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Book Pack - Level 3: Range of Reading Levels: 3.5 - 5.1

Optional Book Packs to Use with Drawn into the Heart of Reading - Level 3

These optional book packs are to be used after the Emerging Reader Set.

They are for use with children who are ready for chapter books with fewer pictures and are ready for more advanced reading material.

Average second graders should follow the Emerging Reader's Schedule.The list below is for use with Level 3 of Drawn into the Heart of Reading The Level 3 books are for average to advanced Level 3 readers.

In these levels, your child will read the chosen books out loud to you for a total of 15 days for each genre. Each book on the list below has an approximate reading level noting the grade and month next to it. Use this information to choose the set that best suits your child's reading level. Please keep in mind, these specific titles are not needed, but each book was very carefully chosen as an excellent reading selection for the noted reading level.

Our book sets were created to save you time and to help you find quality books at the right reading level. This is one of the keys to a successful reading experience for your child. You are welcome to use your own book selections if you prefer. Drawn into the Heart of Reading truly works with any books you choose.

GENRE LEVEL 3 BOOKS: Range of Reading Levels 3.5 - 5.1
Book Pack - Level 3: $92.49 - Save $16.32 [Add to Cart]
Louis Braille, The Boy Who Invented Books for the Blind, by Margaret Davidson, 1991
Scholastic Paperbacks, Reading Level: 3.8, List Price: $6.99
Suggested number of days to spend reading: 5 days
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Can you imagine what it would be like to long to read books, but to be unable to because you are blind? Margaret Davidson has captured the poignant story of how Louis Braille developed the incredible Braille system of printing for the blind. You'll never read a book without appreciating your ability simply to be able to do so!

Alexander Hamilton, by Helen Boyd Higgins, Patria Press 2008
Reading Level: 3.9, List Price: $9.95
Suggested number of days to spend reading: 10 days
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Meet the young Alexander Hamilton. As a man, he became famous as a Founding Father, first Secretary of the Treasure, aide to George Washington - and the face on the $10 bill. Chilren will meet the young "Alex" growing up in the Caribbean, where his love of reading was only exceeded by his dream to visit the land called America.

Alex's days were filled with books and visits to the waterfront to greet the large ships from Europe - until the fateful day when his Uncle Peter insisted he learn to ride. Children will identify with Alec's struggle to overcome his fear of horses and applaud his courage as he narrowly escapes a violent hurricane on horseback, all the while keeping his ye on the prize - school in America.
Toliver's Secret, by Esther Wood Brady, 1993 Yearling
Reading Level: 4.7, List Price: $6.99
Suggested number of days to spend reading: 15 days
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When her grandfather is injured, 10-year-old Ellen Toliver replaces him on a top-secret patriotic mission. Disguised as a boy, she manages to smuggle a message to General George Washington. This is an unusually fine historical novel for this age level.
Historical Fiction
Sarah, Plain and Tall, by Patricia MacLachlan, 1987 HarperTrophy
Reading Level: 3.5, List Price: $7.99
Suggested number of days to spend reading: 5 days
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In the late 19th century a widowed midwestern farmer with two children--Anna and Caleb--advertises for a wife. When Sarah arrives she is homesick for Maine, especially for the ocean which she misses greatly. The children fear that she will not stay, and when she goes off to town alone, young Caleb--whose mother died during childbirth--is stricken with the fear that she has gone for good. But she returns with colored pencils to illustrate for them the beauty of Maine, and to explain that, though she misses her home, "the truth of it is I would miss you more".

Matchlock Gun, by Walter D. Edmonds, 1998 Putnam Juvenile
Reading Level: 5.1, List Price: $7.99
Suggested number of days to spend reading: 10 days
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In 1756, New York State was still a British colony, and the French and the Indians were constant threats to Edward and his family. When his father was called away to watch for a raid from the north, only Edward was left to protect Mama and little Trudy. His father had shown him how to use the huge matchlock gun, an old Spanish gun that was twice as long as he was, but would Edward be able to handle it if trouble actually came?

Catwings, by Ursula K. Le Guin, 2003 Scholastic
Reading Level: 4.3, List Price: $5.99
Suggested number of days to spend reading: 5 days
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Down an alley in a dumpster, Mrs. Jane Tabby gives birth to four kittens. But these are no ordinary offspring, each has a pair of wings. Although Mrs. Tabby is unperturbed by her kittens' appearance, her neighbors are not so charitable; when the kittens are old enough to fly, Mrs. Tabby sends her children out into the world. Because both winged and four-footed creatures mistrust them, the kittens have trouble finding a place to live, but eventually discover a loving home.

A Mouse Called Wolf, by Dick King-Smith, 1999 Yearling
Reading Level: 4.4, List Price: $6.99
Suggested number of days to spend reading: 10 days
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Wolfgang Amadeus Mouse ("Wolf," for short) has a big name for such a little mouse. But the name fits. His favorite pastime is listening to Mrs. Honeybee, the lady of the house, play the piano. If only he could sing along to the music! One day, Wolf decides to try -- and to his surprise, out of his mouth comes a perfect melody. It's not long before Wolf is singing everything from "Three Blind Mice" to Chopin, all to Mrs. Honeybee's accompaniment. Then an accident leaves Mrs. Honeybee in danger, and it's up to Wolf to save her... the only way he knows how.

The Mystery of Pelican Cove, by Milly Howard, 1993 BJU Press
Reading Level: 4.1, List Price: $6.99
Suggested number of days to spend reading: 15 days
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Blackie stood watching the spot where the shadow had disappeared. Jimmy stared at the same spot. The dark shape surfaced again. Now it was only fifty yards away. Both boy and dog shrank back. The shape surged forward, rolled, and curved toward the dock. Jimmy yanked his feet from the water, gasping in disbelief. What could it be? A submarine? A sea monster?
Folk Tales A Penny's Worth of Character by Jesse Stuart, 1993 Jesse Stuart Foundation
Reading Level: 4.4, List Price: $5.00
Suggested number of days to spend reading: 10 days
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Shan Shelton is going to the store for his mother. If he had a dime, he could buy his favorite treat, a chocolate bar and a lemon soda pop. Shan knows that Mr. Conley, the storekeeper, pays a penny each for good used paper sacks returned to the store. There are ten sacks at home, but Shan's mother tells him to take only nine to Mr. Conley, because the tenth sack has a hole in it. Shan wants a chocolate bar and a lemon soda pop so much, that he disobeys his mother and takes the tenth sack. He carries the sack with the hole in it concealed among the nine good sacks, hoping Mr. Conley won't notice it. Mr. Conley overlooks it, but Shan, eating his chocolate bar and drinking his lemon soda pop, discovers something is wrong inside him and all around him, and his mother helps him to put things right.

Pocahontas by Edgar and Ingri D'aulaire, 1998 Beautiful Feet Books
Reading Level: 4.8, List Price: $17.95
Suggested number of days to spend reading: 5 days
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This tale of the first colony at Jamestown is told from the perspective of the princess daughter of the mighty chief Powhatan. When the Natives judge the white man as evil, John Smith is condemned to death. Only the intervention of Pocahontas saves his life. A tentative friendship is established between Pocahontas's tribe and the new colonists. The King of England sends a crown, rich robes and a royal bed to honor Powhatan and he is pleased, but the white man's insistence that the Indians give them corn to sustain them through the long winters threatens their tenuous relationship. Pocahontas's ultimate marriage to John Rolfe, the birth of their son, their voyage to England and presentation to the King and Queen is the stuff of fairy tales except that it is one of the great stories of America's earliest days.
One Small Square: Tropical Rain Forest, by Donald M. Silver, 1998 McGraw-Hill
Reading Level: A specific RL is not listed, but please note that nonfiction selections typically are one full year advanced due to difficult vocabulary. List Price: $13.00
Suggested number of days to spend reading: 15 days
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Bats and big cats. Armies of ants. Squawking parrots. Strangling figs. From the ground up to the tree tops, the tropical rainforest teems with life. Stunning drawings, step-by-step experiments, fun-to-do activities, and fascinating facts abound in this magical exploration of an essential ecosystem, in danger of disappearing forever.
Owls in the Family by Farley Mowat, 1996 Yearling
Reading Level: 4.9, List Price: $5.99
Suggested number of days to spend reading: 15 days
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Every child needs to have a pet. No one could argue with that. But what happens when your pet is an owl, and your owl is terrorizing the neighborhood? In Farley Mowat's exciting children's story, a young boy's pet menagerie - which includes crows, magpies, gophers and a dog - grows out of control with the addition of two cantankerous pet owls. The story of how Wol and Weeps turn the whole town upside down is warm, funny, and bursting with adventure and suspense
Realistic Fiction
The Year of Miss Agnes by Kirkpatrick Hill, 2002 Aladdin

Reading Level: 4.5, List Price: $6.99
Suggested number of days to spend reading: 15 days
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Teaching the children in an Athabascan village in a one-room schoolhouse on the Alaskan frontier in 1948 is not every educator's dream. Then one day, tall, skinny Agnes Sutterfield arrives and life is never the same for the community. Frederika (Fred), the 10-year-old narrator, discovers that unlike previous teachers, Miss Agnes doesn't mind the smell of fish that the children bring for lunch each day. Miss Agnes immediately packs away the old textbooks, hangs up the children's brightly colored artwork, plays opera music, and reads them Robin Hood and Greek myths. She even learns sign language along with her students so that Fred's deaf sister can attend school. Hill introduces readers to a whole community and makes a long-ago and faraway place seem very much alive. This is an inspirational story about Alaska, the old and new ways, a very special teacher, and the influence that she has over everyone she meets.

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