A General Overview of our Programs

Our programs are meant to save you time planning, so you can spend your time teaching and learning along with your children. Each program features a plan book (Teacher's Guide) with daily plans already written for you. These plans are designed for you to simply open up and teach. Subjects are rotated daily, so you are able to cover many areas that are often neglected, without lengthening your school day.

Our programs are meant to be very time-conscious. They do not require much time to plan, prepare, or present. This allows you to cover all of the necessary skills while still maintaining a short school day. It also gives you the needed time for children to explore their own interests and hobbies.

Rather than supplying you with a daunting list of required reading for your students to consume, each program utilizes a few carefully chosen resources for each area. All daily readings in our programs are kept purposefully short, so students can savor and dwell on the chosen books a little at a time throughout the year. In this way, your children get to "live" with a book for a lengthier period of time, and it becomes a part of them. With a shorter school day, children still have plenty of time left to read as many books as they wish on their own time.

Even though we often get more done with a planned approach to learning, we also love having choices. So, at Heart of Dakota you'll notice a choice of resources in many areas to allow you to customize our programs to meet your family's individual needs.

All of our programs are written with the auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learner in mind. So, no matter which type of learner you have, their preferred learning style will be addressed each day.

It is important to place your children in the program that best meets their skill level, rather than meeting their "grade level". This is why you'll notice an overlapping of ages in our programs. For help in placing your child in the right program use the placement chart titled Placing Your Child in the Right Program on our website.