What to do for my ds for 10th-12th

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What to do for my ds for 10th-12th

Postby flackattack » Mon Apr 22, 2013 9:05 pm

Hi all,

Wondering if you could help me make a plan for the rest of highschool for my 15 yr old ds. We did HOD last year, but this year we went with MFW Ancient History/Lit because we were told by NCAA that he needed a curriculum that was (obviously) highschool worthy to be eligable for gymnastics. In other words, beefing up an HOD guide wasn't an option at that point. However, my ds had a bad injury this year and so we no longer need to worry about NCAA and their regulations. HOD is a much better fit for my ds and so I am delighted to say that we are heading back to HOD this next Fall. However, it will be a bit tricky to try and fit in all the remaining credits he'll need for history and literature, since HOD's highschool guides take a different path than MFW. I would appreciate any advice you might have... :)

Here are the credits he will have after this year (9th grade):
Ancient History
Ancient Lit/Comp
Old Testament Survey
Algebra 2
Spanish 1
Biology w/ lab
PE (1/2 credit)

Here's what I am thinking for the rest of highschool:
MtMM w/ extensions for a full credit in Modern US History (the county I live in does only Modern US History)
Economics from MtMM beefed up (1/2 credit)
Bible from Geography guide
English/Lit from Geography guide
Logic from Geography guide
Chemistry w/ lab (homeschool co-op)
Spanish 2
World History guide
English/Lit from World History guide
British Lit - "borrowing" books from World History guide lit and Geography guide lit like Carrie has suggested in other threads - beef up where needed for 1/2 credit
Physics w/ lab
Spanish 3
Advanced Math (Pre-Calc)
Geograpy guide - beef up where needed
World Religions and Cultures from Geography guide - beef up where needed
American Lit from 1st American History guide
Government from same guide (if it can be pulled out from guide and done separately... otherwise I'll find something else)

I would be adding other electives, etc as we move along, but that is the gist of what I am thinking. I know it makes more sense for my ds to study American Lit while doing American History, but I really want him to use the the English in the Geography guide. He could benefit now from studying literary devices and composition skills. Also, this way he can use HOD's American Lit instead of me trying to find something else (if a guide is released every year like Carrie hopes).

One other thought I had would be for my ds to use Rev to Rev for 10th and then MtMM for 11th (beefing up the Government and Economics within the guides for 1/2 credit in each subject). I have wondered if it is possible to give 1 credit in World History for those 2 years as well as 1 credit in Am History . I have read threads about the extensions allowing for a 1/2 to full credit each year in American History, but wondered if it is possible to beef up the World History within those guides because it seems like there is already a decent amount of it within those guides. If we did that, then my ds would do Geography in 12th.

What do you think?

Thanks for the input. I really appreciate it! And sorry this turned into a novel... :D

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