Skipping English 6

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Skipping English 6

Postby jacynamommy » Thu Aug 16, 2018 12:27 pm

Ladies, I could use some advice. Below I am re-posting my question from a few weeks ago, just to help you understand the background.

I will try to keep this brief! My daughter who recently turned 13 we have going in to "8th grade" in the fall. She started HOD in K with Little Hearts, so she has done HOD for all her school years! Here is my current dilemma. She will be doing the World Geography guide in the fall, as she has done all the other guides. We combined her with her brother who is just 18 months older when she was little. She has always done everything in the guide with him, except for math and language arts (English and writing), which she has done in the guide below since she was younger (so this next year she would use the MTMM guide for math and language arts but do everything else in WG). She has also completed DITHOR through the 8th grade level. We recently moved her up to the high school youth group in our church because her emotional and spiritual maturity level is more with the high school aged students than the middle school. So this caused her to raise the question why she couldn't be in 9th grade if she's mostly doing 9th grade work. :roll: My quick response is that she's a year younger than her brother and I don't want her graduating the same year as him! But this got me thinking. If she continues on as we have been and she does the WG guide in 8th grade, what will she do her 12th grade year, as she would finish all the guides by 11th grade (except that year of math and language arts)?

Now here's my current question: I have decided (because she finished all of DITHOR in 7th grade and has read all the books and even extension books) to go ahead and let her do Literature Study and the Living Books from the WG guide. She is a very strong reader. She also loves to write and is quite gifted at it. She writes stories all of the time in her free time. She is not too interested in Write With The Best 2 (as scheduled in MTMM), so I am thinking of letting her move on to Essentials In Writing from the WG guide, as I think she actually knows most all the stuff in WWTB 2. That would leave her doing all of the WG, except for math, which she will do POM2 and then English. I am wondering if it would be too much of a jump for her to go from R&S 5 to 7? That would put her all in the WG guide except for math. But I'm not sure if she would miss too much in R&S 6. I know it was a heavy book when my son did it. Thoughts?

Thank you!!

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Re: Skipping English 6

Postby StephanieU » Thu Aug 16, 2018 1:01 pm

Honestly, I would continue into Rod and Staff 6. It isn't hard just to do a lesson a day on days that grammar is scheduled. So you wouldn't even need the guide. You could flip through the MtMM guide and see which lessons are split over two days, and just put a post-it note or something in the grammar books to help you remember that.
Finishing Rod and Staff 8 is not mandatory for high school graduation. So I would just keep plugging along. If you get through 6 and 7, be happy! If you end up stopping after Rod and Staff 6, that is fine too.
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