Did Beyond with 6,8 yr old. Bigger too much for 6, now what?

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Did Beyond with 6,8 yr old. Bigger too much for 6, now what?

Postby bcgmomof3 » Mon May 06, 2013 9:49 pm

So, I put my 6 and 8 year old in Beyond this year. It made the teaching so much easier because History, Science and Bible were done together. I didn't require my younger to do copywork as he is just learning to read and write well. We did Reading Lessons and OPGTR with him. Both boys did their own Math on level. My question is what to do next year. My oldest is ready for Bigger. He loves Science and can handle the copywork and notebooking. My younger is not ready for Bigger. He is still working on his Handwriting and his fine motor skills are not at the point he can handle the writing required. I am considering going back and doing LHFHG but I am worried about it being too young for him now. I have also considered doing Beyond again and having him do history and science with his older brother or substituting for History and Science. Help! I need suggestions on where to go.
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