Our Year with Bigger

If you are using "Bigger Hearts for His Glory", please share your experience with us.

Our Year with Bigger

Postby jhperry » Sun Jun 03, 2012 8:52 pm

We recently finished our year with Bigger and LOVED it!! You know it is good stuff when you are sad for it to come to an end! We enjoyed the biographical approach to history with the Eggleston books and ending the year with the book on the Wright Brothers. I love the way we focused on real-life American heroes at this age before delving into world history. The once a week notebooking and timeline entries were just a great way to wrap up the learning from that week and further reinforce the lesson.

The science was practical and hands-on, yet the experiments used items we already had at home. We did two notebook pages a week in science, one with a Bible verse and copywork or drawing relating to what was read and one documenting the experiment (guess, procedure, conclusion format). I really treasure both their history and science notebooks from this year.

For the read alouds, we chose a combination from all three sets available and really enjoyed every book we read! This is one of my favorite things about HOD...the carefully selected book choices. I never have to worry about the content and every book that I have come across and put on my list to read, I just look ahead and Carrie has it scheduled somewhere in the programs...love that!! She also seems to put them at just the right level unlike some other programs I've researched. I love that living books are at the heart of this curriculum, not an add-on or optional part.

I am so thankful for the hard work and dedication Carrie puts into these guides...they make my job so much easier. I almost feel like I'm cheating using these guides :D ! This truly is a Christ-centered curriculum where I feel like I am teaching my kiddos how history is really God's story, and how everything relates to Him. We are looking forward to using Preparing Hearts next year with my 3rd & 4th graders and using LHFHG again with my 1st grader. :D
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Re: Our Year with Bigger

Postby Carrie » Mon Jun 04, 2012 3:43 pm


Thanks so much for taking time to write a review about your year with Bigger. :D I was so encouraged by your thoughts, and I know that others will be too! :D We praise the Lord for your good year, and pray He will be with you throughout your homeschool journey. :D

Thanks again! :D

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Re: Our Year with Bigger

Postby krazzymommy » Mon Jun 04, 2012 6:05 pm

Thanks for sharing, we are so excited, getting ready to start Bigger. :D
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