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Reviews of: Little Hearts for His Glory

Written with the busy homeschool teacher in mind, Carrie Austin pulled from her experience both as a classroom teacher and homeschool parent to create Little Hearts for His Glory, a "unit study" style guide utilizing excellent curriculum designed for the early years of learning. While some of the learning activities are provided in this guide, you will need to purchase several "required" resources. However, you won't have to figure out how to put it all together - all the lesson plans have been done for you!

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Cindy Prechtel - Homeschooling From The Heart
Nov, 2006

This early learning program is comprised of 34 week-long units. Daily plans are given for each unit, and each is divided into 2 parts: Learning the Basics and Learning Through History. Learning the Basics is the language arts and math part of the curriculum. It covers the following areas: handwriting (you choose from suggested curriculum), fine motor skills, phonics (you choose from suggested curriculum), story time, language activities, and math exploration.The Learning Through History portion of the daily plan gives a broad view of history from creation to present day and includes Bible memory work, devotional topics, science discovery, art projects, dramatic play, thinking games, rhymes, gross motor skills, and music.

This program is designed for busy home schooling moms. The daily plans are simple, require little or no preparation, and take approximately 90 minutes.

Her eleven years of classroom teaching experience coupled with her Bachelor's degree in elementary education and Master's degree in Educational Leadership qualify Carrie Austin to write an educationally sound as well as user-friendly and interesting curriculum for children and their parents.

Little Hearts for His Glory is available for purchase for $34.99 from It can also be bought in an economy pack with the four other books that are considered necessary for use with this curriculum.

Reviewed by Renee Wanager - TEACH Magazine
Dec, 2006

I like the way Carrie Austin has combined elements of unit study, living books, and textbooks in a format that makes it very easy for the parent/teacher to know exactly what to do each day. . ."

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Cathy Duffy
July, 2005
With complete easy-to-use lesson plans for a year of instruction, Little Hearts for His Glory is an attractive early learning program for busy homeschool moms. After you add the required additional resources you will have a complete, economical, Christ-centered kindergarten or first grade program.

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Anne Wegener
Mary Pride's Practical Homeschooling #67, November/December 2005

"I like this! Short lessons, gauged to capture a child's interest and to engage the imagination, and yet these short lessons have solid content, building character along with academic skills. Not every subject is covered every day; for example, you might do a "Science Discovery" activity twice a week, lending variety to the program ..."

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Jean Hall
Eclectic Homeschool Online -
Aug. 2005

As a mom and teacher, I've always believed that learning should be fun, especially at this age level. However, this usually meant pulling together many different resources. Carrie has made it easy! I only wish it would have been available a few years ago when my children were this age or even a few years before that when I was teaching full-time. Thankfully, I still have the opportunity to share what I've found. The simplicity of implementation, breadth of coverage, and glorious activities make Little Hearts For His Glory a wonderful curriculum choice!

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Stephanie Scarborough - The Old Schoolhouse Reviews

Introducing your child to "school" is such a crucial step. We are continuously trying to level out an enjoyable and interesting experience while making sure your child is learning the basics. Little Hearts for His Glory is an incredible way to begin this journey. Written by Carrie Austin, a former classroom teacher turned homeschool mom of three, this program provides the guidelines and structure to put together an early learning program for your 5-7 year old. . . .

I have been thoroughly impressed with this program. Required resources are both affordable and of a high quality nature. The daily lesson format is easy to use and to understand at a glance. Activities are creative and fun, engaging your child's interest while adding to the basics you have taught. So many of us desire to create an educational tapestry for our children, but lack the time or resources to do so. Mrs. Austin has taken her years of classroom and homeschool experience and created a finely woven tapestry that provides a full education for our little ones."

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Jessica Harvey - The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC

  "Do you need an early learning program for your 5-7 year old that is easy to use, economical, and flexible with fun ideas and quick activities? Carrie Austin, author of the Little Hands to Heaven preschool program, has written another great program called Little Hearts for His Glory.

Judging by her curriculum choices and the easy to follow format of Little Hearts For His Glory guide, she has designed a winner. You know that homeschool parents with young children don't have time to reinvent the wheel! You want a Christ-centered homeschool curriculum with all the "bells and whistles", but you need a curriculum that doesn't keep you up all night or keep the children waiting while you try figure it out or cost a fortune to implement!"

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Harriet Yoder - Lamp Post Homeschool Store

For the 5-7-year-olds in your home, Carrie Austin, M.Ed., has developed Little Hearts for His Glory. This early learning program can easily follow Little Hands to Heaven, or can be used independently. Each 90-minute, daily session can be spaced throughout the day. This complete curriculum features 34 units, and employs flexible resource choices. Parents will be delighted to note the Christ-centered, wholesome activities. Each day, your young children will be learning historical facts, explore math and phonics, enjoy both Bible study and storytime, and learn rhymes and songs. Science, art, and dramatic play are interspersed liberally throughout the school year, providing for a well-balanced learning experience. Many activities involve "learning by doing", which helps develop those fine motor skills so necessary for this age group.

Sharlene - MATCH

Quick and easy activities require little or no preparation and use only materials you are likely to have on hand.

Sarah Cooper - Sing n Learn

Got your latest offering and it is definitely another HIT. I had one mom try and steal my demo copy already! Just wanted to offer my .02 on the product itself. It is terrific. (But then again, who would expect any less from Carrie!)"

Lynn Hogan

Little Hearts for His Glory provides a way to do great activities without all the usual planning and preparation required. Simple daily plans are divided into 9 boxes, which can be spaced throughout the day as time allows.

Farm Country General

This chronological Bible based unit study contains 34 units with complete daily plans. Each unit has 5 days of instruction. All learning styles will be catered to using this study along with the suggested resources. A lot of fun activities. Great if you like the active, 5 day learning approach and enjoy having everything planned out. There is no prep work required. The items required are items you actually have around the house! Great for busy moms!
Celeste Welch
This early learning program is designed for primary children, age five to seven. The format allows the parent to guide the child through a variety of hands-on activities that teach basic skills in math and language arts. These plans are designed to provide a fun, balanced approach to learning. Little preparation is required, and all basic skill areas are covered.
Lori Coeman
If you haven't yet heard about the products created by Carrie Austin, you are sure to hear about them in the coming years. Carrie's first product was a reading program, Drawn Into the Heart of Reading, which has been well received in the homeschooling community and was awarded the honor of being one of Cathy Duffy's Top 100 Picks. Quickly following the success of this program came along a product in a different genre - a comprehensive program for preschoolers called Little Hands to Heaven. Now, I am excited to review Carrie's next comprehensive program for kindergarten or first graders, Little Hearts for His Glory. I believe there will be many homes happy to use the economical and easy to use programs she has put together.

Flexible, Fun, Christ much more. A great option for those just beginning the homeschooling adventure. So much in one book!
Jolene Underwood
Austin's popular early-learning curriculum with quick activities uses materials easily at hand. Simple 9-part daily plans cover "Learning Through History" and "Learning the Basics," and can be customized to your child's needs and schedule. The 34 weeks of plans require little preparation, and provide guidance for history and Bible stories, motor skills, math, language arts, phonics, and more. For ages 5 to 7.