Economics in MTMM

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Economics in MTMM

Postby rumkimom » Fri Jul 27, 2018 9:31 am

We will be doing the economics in MTMM this fall....I will be adding it to R2R (we are at unit 21). I plan to do it 2 days a week and add on to it for my 17 year old daughter. What books do we need to do it. From what I could tell I need the guide, Whatever happened to Penny Candy?, and Common Sense Business for Kids. Do I also need the student notebook? When I was reading though unit 1 (posted online) it said something about writing in the student notebooks. We plan to start MTMM in Dec or so, so getting the Student notebook is not a problem (by this time we should be almost done with the economics as MTMM does it once a week instead of twice). Anything else we need to get? I plan on also getting the Money Wise DVD and Life of Fred: Financial Choices. My daughter is at a Jr high reading/comprehension level so the books used in US History II are too difficult for her to understand. I hope to do the Finance course in US History II in about 2 years when she is older and understands better. NY requires 1/2 credit in economics.
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Re: Economics in MTMM

Postby Robbi » Wed Oct 03, 2018 9:33 am

The only thing they write in the student notebooks is in separate economics pages (not tied to the unit) so you could easily just write in a separate notebook. It is listing the economic principle that was discussed.
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