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Note: If you have already covered the concepts listed above, follow the alternate math schedule in the Appendix using Singapore Primary Mathematics 1A & 1B instead.


Note: both primary textbooks come with a corresponding workbook.

Both sets "A" & "B" are needed for one-year of math instruction. A schedule for 1A/1B is found in the appendix of Little Hearts For His Glory.

Primary Mathematics Series

The Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition series of elementary math textbooks and workbooks is meant to be part of a system of learning in which adult supervision and independent practice go hand in hand. The main feature of this series is the use of the Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract approach. The students are provided with the necessary learning experiences beginning with the concrete and pictorial stages, followed by the abstract stage to enable them to learn mathematics meaningfully. This approach encourages active thinking process, communication of mathematical ideas and problem solving. This helps develop the foundation students will need for more advanced mathematics.

Practice exercises are designed to provide the students with further practice after they have done the relevant workbook exercises. Review exercises are provided for cumulative reviews of concepts and skills. All the practice exercises and review exercises are optional exercises.

The color patch is used to invite active participation from the students and to facilitate oral discussion. The students are advised not to write on the color patches.

Above extract from Preface of Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition. For more information visit

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