OT: Any HOD'ers Attending Ron Hamilton Music College in PA

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OT: Any HOD'ers Attending Ron Hamilton Music College in PA

Postby psreit » Wed Aug 01, 2012 7:40 am

I am going to attend Ron Hamilton's and Frank Garlock's Music College in Collegeville (Valley Forge) PA, tomorrow and Friday. Just wondering if any other HOD'ers will be there. This is my last big event before we officially begin school with Bigger. Music plays such a big part in my dd's learning, so I am trusting that this will not only be of benefit to our church ministry, but be beneficial to our homeschooling (putting Scripture to music, expression and excitement in reading & teaching, etc.) A highlight for me will be participating in a several hundred voice choir! If any of you HOD'ers will be there, PM me. I would love to meet you. :D
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