from Little Hands To Heaven

I want to thank you for the sweetest pre-school curriculum. I only wish I knew about it when my oldest was a tot. We have just received Little Hands to Heaven, and are using it with our youngest who will be turning 4 in March. She is devouring every bit of it.

Melissa - Pittsburgh, PA

from Little Hands To Heaven

I have been using Little Hands to Heaven with my two little girls for about 1 1/2 years. They love the activities and I love the short prep. time and Biblical emphasis.

Kari - Cedar Falls, IA

from Little Hearts for His Glory

"My son wakes up in the middle of the night to tell me how much he loves doing his "schoolwork". Thank you for equipping Christian parents with this wonderful curriculum. FINALLY an educational program that has its priorities straight! "

Crystal - Magnolia, TX

from Little Hearts for His Glory

"Thanks for the great, Christ-centered curriculum! I spent 3 months researching every home school curriculum I could find. When I found a review for yours on Lamppost's home school site, I fell in love with the name. After studying your site, I was really hooked. It was just the approach I had been searching for! I am a teacher also, so I knew what I wanted. I was not satisfied with any of the others that I studied. I was so excited to find yours. -And I have not been disappointed! It has been a great curriculum. I have already recommended it to several others. My first attempt at home schooling has been very rewarding! May God bless you richly for your work!

... So, I am planning to use Beyond Little Hearts next year for second grade.

Stephanie - Missionary - San Andres, Colombia

from Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory

I am currently using Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory. There are two things I love about it. The lesson plans are easy to follow, and they include all the goals and objectives required by my state that my first grader should know at the end of the school year. I am very pleased with the results I have gotten. Thank you so much for providing this curriculum for moms like me. It is awesome.

Tammy - Hudson, North Carolina

from Bigger Hearts for His Glory

"First let me say I am completely blown away with Bigger Hearts for His Glory. It is so much more than I thought it would be. I have beens spending hours looking at the books and the program. I am thrilled! There is a place for all of my kids from the struggling reader to the advanced reader. It's amazing!

Brenda - Buford, GA

My favorite part of Bigger Hearts is Bible. I look forward to Bible time so much...whereas before it seemed like an afterthought, lost in the shuffle of "required" academics like Grammar and math. What I love about it is how the activities and the Godly character trait that Carrie brings out really, really have stayed with my girls. We talk about that Godly character trait throughout the day...it seems to come up often. Both my girls have brought up those traits in everyday (non-school) life many times...how we could all evidence them in this situation or that situation. Talking about the traits to the girls over and over serves as a reminder to me throughout the day too and is so encouraging. I am growing spiritually more than ever. Thank you, Carrie!

Andrea in IN

from Preparing Hearts for His Glory

My older daughter is thriving with Preparing Hearts. It has a 'just right' blend of challenges that make her feel succesful. She is being stretched, but not so much that she breaks! This is the first year where I feel I am accomplishing what I would like in my kiddos education."
Jess - Alvord, IA

The manner in which you have laid out the guides and the sense of order combined with the ease of use is a true marvel. There's no twaddle here, only rich experience for learning, thinking, and talking.
Florence - Rockville, VA

I am using Preparing Hearts with my 2 girls and am amazed at the thought-provoking in-depth conversations we have been having! Everyday!! I am also getting a deeper understanding of the Scriptures, as I see history unfolding before my eyes. This whole curriculum is saturated by the Holy Spirit.
Georgette - Levittown, NY

from Creation to Christ

We are having a great year with Creation to Christ. I love how my daughter is making connections with history and Bible. Creation to Christ really gives her a wonderful mix of creative projects and strong academic content. There is enough variety to keep my daughter engaged with the material and yet enough consistency to really help her build independence. We really couldn't be happier with Creation to Christ.

Daisy in CA

We are absolutely loving Creation to Christ. I am watching my daughter really grow and learn to question things in a really mature way. One of the things I love is that it lets them have their own private time with the Lord and leads them toward that habit, but you still get to share with them as well. I'm really impressed with Creation to Christ. It's been everything I hoped it would be and well worth the effort of doing more than one program for our family.

Brenda - Buford, GA

from Drawn into the Heart of Reading

With Drawn into the Heart of Reading I feel that we are balancing skill development with real reading experiences. We absolutely can't wait for reading every day.

Debbie - Denton, TX

We started using Drawn into the Heart of Reading right after you came out with it. It was the only literary analysis curriculum we used. We used it with books the kids were reading for literature and history. This year my oldest went to public high school. He entered as a Freshman and after only one semester was put into the Honors English program.

Sue - Castle Rock, CO

In Drawn into the Heart of Reading, Carrie provides us with a map to journey to the heart of a story. Her teacher's guide and student books lure us along the scenic back roads, beckoning us to discover the treasure buried within books.

Valerie Bendt, author of Reading Made Easy