Storytime Set (8 books)

Little Hearts for His Glory requires the books on this page for use with the "Storytime" section of the daily plans. Each book is ideal for reading aloud because it centers on one main character and the many different problems the character encounters. Children will get to know the characters on a deeper level and eagerly anticipate what might happen next. Short language activities are coordinated with the read-aloud assignments.

Page Count: 736
Dimensions: 5 3/16 x 8 1/4
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(8 book set)
Eight storybooks presenting the best-known Burgess tales, each newly reset in large, easy-to-read type, each with a charming full-color illustration on the cover. Instilling valuable lessons about animals, nature and the environment, the stories feature favorite Burgess characters: Peter Cottontail, Jerry Muskrat, Peter Rabbit, Chatterer the Red Squirrel, Grandfather Frog, Reddy Fox, Buster Bear and Danny Meadow Mouse.