Jumping around in Bigger?

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Jumping around in Bigger?

Postby MamaBear23Cubs » Sun Aug 24, 2008 10:04 pm

Well I had started out by wanting to follow Bigger like it was except that I'd be using Singapore 3a/b and english 3. As it turns out we will be starting our routine back up with Singapor 2B and finishing up our First Language Lessons volume 2. We just hit some snags and had to focus on them. We are starting up with Science in Colonial America after already doing One Small Square: Seashore and it did go well. I asked my daughter about it and she remembered the book. History didn't go as well as I had hoped. We will be redoing some lessons and will start in Chapter 4. She could tell me about chapters 1-3 with little problems and nothing after 4. She's going thru a phase of "I don't know or I didn't Know'. I told her we will be redoing Chapter 4 and 5. I don't think she cares that much about history unless it has to do with one of the American Girl series. I also will be starting again from the begining with bible study.
We did finish the emerging readers and spelling in Bigger so I will be doing grade 3 spelling along with the dictations in the back of Bigger. We are going to be using Drawn Into the Heart of Reading level 2/3 but right now I will be using stuff off the internet because we are still traveling and I forgot to bring it with me.
I had even thought about just starting from the beginning again with just the bible study and our read louds and then add the other stuff when we got to it and then I'd be back having everything done at the same time instead of jumping around but then I fear of being behind in math or english. I should fear because my daughter totally aced the standardized test for 2nd grade.

Also another quick add-DD likes the Science in Colonial America and read the whole chapter and we will notebook tomorrow on it. She wants to read the whole chapters and then do the fun stuff. This surprised me because when she sees chapters, she gets the all how many pages and do I have to read it all whine going.
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