audience and for what purpose the human author wrote the book helps us understand what he wrote.

Meade also reminds us that while the Bible is to be read and studied like a book, it is not just any book. This means that we cannot pick and choose what we believe or agree with as we read God's Book. Instead, all of our "beliefs, opinions, and preferences must bow before the truth that God reveals in Scripture." This is such an important distinction that sets study of God's Word apart from the study of other books!

Last, Meade reminds us that because of sin's effect upon us, we are in need of the Holy Spirit's help to grasp what God is saying in His Word and to be moved to obey it. "Real understanding requires the work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts." Apart from God, we will never truly understand His Word. Studying also requires hard work and diligence! God has good reason for each part that is included in Scripture. This means it is worth the work to get to know His Word well.

In our guide, we will schedule Bible study daily. The study will include reading God's Word and answering questions in the companion study guide. Meade's context directs the study and helps students delve more deeply into what God is saying and revealing about Himself in His Word.

Students will also have memory work that will be recited at the end of each quarter. This memory work will include memorizing the names of the Books of the Bible in order, the Ten Commandments, the 23rd Psalm, and one other passage.

Students will continue to keep a daily prayer journal. They will also listen and sing hymns as part of their Bible time this year. Students will earn one full credit of Bible: Old Testament Survey by completing the study plan I've outlined above. The plan includes Scripture reading, studying, answering questions, memorizing, recording entries in a prayer journal, and hymn study. A weekly study of the unabridged Pilgrim's Progress will also be part of the Bible credit.

Link to see inside (PDF)

Selah: Greatest Hymns
List Price - $9.99 (Add to Cart)
Author - Selah
Bibliographic Data - Audio CD


As part of their Bible time this year, students will listen to hymns using Selah's Greatest Hymns CD. This CD includes 15 wonderful hymns with liner notes that give either a little background on the hymn or a personal note about the hymn from one of the members of Selah. Hymn study is a wonderful Charlotte Mason inspired part of the school day, and taking into account the maturing age of our students, this compilation brings hymn study to our students in a way that will speak to their hearts. Even if you are not a fan of Selah, this Greatest Hymns CD will probably become a favorite. I didn't own any Selah CDs, yet this particular one is so highly recommended so many places (and is so beloved by my mother and sisters) that I had to include it. It speaks to my heart now too! What a wonderful way to learn the words of timeless hymns from ages past.

Hymns included are as follows:

  • Be Thou My Vision
  • Great Is Thy Faithfulness
  • Bika Mono Ve (Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior)/It Is Well With My Soul
  • There is a Fountain
  • Amazing Grace
  • How Great Thou Art
  • His Eye is on the Sparrow
  • Be Still my Soul/What a Friend We Have in Jesus
  • By and By
  • When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
  • Part the Waters/I Need Thee Every Hour
  • Precious Lord, Take My Hand/Just a Closer Walk With Thee
  • There is Power in the Blood
  • O Sacred Head Now Wounded
  • Be Thou Near to Me (with Jim Brickman)

All-in-One Curriculum for The Pilgrim's Progress
List Price - $39.99 (Add to Cart)(one per family)
Author - John Bunyan, Answers in Genesis
Bibliographic Data - Hardback volume (includes illustrated copy of full-length Pilgrim's Progress, questions, Answer Key, and printable CD of question pages)

Optional: Additional Pilgrim's Progress Reader $9.99 (Add to Cart)
Optional: Pilgrim's Progress Audio Drama (5 fully dramatized CDs) $24.99 (Add to Cart)


Next to the Bible, Pilgrim's Progress is the most read book of all time. With a distinction like this and it's allegorical focus on a Christian's journey through this world toward heaven, it is definitely a book that should be read by our children.

While Pilgrim's Progress could simply be read (or listened to), there is much to be gained from thinking deeply about it and discussing it with a parent (or mature adult). This is because the meaning within the story becomes richer as you grow older. Maturity in one's faith, and experience with life's trials, makes Pilgrim's Progress even more meaningful.

My oldest son read Pilgrim's Progress at a young age and in all honesty I think he would have benefited from it more had I waited for him to read it when he was in high school. This is one instance in which I believe that reading this particular story later rather than earlier is a good idea. Reading it later and discussing it personally with a parent, rather than reading it younger in a group setting and discussing it with younger ears around can also make a big difference in the level of discussion and of personal sharing!

I think that if done at the right time, with the right audience, this story can be life-changing. I also think that any opportunity where we can have our teens have a time of personal sharing with us one-on-one is an opportunity worth seizing. With this in mind, we will be seizing this opportunity in the World History Guide!

We will schedule this AIG resource to be used once weekly with both parent and child partnering in the study. There will be the option of listening along with the audio of the unabridged text if desired. The audio will be an additional separate purchase. The full, unabridged text of Pilgrim's Progress is included in the oversized hardback curriculum (and is illustrated with well-drawn black and white drawings). The curriculum includes provided questions, charts, and Scripture references that complement each chapter. We will use mostly the "Digging Deeper" higher-level questions with our high school students. The curriculum comes with a CD that allows printing of the questions for additional students. There will also be the option of purchasing additional student copies of Pilgrim's Progress (that match the curriculum) for each student to have his/her own copy of the book if desired.

Includes the reproducible student pages on CD-ROM.

Illustrated full-length text Contains the entire text of The Pilgrim's Progress with Bunyan's Scripture annotations and is illustrated with detailed drawings of important scenes.

Discussion questions At the end of each of the 39 chapters, "Truths to Ponder" give young children an opportunity to cement the truths Bunyan desired to teach children, while the "Digging Deeper" questions help older students apply the teaching to their lives.

Annotated Scripture references

Character analysis The detailed commentary on the figures that Pilgrim encounters throughout his journey give you greater comprehension of John Bunyan's message.

Unit study The extension activities included in the unit study will enable your students to understand more about the events that influenced John Bunyan as he wrote this most-famous of allegories.

Bonus Includes a section of intriguing information about John Bunyan and the story behind the writing of this classic!