Extension Pack activity directions-Rev to Rev.

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Extension Pack activity directions-Rev to Rev.

Postby tpschettle » Fri Mar 04, 2016 11:25 pm

Hi all!

My son finished R2R midway through 7th grade. It took 18 months, and we had a difficult time. He was just not ready for the increased number of independent boxes in the next guide. I decided to combine him with my younger son in Preparing for the remainder of the year. He used the extension pack books for Preparing, but followed the narration directions in the back of the R2R guide he had just finished.

This arrangement worked so well that we're going to all stay together again for CTC, but I want him to keep building on his narration skills. Could anyone tell me what the extension pack instructions are in the Rev. to Rev. guide, as these are the next step for him (even though he's using them with the CTC extension pack books?)

Thank you in advance. :)

BTW, I am so thankful for this wonderful curriculum. I'm looking forward to the next guide, but we're always sad to come to the end of the other. It's like saying good-bye to an old and dear friend! :D
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