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Reviews of: Drawn Into The Heart of Reading

"Drawn Into The Heart of Reading is an ambitious yet simple-to-use program, beautifully laid out and flexible enough to use when you are homeschooling several children, all at different levels, all with different interests, all reading different books! It is amazing to me to be able to teach literary analysis as early as second grade, and yet, with this program, our second grader is able to talk over her books with her older sisters. . . "

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- Jean Hall
Eclectic Homeschool Online -

So, you want to use your own literature choices for your reading program, rather than use a program that chooses for you, and, to complicate things further, you want a program that will be easy to implement when used to teach several students of varying reading levels? Drawn Into The Heart of Reading actually makes all of that possible, while still giving you some structure and helping you make sure you don't skip some important concept.

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- Melissa Worcester
Mary Pride's Practical Homeschooling #67

"Imagine a reading program that allows you to use any book you choose, can be used alongside any curriculum you are already working with OR can stand alone. Add to these qualities the ability to use it with multiple grade levels at the same time! Sound too good to be true? Presenting…Drawn Into The Heart of Reading -- a complete reading program for grades 2 - 8. The concepts presented in Drawn Into The Heart of Reading provide a firm foundation in reading and will be of benefit to your students throughout their high school and college careers. By understanding key story elements, not only will they have more appreciation for the literature they read, they will also be able to apply this knowledge to their own writing!"
- Cindy Prechtel
Homeschool Reviews For You - http://www.homeschoolingfromtheheart.com
Aug. 2003

"Carrie provides us with a map to journey to the heart of a story. Her teacher's guide and student books lure us along the scenic back roads, beckoning us to discover treasure buried in books."

- Valerie Bendt, author of Reading Made Easy and Unit Studies Made Easy

The name of this curriculum is what drew me in, but the quality and ease of use is what made me stay. I love to read!!! Reading is a skill that is necessary to instill, but most of all, I want my children to find a love for words and the ideas conveyed by the printed page ...

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- Stephanie Scarborough - The Old Schoolhouse Reviews

"After pouring through the Teacher's Guide and all three of the Student Books, I am more and more enthralled with this program! We very well may begin using it in our own home soon. I love the flexibility and possibilities in these books and hope that others will see this as well."
- Jolene Underwood The Homeschool Source - www.thehomeschoolsource.com

"[Drawn Into The Heart of Reading] is a multi-level program for children in various grade levels, which makes it ideal for homeschool families as well as for private school teachers in classrooms with combined grades. . . It's especially helpful when one is going to be teaching for many years and needs to have basic materials that can be applied year after year. . . Overall, this is a wonderful and practical series that will be used successfully for many years and in many classes."

- Shirley Minster
Home Education Family Services - www.homeeducator.com
Feb. 2004

"I really appreciate an extra feature found in each student book called "emergency options." On days when there is no time for the "together" activities, you can turn to emergency options that will fill in with independent assignments. Overall, I really like the flexibility of this sort of reading program that allows parents and children to select their own reading material."
- Cathy Duffy
Grove Publishing - www.grovepublishing.com
Cathy Duffy's Top 100
Drawn Into the Heart of Reading was selected as one of Cathy Duffy's Top 100 Curriculum Picks!

"Rather than dictate titles of books for you to have to track down or purchase, this ingenious teaching-mom has designed a program that teaches nine different literature genres each school year, using books you already own and can pull from your own shelves! I am so impressed with this curriculum! The assignments will work with books the students read independently or that you read as a family. The program is so wonderfully structured and pre-planned and yet, it allows great personal flexibility and individualization."

- Glenda Embree
King's Harvest

"Here is an exciting reading program for your family. What makes this different from the others? Each child will be able to choose the book they will read."

- Diana Dow
The Dow's schoolroom - http://www.thedowsschoolroom.com/heartofreading.html

"Drawn Into The Heart of Reading indeed provides a fresh, welcome alternative to reading instruction. It seems conducive to nurturing lifelong readers.

- Fran Santoro Hamilton
Grammar and More - www.grammarandmore.com

"Drawn Into The Heart of Reading, by Carrie Austin, M.Ed., is a complete literature-based curriculum for grades 2-8, which includes a Teacher's Guide and 3 student workbooks--one for levels 2-3, one for levels 4-5, and one for levels 6-8. Families with multi-level learners will be pleased to use this family-friendly reading program. Godly character traits are interwoven as the children learn higher-order thinking skills by reading literature their parents have chosen. Throughout the school year, different genres are introduced, read and discussed. Vocabulary skills are sharpened, while creative projects make each literature selection an enjoyable, memorable experience. A child who loves to read will continue to learn after the school years are past. Parents who draw their children's hearts into reading give their children a gift that lasts a lifetime."

- Sharlene - MATCH

Drawn Into The Heart of Reading
We just found this resource, and are excited to say, it is just what we have been looking for all these years! If you yearn to teach history using real literature, but do not want to be "locked in" to a certain time period or booklist required by another unit study approach...if you want to teach as many of your children as possible at one time, using the same literature...if you want to learn how to get the most from a book...then this is the resource for you! A truly unique program, this is one that can be used time and time again, as you study different books, and different time periods.

- Sandi Queen - Queen Homeschool Supplies

"Drawn Into The Heart of Reading is a wonderfully unique multi level reading program that will include literature, vocabulary, creative writing, oral reading, character, and even selected art projects. This program works with any book.

- Teri Lucas
The Old School House Magazine - www.theoldschoolhouse.com/