Week in Review: August 17-21, 2015

This forum is for sharing what your week was like with Heart of Dakota. The goal is to post on Thursdays. You can share a picture, a blog link, a written synopsis, your favorite memory, or anything you want that shares your HOD excitement.

Week in Review: August 17-21, 2015

Postby LynnH » Thu Aug 20, 2015 4:16 pm

Hello HOD Homeschoolers,

What was YOUR week Like?

You can post:

a- A picture
b- A blog Link
c- A written synopsis
d- Your favorite memory
e- Anything you want that shares your HOD excitement!

Important Note: If you are linking us to your blog, please make sure it's not just a general link, but to your specific post of HOD. That way if someone reads through these a year from now they can find your share without needing to hunt!
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Re: Week in Review: August 17-21, 2015

Postby LynnH » Thu Aug 20, 2015 4:17 pm

Here is a link to our first week with the World History guide . I have to say I am very impressed with this guide and so far my son is really enjoying it.
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dd 22 college graduate and employed as an Intervention Specialist
ds 18 US2, Loved Preparing, CTC , RTR , Rev to Rev, MTMM ,WG, WH and US1
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Re: Week in Review: August 17-21, 2015

Postby Home_Mama » Thu Aug 20, 2015 10:55 pm

I just wanted to say that we had a great week with HOD! I did so much research this year, looking for a new homeschool program for our family. We had such a terrible year last year. My dd (11) has hated school for so long and fights against everything we try to do. My ds(9) has his own attitude struggles and his ADHD was so bad last year. I was so impressed with HOD, it looked so good on paper, but I was very worried with how it actually work out with my children. I've planned, worried and prayed about it all summer.

Well, we just finished our first week and my dd is so happy with it! Tonight she showed her Dad all the things she worked on this week, this is a major change!!! I was worried that it would be too much for her to handle (she's doing CtC) and was afraid she would get frustrated. But it was broken up into chunks that she could handle without becoming overwhelming and had variety in her week that kept her interest up. Thank you HOD!! We are so blessed to use your program!

I decided to start my ds at a little slower pace. He finished his first two days of work on Preparing this week. It seems a little much for him and I'm wondering about doing it at a slower pace all year. We'll see how next week goes.

Overall I'm so happy for the difference HOD has made in our family this week! Thanks HOD!
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Re: Week in Review: August 17-21, 2015

Postby findjoynjourney » Fri Aug 21, 2015 4:30 am

Our first week in Preparing Hearts: http://www.findingjoyinthejourney.net/a ... first-day/

Our first day was LONGER than expected, but I think we got a groove down by the end of the week. After 2 years away from HOD we are SUPER glad to be back!!!
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Re: Week in Review: August 17-21, 2015

Postby rodandmegs » Fri Aug 21, 2015 11:09 am

I am happy to say that we had another fabulous week in Bigger Hearts, Little Hearts, and Little Hands.

http://myfullhandsandheart.blogspot.com ... -2015.html
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Re: Week in Review: August 17-21, 2015

Postby rumkimom » Fri Aug 21, 2015 2:40 pm

I am so glad that we did not wait for a 'full week' to start with school. Every week has had some sort of disruption where we could not do all of our schoolwork. This week My oldest daughter had a sewing class where I had to drop her off and her dad picks her up in the evening.....but it takes 45 min to get there (so we are gone for 1.5-2 hours). The sewing class is part of her curriculum this year as she wants to go into fashion design. She is making a medieval dress that she plans to wear sometime in Sept when she goes to a medieval festival with a friend.

With Clarence (age 7; LHFHG) we did 3 lessons this week and plan to do on on Sat to help make up for missing 2. His dad and brother will be gone all day Sat so he needs something to keep him busy that day anyway. He did have problems with phonics again....I might just have to wait a few weeks and try again. He just can't remember a few of the letters. The big accomplishment of the week is that he can finally remember the symbols 6-9 and what each one is so we can finally move on in math. He really enjoyed making the Egyptian collar and ended up giving it to his 'girl' friend at VBS the day he made it.

Steven (age 9; Bigger) did 3 1/2 lessons this week. I know we will get caught up next week as one day he has an orthodontic appointment (take 2.5-3 hours out of our day) and we can do 1/2 day that day. He really liked doing the science experiments this week. He has to figure out how to do a hypothesis yet and take more care in drawing his procedure....but he did OK for it being the first time ever doing it. He also had a very hard time learning the longer memory verse in Unit 1. He has a hard time memorizing things. This week should be better due to it being shorter. He did a great job drawing his map (and enjoyed doing it).

Melody (age 14; RtR) started doing LA this week in addition to her math. She had a rough time finding those descriptive words in the passage of Writing With the Best and I had her doing only the first half (it was taking way too long and she was almost in tears). I will just slow it way down so as not to get her frustrated. She did really well with her Easy grammar (grade 8). DITHOR was hard for her (level 2/3 with a level 2 book). Comprehension comes very hard for her and answering simple questions like "describe the setting" are very difficult due to her disability. She did better on day 3 than day 2. I did not read the book on day 2, but did for day 3 so I could prompt her when needed. I think I will be reading most of her materials because of her issues.


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