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Hearts for Him Through Time: Missions to Modern Marvels

As your child is either on the brink of high school or just beginning the high school level years, are you concerned that he/she has the level of academic skills solidly in place that will be needed for higher level learning? Do you want to be sure that you have time in your day to talk about deeper heart issues and about God's Word? Is your child ready for more independence in learning, but still in need of accountability? Do you desire to develop a Biblical worldview of self-image that will help your child seek God's purpose and live according to Scripture? Are you finding the amount of options and materials needed in preparation for this new stage of learning exciting, yet daunting?

Easy To Use

Hearts for Him Through Time: Missions to Modern Marvels was written with the goals of providing academic instruction that will solidly prepare your child in the skills needed for higher level learning; planning for discussions about deeper heart issues as students dig into God's Word; training your child in independent work skills while still providing accountability in all subject areas; developing a Biblical worldview of self-image that will help your student seek God's purpose and strive to live according to Scripture; and combining together an exciting, yet balanced, mix of living books and resources to prepare your child for a new stage of learning.

The Missions to Modern Marvels Teacher's Guide provides a year's worth of daily plans filled with meaningful discussions, readings, activities, experiments, projects, and notebooking, without all of the planning and preparation that these types of lessons usually require. Straight-forward daily plans are provided on each two-page spread. On the left side of the plans, a variety of short, systematic daily lessons and activities are designed to coordinate with the readings from living history "spines" in order to bring history to life. On the right side of the plans, a Biblical study of self-image, Charlotte Mason-style nature journaling, poetry, a Bible quiet time, daily hymn singing, math, science, and all areas of language arts are scheduled for you, allowing you to do the subjects in any order. These plans require little or no preparation and use only materials you're likely to have on hand. This guide is written for students ages 12-14 with extensions provided for 9th and 10th graders.


Hearts for Him Through Time: Missions to Modern Marvels features 35 units with complete daily plans. Each unit lasts for 4 days, providing the 5th day of each week for you to use as you wish. The 4 day plan can also be stretched to cover 5 days if needed. These plans are meant to save you time planning, so you can spend your time guiding and facilitating your student's learning as you watch your child grow both academically and spiritually. Activities are rotated daily, to help you cover many areas that might otherwise be neglected, without lengthening your school day. These plans are designed to provide an academic, balanced approach to learning, but even more importantly to help you reach your children's hearts as well as their minds. Little preparation is required, and all of the skill areas are covered. Each day of plans is divided into the following 2 parts: "Learning Through History" and "Learning the Basics". Each segment of the plans is further designated as "Teacher Directed (T)", "Semi-Independent (S)", or "Independent (I)". Dividing the plans in this manner helps you know how involved to be in each part of the guide as you move your students toward more independent work.


Lesson plans are written so you can customize the program to suit your family's needs. Resources contained in the Economy Package are considered necessary for all students. The Economy Package includes your Teacher's Guide. The Basic Package provides carefully selected living books that coordinate well with the history plans for you to read aloud for the Storytime portion of the plans. If you are already doing read-alouds for a different Heart of Dakota program, you may choose to have your 7th-8th grade student read the Basic Package independently instead. The Basic Package is highly recommended, unless you need to economize or are very short on time.

Resources in the Self-Study Extension Package are available to customize the program even further by providing history readings for older students that correspond well with the history portion of the plans. If you have a student in the extension range, you may choose whether to read-aloud the Basic Package books in addition to having your student read the Extension Pack books.

The Science Package in this guide focuses on the topics of chemistry, 20th century scientists, and creation vs. evolution. Resources under the "Choices" heading include choices that must be made to complete the program. This is another area where you can easily customize your choices to best meet your child's needs. Click on the packages link at the top of this page to view the various packages.


The "Learning Through History" part of the program provides a deeper look at the time period from the 1890's through present day; during the period when modern missions began and the world was forever changed by inventions, industries, discoveries, and modern marvels. This year of study is meant to provide students with a "you-are-there" narrative look at American history set within a worldwide context. Students will learn about the atmosphere and events of the modern time period as they read about statesmen, scientists, artists, musicians, writers, inventors, revolutionaries, and leaders of this time. This narrative approach does not overlook the sins of a fallen world, yet it also shows how God is sovereign in history and how He moves both men and nations toward their destiny in Jesus Christ. Church history, modern missions, and the lives of Christian heroes are woven in and out of the narrative at the proper places in history, leading students to see that all of history belongs to God and is actually "His" story. The areas listed below are linked with the history stories.

  • Corresponding History Readings
  • Detailed Oral Narrations
  • History Related Read-Alouds
  • Historical Mapping Exercises and Connections using Map Trek and the United States History Atlas
  • Corresponding Audio Overview of History with Diana Waring's What in the World Vol. III
  • Socratic Discussions of Primary Source Documents
  • Creation of a History Notebook
  • Period Memorabilia
  • Timeline Sketches
  • Research Entries on the Presidents of the United States
  • Written Narrations
  • Snapshot in Time: Connecting a Photograph or Sketch with the History Reading through Captions, Bulleted Notes, Outlines, Quotes, Excerpts, etc.
  • Step-by-step Sketching with Draw and Write Through History: The 20th Century
  • Copywork: Speeches and Quotes
  • Weekly Hands-on History Projects
  • Log of Economic Principles from Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? and Common Sense Business for Kids
  • Optional: Christian State Study of Your Individual State


The other subjects not directly linked to the history study include nature journal, math, science, part of language arts, Biblical worldview of self-image, and Bible. Many of the science readings are loosely connected to the history study by time period. Each subject area listed below is scheduled or referenced in the guide on the right side of the daily plans.

  • Developing a Biblical Worldview of Self-Image through Who Am I? And What Am I Doing Here?
  • Nature Study with Nature Drawing and Journaling by Barry Stebbing
  • Personal Quiet-Time Bible Study of Romans, Galatians, and James through the Quest Study Faith at Work
  • Bible Passage Memory Work of Romans Chapter 12 and James Chapter 4
  • Hymn Study with Hymns for a Kid's Heart Vol. 2
  • Spelling: Choice of three sets of Dictation Passages
  • Grammar Lessons using the text Progressing with Courage: English 6
  • Literature Study using Drawn into the Heart of Reading Level 6/7/8
  • Writing Lessons with Write with the Best: Vol. II on Note-Taking, Outlines, Summaries, Persuasive Essays, Expository Essays, Literary Critiques, Book Reviews, Newspaper Articles, and Speeches
  • Choice of Primary Mathematics 6A/6B, No-Nonsense Algebra, Videotext Algebra, or Principles of Mathematics Book 1
  • Living Book Science Readings about 20th Century Scientists, Chemistry Topics, and Creation vs. Evolution
  • Science Notebooking
  • Science Written Narrations
  • Science Experiments with Written Lab Sheets emphasizing the Scientific Process with Chemistry C500 Kit and Genetics & DNA Kit

Teacher's Guide

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