You may notice archived folders now on the main page....

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You may notice archived folders now on the main page....

Postby Carrie » Tue Feb 19, 2008 2:35 pm

After I placed the helpful past threads into the "Share your experiences" folders, there was some confusion about where to post! :oops: So, we ended up making archived folders for past helpful posts and leaving the other folders as is for testimonial-type posts only. This way all threads can go back to being posted on the main board. I'll move helpful old threads from the main board into the archives as time allows.

If you have a testimonial (share your experiences) type post it goes in the top folders. And.... we'd love to have you post a testimonial in the folder of the program that you're using. It helps new moms get a glimpse into a HOD day, which was the original purpose of those "Share your experience" folders.

Is that as clear as mud? :lol: By the way, no threads were deleted, they were just moved to their proper place.... meaning all questions were moved to the main board no matter what product they pertain to and some of the more helpful threads (for those who are considering HOD) were moved to the archives. Testimonials were left where they originally were intended to belong in their corresponding folders. :wink:

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