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Customer Testimonials: Little Hearts for His Glory

I have used Little Hearts for His Glory for my daughter for Kindergarten this year. It was our 1st official year of homeschooling, so it was great to have all the wonderful ideas spelled out for us. We have loved it and will use Little Hands to Heaven for my 3 year old son next year!

Nancy - Stephenson, VA
"My son wakes up in the middle of the night to tell me how much he loves doing his "schoolwork". Thank you for equipping Christian parents with this wonderful curriculum. FINALLY an educational program that has its priorities straight! "

Crystal - Magnolia, TX
Dear Carrie,
I can't express enough how much I love your curricula. I used to use Konos, but with #4 coming along and all my children under 7, I wanted a sort of no-brainer-yet-Christian course to use for just a term. A year-and-a-half later, we've made it through Little Hands and halfway through Little Hearts, I'm so very glad that I can continue with your Beyond and Bigger courses to come.

You've got it all, as far as I'm concerned: Bible reading and memory, character traits, and the basic academic disciplines. Most of the books you use were ones I had already bought and liked, so it was great to be able to finally put them to use.

You're right when you say that one needn't follow your course exactly -- I chop and change, because my students are at different levels for different disciplines. Sometimes they want to move faster than you indicate, and sometimes, we take a couple of weeks off and fall behind. Who cares?

They're steadfastly loving both their education and their Lord, and that's what your programmes encourage.

Well done for such a fantastic resource. I've passed along all my leaflets to friends thinking about homeschooling so they don't have to worry it's a daunting task. Hope they come to the right decisions: choose both homeschooling and Heart of Dakota products!

Kat - England
"My neighbor and I both used your curriculum last year (our first year home-schooling for us both) and we loved it! Thanks so much for all your hard work!"

Jen - Shelbyville, TN
We are using Little Hearts for His Glory to teach our 5 and 7 year olds. All of our family enjoys the lessons, and we are done with extra time for play and other fun activities.

Shawna - Eaton, OH
All the members of our family from our 2 year old, kindergartener, and especially mom and dad have all been blessed by your organized, insightful collection of lessons, stories, verses, and activities all working together to help raise my little ones to love the Lord and love learning in the process.

Amanda - Sonora, CA
My 4 year old, Derra, loves to do school with Little Hearts for His Glory. We use an entire lesson each day about 3 times per week, and she remembers everything! We love it!

Kim - Greer, SC
I purchased Little Hearts for His Glory at the Arlington, TX home school book fair. I used it as my main curriculum for Bible, History, and Science last year. My son who was five at the time LOVED the art, and activities that went along with the history, science, and Bible. A year later he has remembered some of the activities and asked to do them again.

. . . I have highly recommended this curriculum to my friends, and look forward to using other Heart of Dakota products in the future.

Stefnie - Commerce, TX
I used Little Hands and am now using Little Hearts. They have made homeschooling fun and almost stress free. My 3 and 5 year old children love it. I love the scriptures and the Bible study. My children and I are in the Word everyday! I told a homeschool friend this morning that I wish there was something after Little Hearts and the same day I got your info about Beyond Little Hearts! That is definitely God! I will be doing that next year.

PS - I have a Masters in Education and I think your curriculum is awesome! THANKS!

Jennifer - Shreveport, LA
We completed Little Hearts for His Glory last year and really enjoyed it. My two oldest (then 6 & 4) did a lot of the learning activities together. I definitely recommend it for those just getting started in home school!

Robyn - Collins, IA
We love Little Hearts for His Glory! My 5 1/2 year old AND my 3 year old are thriving thanks to your curriculum. It is easy for me, Christ-centered, flexible and FUN!

Pam - Phillipsburg, NJ
"Thanks for the great, Christ-centered curriculum! I spent 3 months researching every home school curriculum I could find. When I found a review for yours on Lamppost's home school site, I fell in love with the name. After studying your site, I was really hooked. It was just the approach I had been searching for! I am a teacher also, so I knew what I wanted. I was not satisfied with any of the others that I studied. I was so excited to find yours. -And I have not been disappointed! It has been a great curriculum. I have already recommended it to several others. My first attempt at home schooling has been very rewarding! May God bless you richly for your work!

. . . So, I am planning to use Beyond Little Hearts next year for second grade.

  Stephanie - Missionary - San Andres, Colombia.
I love 'Little Hearts for His Glory!' Last year I really struggled with teaching my two boys, then ages 5 and 3, because they didn't like 'school.' I was using Sonlight which had great books but was lacking in the fun, hands-on stuff as well as phonics instruction. Still, we were spending 2 1/2 hours on school with very little progress in reading. I love how LHFHG has simple hands-on activities, gross motor rhymes and provides a very balanced approach. I am never concerned if I am covering all the bases because you have already thought it through for me! . . . I like how you allowed for the user to chose her own phonics course. This is such an important decision and one that is very unique to the children being taught. I also really like Christian Liberty Press books. Kenneth Taylor's 'Devotions for the Children's' Hour' is simple but meaty enough to answer deeper questions, which I do tend to get from my eldest son.

All and all, I am so excited about your curriculum guide. I think you have done an excellent job and I know this was done with much prayer. I will be praying for you to finish 'Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory.' Thank you for putting this together! I have been telling everyone about it!!

God Bless,
Kelly - Holly Springs, NC
I love how well the lessons are tied together!  How the science complements the history and Bible. I love the activities, Rhymes in motion, etc. You think of so many neat things!  And put it all together in one book! I think all home school moms come up with neat ideas.  But lets face it, many days do not go as planned.  Phones ring, laundry has to be done, and meals cooked.  In a given day, many interruptions happen and some of the great ideas never get written down!  Or done! We have done many similar activities but, never so organized! I spend about the same amount of time on lessons but I don't feel like I forgotten or left something out of everyday! Also, we felt we could just jump right in to the first lesson, because we were doing math, phonics, and handwriting already and just plug it in where we needed it. It is so flexible! 

  We are ever so grateful for all you do! I am excited and look forward to Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory . . . I have to say again how much I appreciate having your teachers guide this year. I have always been able to come up with neat ideas and had a lot of fun teaching this age, but this past year has been harder. We have our 6 yr old nephew living with us and I have a father with health problems and just needed something I could just pick up and do and its been really fun.  This really does work well for the age children I have at home.  My older son has had a hard time reading without someone to listen to each and every page, so listening to him read too can really cause burnout at the end of the day!

Now, everyone in the house is reading or beginning to read, this takes about 1 1/2 hrs at night b/c everyone wants mom to listen! Your guide has been a little piece of sanity, (and organization) to our day! I just keep following the boxes and check them off as I go!  I may even come up with a "box" approach for planning my son's lessons too!  And have him check them off as he goes! Although I am not as handy on the computer as I would like to be!
Have a great weekend.

God Bless You,
Sarah L.

We have been using Little Hands this year with my 5 and 3 year old. This program is very easy to follow. The layout is excellent and the activities are fun. My kids are saying the finger plays all the time. We will be progressing into the follow up Little Hearts and know that our year will be another success. Carrie is an excellent author with great ideas put into practice!
  - Julie B. - Piedmont, SD
We have been using Little Hearts for His Glory for over 5 months and we love it! I like how organized it is. I know what to do when. I love the variety, the Bible time, and the math. My son can read now. It is great!
  - Jeanie - Nevada, IA
I recommend Drawn into the Heart of Reading and Little Hearts for His Glory to everyone! Especially the kindergarten!!
  - Pam - Berne, IN
Little Hearts for His Glory is just what I was looking for for my son. I think I mentioned this at the convention but I have tried and tried to pull together various resources and haven't been successful-but that is just what you've done!
  - Nell
Little Hearts for His Glory has worked well for my 5 year old and 7 year old (who is learning-challenged) boys. I modified it, but it was an excellent guideline.
  - Kristen - York, NE
. . . wanted to just share with you how much we are enjoying "Little Hearts for His Glory"! It has added new life into what we do at home, and it is so much fun for my daughter.

She's 4 1/2 but fairly advanced, (avid reader, etc), so this program is perfect. We're loving the variety, the materials, and the book reading. My daughter absolutely can't wait to find out what's going to happen next to Reddy the Fox. Your ideas are extremely creative from day to day. And I love you involve the various senses to tie in the Key points.

A big thank you

Jupiter, FL