Requesting help for high school placement

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Requesting help for high school placement

Postby 2plus2 » Sun Aug 19, 2018 6:52 pm

Good evening - I've been pouring over placement charts and course descriptions for my four children all day today. They have been in public school for the past two years, homeschooled before that, and as the year approaches I have the nagging in my heart to keep them home. I did use HOD when they were little, the last guide being Preparing.
I thought maybe I could get some opinions from you girls as to what to do with my 10th grade daughter. Homeschooling high school seemed so daunting to me, part of why I put them in. I was thinking of doing the World History guide, as she placed there. But I was wondering what thoughts were on her jumping into that guide, not having the benefit of all those guides before this. She is a great student and has been in honors classes in school. She has had Biology last year and has had two years of Spanish classes, so she is entering Spanish 3. She also studied US History last year.
I also have an 8th grade son who I was going to put in MTMM and b/g twins in 7th who place in Rev to Rev. I guess maybe the same question for them regarding jumping into these guides at this level without being in HOD for so long. Do you think I should scale everyone back to start or go with the challenge of where they are placing?
I appreciate any thoughts or advice on this situation. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Requesting help for high school placement

Postby manyblessings » Sun Aug 19, 2018 7:30 pm

It's good to put them right where they place in most cases. For your 10th grader, starting with World History means she will also get American History again for 11th and 12th. Maybe consider doing World Geography for 10th so that next year would be World History, and she will only have to repeat part of American History again in 12th, instead of revisiting it 2 years in a row. I would also check what other credits she needs for graduation according to your state's homeschool regulations and take that into consideration as well. Some people do well running 3 guides at once, especially when one is a high schooler whose guides are independent. However, you may need to sit with your oldest at first until she gets a rhythm going. For your one 8th grader and 2 7th graders, maybe consider combining them all in Rev to Rev since the 7th graders place there, adding the extensions for the 8th grader. then you would only have to do 2 guides.
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Re: Requesting help for high school placement

Postby StephanieU » Sun Aug 19, 2018 7:57 pm

We haven't gotten to the high school guides, but I was thinking World Geography as well. First, it wouldn't be repeating a history or a science. Yes, you could switch out the science, but it might be easier to start with a guide mostly as written. And it would be slightly easier than World History, which is nice when you are coming into a new curriculum.

But I also recommend calling HOD tomorrow and talking with (most likely) Julie about all of the placement. Julie is Carrie's sister, and she has edited and used all of the guides.
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Re: Requesting help for high school placement

Postby 2plus2 » Mon Aug 20, 2018 2:24 pm

thanks so much for these suggestions!!
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